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  1. I don't have "Delusions of Grandeur., but I do have "Genius of Grandeur."
  2. Opensimulator sucks ass. 😡 And yes, this station is an affiliate of NBC. Never even changed its affiliation since its debut.
  3. No. You have some humility and give it a rest. Face it Roling Loon, you're going to have a hard time finding anywhere where I don't laugh you out of the room. You seem to have missed noticing a couple of pages ago that the only Linden who has entered this thread just thought it was a great idea.
  4. Of course there will be.duplex connections via an OrbyTV superstation. It will be my patented and proprietary inventions.
  5. Oh look, YOU may add a new design if YOUR cosing skills can, as if you already own Linden Lab instead of Philip himself. Jeeez... 🤦‍♂️ Dude your fantasy really runs wild, it's gonna give you a huge delusion when you'll present your ideas for avatars and they will boot you out of the window laughing at you. Are you kidding me? Second Life IS A VIRTUAL WORLD, NOT A GAME. There's no way that they'll accept it if I present this idea and they will boot me out of the window laughing at me. It's going to give me negative feedback, and that some users wil think "it's a virtual world".
  6. Maybe 1Tb/s speed would be fairly good. It would take about a month. or a year. What else have I got? After I'm done with that, I'll start-up my satellite gaming service, using the same technology that I have mentioned in the first page, a standalone tuner after the Second Life PCI-E peripheral. I think it would be a collaboration between Capcom of Japan, WKYC, Hauppage and Tegna of the USA, and Sony Interactive Entertainment, to make a satellite tuner for the PS5 console. WKYC (as WKYC-SB-TDM, and WKYC-SB-TDM1, after I petition the FCC for analog satellite data multplex broadcast licenses), would provide the necessary satellite and broadcasting services, as well as host many of its news broadcasts, while Capcom, Sony and other third-party developers would create games and other content for the peripheral (e.g. Okami).
  7. This will happen even after its born. Once I'm done with that, I'll move on with a gaming service next, based on the technology I created.
  8. Yeah yeah. I get it. But the PCI-E add-on and service (SLSS) will be good for anyone who doesn't have the internet. I may add uplink capabiliites as well, if my engineers and coders at WKYC can.
  9. It's not pathetic. But it's likely as good as the Satellaview itself. It's not a brainfart. And it will not cause their bankruptcy. And I'm not blind either.
  10. Of course yes. My visions and ideas are gonna become reality soon.
  11. Yes, but I'm going to have permission from Linden Lab to use their Second Life Grid server software and modify it as a downlink only version of it, then deploy HP Proliant Bladesystem servers with 100TB SSDs, install my modified minimodem next, deploy my modified Second Life Grid software to the latter servers, then begin my service to compete with Stadia and others. A diagram showing Satellaview operating.
  12. I am not a bored individiual. I want to make my downlink-only version to be a reality.
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