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  1. Just trying to fll some of the big gaps in your knowledge, trying to help you understand things that you appear to be ignorant of...but your small minded response just proves to me that I am wasting my time. A rock can't be used as a sponge!
  2. Michael Linden at the Rail Community meeting (03-June-2011)[11] regarding vehicle appearance Michael Linden: Mild note #3: one area the Lab won't act on is the "appropriateness of appearance". [12] Michael Linden: If a train looks like a potato with twelve noses and "eat at joes" written on it, that's fine with us (TOS-ly speaking). [13]
  3. Two different types of vehicle tend to work n different ways and encounter different problems. The Yava pods do not self navigate, so you can't expect AnnMaries to behave the same. You are comparing apples and oranges...
  4. Selective reading: a talent which populates forums all around the world. Jadeclaw, why quote if you clearly haven't read the the entire page? I won't grace you with a defence to your comments regarding my post, my defence is in the page that you selectively read. There are also answers to your comments throughout this thread, I see no point in going around and around in circles. File an AR if you feel that suits. Join in on the JIRA site regarding bugs which affect these vehicles, that is the most appropriate place I would say. This forum? Well...it's for hot air, like all forums.
  5. Is this old chestnut still rumbling on? Hmmm...and we all thought this had been dealt with a couple of years ago, back when residents were able to attend the LDPW open office meeting and these vehicles were discussed at length. Which ever side you stand on this discussion, LL are well aware of AnnMaries project and have been for a number of years. They could have pulled the plug a long time ago, but they didn't...because it doesn't violate TOS or the community guidelines. Yes, there are bugs. Yes, there will always be bugs. If people find this difficult to accept, then why do they spe
  6. https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Route_problem_guide
  7. https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Automated_Mainland_Vehicle_Guidelines So, this old chestnut is back. If you enjoy the routes you should send a big thank you to AnnMarie and Yavanna because both actively work to have problems fixed along the routes rather than moan about other peoples content. Some of you may be new to the routes and oblivious to the diabolical state the routes were in a few years ago. Along with members of my group, these two have contributed massively towards having defects fixed. Yavanna is responsible for 2 new routes being converted from dead ends to routes that a
  8. A better video this time for the release of some products. I think maybe some of the clips I used should have been omitted now I have watched it a few more times, but ho-hum, that's how it goes I guess. I used the free capture program called "Cam Studio", client v1.23, bog standard Windows Movie Maker and a 4 year old laptop, hence the fairly basic graphics settings and low FPS.
  9. OK, so my graphics suck and come out even worse when captured...why not visit it and have a look for yourself?http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rivata/34/196/85/
  10. Filmed on a 2007 basic laptop using CamStudio, hence the low FPS and low detail.
  11. OK, I have made some adjustments to the SLwiki page I created and it is now linked into the help section and can be considered "live". Please read and use the "discussion" page if you have any comments regarding the page.:smileywink: Remember, it is a wiki page not a forum, so please only comment about the page not about the pros/cons of the concept of such vehicles. Automated Mainland Vehicle Guidelines I hope it helps!
  12. Sigh...well, I created a wiki page for this matter and spent a lot of time and effort being as objective as I could. I interpreted the TOS and Community Guidlines to the best of my ability. I then contacted some Lindens and asked for them to review it and add their input or endorse it in some way...but all that happened is they were standoffish as usual: "Hey Yevad, Michael Linden let me know about this, too. As wiki co-admin, I appreciate you trying to make sense based on canonical structure. However, this page should be clearly marked that it — including the tips you've highlighted — a
  13. Just a quick update. All free map downloads are now online under the new domain. Old map subdomains @maps.greenlaners.com will continue to work, so if you already have these bookmarked you will not need to make any changes. If you need the maps in-world as they are, do not waste your money uploading them, they are already available at my Explorers Information Centres, info on my main site. Details below  Yevads Map Links: The following links are to maps updated regularly on behalf of the Protected Route Interest Group. All maps are open source and permission to edit and re-distribu
  14. Most of the empty water sims are homestead types, which give naff hand-overs as it is. These parasites can only make matters worse too.
  15. Maybe name them after teenage traits, like: Acne Avenue Tantrum Drive Obnoxious Street Ego Alley :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
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