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  1. Okay, If there was any way to prove to you I am a fourteen year old, I would hand it to you. Seriously. But you are going way too far. And saying all fourteen year olds have short attention spans is .... so judging. NOT ALL teenagers are the same. Not all of us have short attention spans, are illiterate, or get drunk in our spare time.
  2. And there will forever be that, as long as you're on it.
  3. Jeeh, drop the whole putting puting thing. It's irrelevant.
  4. OMG, I've already told you once. It's 'advice', not 'advise'.
  5. ^.^ Thanks. Eh..I don't see how I was mature, (any more than what is expected) but thankyou for being one of the only people who didn't pick an argument.
  6. And even if I was an old perv. My 'plan' to get into TG by pretending to be fourteen wouldn't work. LL wants proof of age before I can even play SL again. Therefore, if I wanted to get into TG, I would have to send them age verification to proove I am under eighteen. So your theory sucks, dude.
  7. haha, good point. If I was an adult, I wouldn't have a problem. I wouldn't be banned for entering the main grid. I would be, if I tried to enter the teen grid. Pffft.
  8. Okay, you have reported me three times. No outcome. hmmmm. What does that tell you? Google 'Stupidity'.
  9. I don't think you should just 'respect your elders'. That is the worst lesson to teach children. Respect everybody, unless they are obtuse and illiterate like you.
  10. You keep on saying 'Tell your parents', what the hell makes you think I haven't already? I didn't ask you how to deal with my personal life, I think I have that covered, thanks.
  11. What the hell?! I didn't at any time ask how to bypass an IP ban? I was asking how to contact LL and ask for them to not ban my account and switch me to TG.
  12. I would start from scratch. I tried making another account, but as I already said, my computer cannot access Second Life at all.
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