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  1. Hi Irene, Thank you for the good wishes. Received an email from LL this morning (after me posting an appeal ticket) apologising for the action taken, and confirming that the recent suspension will not count against me in the future. All is well again in my world
  2. Irene .... Sorry i am guilty of doing what i (part) ranted about in my initial post .... i didn't read the entire reply ... just the copy/paste from the KB. Thank you both for your responses. I kinda figured that would be the case, but wanted to make 100% sure i hadn't missed anything
  3. Thanks for the reply Irene, Already had that info in the email i received though
  4. ok, first things first .... i AM posting on alt account. I have my reasons. My main account has been temp banned for a violation of the traffic gaming rules (fair enough you might think) I would of thought, that a parcel that is not listed in search would not pose a problem. It's not like i am a vendor, seller or nightclub owner. it is just a plot of land where myself & a few friends can change clothes and play our hud based game in peace. The plot itself has only a wall surrounding the perimeter at ground level, and a small office space at 3000 meters. I will reiterate for those who didn't read the above ....... The Land Is NOT Listed In Search I have already sent a support ticket, which can take up to 3 days to have sorted out (according to the email i received from LL) .... oddly enough, the exact amount of time my account is temp banned for. here comes the question part of my ranty post Is there any further action i can take to speed up the resolution of this .... hiccup ?
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