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  1. I have been building in Second Life for a long time. When the prims are linked check the rotation boxes, you are likely to find that the prim has twisted, rather than moved, usually by a minor degree. When unlinked, it untwists, i.e. the rotation fields go back to 0.0, 90.0 or whatever they should be. The only solution I have found is that once the build is in it's final position, just unlink and everything will be dandy.
  2. OK re-SaveMe Oh, whilst I was a committee member she was banned a few times, by other committee members, not me, but it was I who spoke out in her defence, not that she needed me to do so, and I unbanned her at least twice, maybe 3 times. I think SaveMe Oh is an amazing artist, she understands what the mechanics of art should be in a virtual space, the only problem is that at this time, her art is extreme for the Second Life virtual environment. SaveMe Oh will just have to except that she is before her time, and that if she accepts her own greatness, she has to accept that being banned comes with it.
  3. Well now we know they are, bylaws have changed. But if you give me an example of decisions being made by a present committee member for their own agenda, then that would have to discussed and changes be made, so do you have an example?
  4. Thanks for clearing that up Chic Aeon. But I did say 'some', not 'all' have ownership, I didn't know how many.
  5. To reiterate, the sims are owned wholly by Linden Lab. Some committee members, not all, have ownership of the sims for the purpose of running those sims as caretakers. When a sim is given to an artist for their use, they are given ownership of that sim, just like renting a private space on any sim. There are no rewards for being a committee member, they give their time freely. You have to be committed too, there are certain days and times you have to be there to do the job, or make sure someone covers for you. Committee members are less likely to be offered a sim to have as their own, if that's not now the case, it should be. However, at some point in their SL life if they have a good proposal for an art sim, there is no reason why they shouldn't be awarded one. No one is suppose to make money on a LEA sim, no selling, no tip jars. Freebies are allowed and encouraged. I actually believe more artists should award visitors with some full perms gifts, as a learning tool and to encourage more building in SL, but that's my personal belief. Nothing is perfect. Criticism should be welcomed and if the LEA committee can improve from this, then all the better. However, this argument appears to have been started with another agenda in mind. If you have a complaint, then surely you should know how you would like it to be resolved. What do you want? If you can't answer that, shut up and go away.
  6. I have just returned from a 6 year break from SL. I was an original committee member of the LEA, it came about through a discussion I had with M Linden about getting Linden Labs interested in the art world that was existing in Second Life, my original idea was different, Michael Linden and I believe Amanda Linden finalised the concept that became the Linden Endowment for the Arts. Initially requests were made for members to apply to be a committee member, thus I replied, I am a artist in RL and was in SL, I am also a studio manager for artists in RL, so I guessed my credentials were good enough, as well as being involved will early discussions on it, and so I became a committee member. Committee members do not get anything out of this, basically it is no more than a SIM manager, although the members do get to decide who gets allocated a SIM. The LEA belongs to Linden Lab, there is no funding for committee members, I set up the original graphics for the LEA, all the textures I paid to upload, I didn't get any of the upload costs back from LL. I would like to defend it more, but my experience of the LEA is six years old, so I don't know what as happened in that time. All I can end on is that Linden Lab doesn't have any need to keep these 20 sims available for free for customers to use, so I am sure if you complain enough the easiest option for LL would be to shut it down. One last thing about Art in Second Life, some avatars who think they are good artists are actually really crap, filling a 20k prim with photographs isn't going to get you a sim. Although I was a SL artist at the time, at no time EVER have I had a SIM for my own usage. I do however make full use of the Sandbox available to everyone in Second Life. However, now I am not involved it would be nice to have usage of one of the SIMs some time in the future.
  7. $1,000 x 30,000 is $30,000,000 and some of those sims have been sold more than once for $1,000, then there is the extras, sim name change, moving a sim to a new position etc, it all adds up to a mighty sum of dollars.
  8. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Alpha-channels/ta-p/700025 type in alpha in search other info comes up as well
  9. to do with the script being in the root or child prim.
  10. flexi is prim dependent and only for the cube and cylinder, so if your wind chimes are made from many prims, depending on how they are linked they will move independently of each other. what you need is a script that gives the illusion of what you want, a simple rotate script can do this, or a simple swing script. The script needs to be in the root prim, so make the very top prim a small cylinder, link that last and put the scripts in there.
  11. Well yes Qie, there is a definate change, I have been using this script since mid 2007, my work rotating work needs amending occassionaly, I guess I just have to remove the script now, amend the build and add the script back in. Thanks for everyones comments.
  12. for me if I remove the script it does stop rotating. this is a pain for me, I probably have hundreds of builds with this script in, but I will have to work around it now.
  13. If I select 'Set scripts to not running in Selection', then 'Reset Scripts in Selection' previous to the past week, the object would stop spinning in my viewer, that doesn't work now. I got my partner to try "Phoenix Viewer 1.5.2 (1102) May 14 2011 18:19:22 (Phoenix Viewer Release)" and she is experiencing the same problems. I will try resetting the sim and see if that may help. A sim reset did not solve the problem
  14. I use llTargetOmega in quite a few of my art / objects, but very recently once started they do not stop whatever I do, just continously spins in my viewer. default { state_entry() { llTargetOmega(<0,0,1>,2.0,1.0); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(0, "Touched."); } }  I use viewer 1.23.5 because I do not have an intel version mac, is this my problem or is it a problem on all viewers?
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