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Found 13 results

  1. @Patch Linden Hi Patch, I think banning gacha is a good start and one of the better things LL has done in years to make SL a better place. but what about breedables those are causing a lot of problems and theire heavy scripts is creating lagg etc all over the grid.. with breedables it is random also what to get and costs a lot of L$ in the process breedables are even pricyer then land tier! i would suggest Linden Lab to take a close look into breedables. Dratzo.
  2. Hallo, ich möchte vorausschicken, dass ich keine Diskussion darüber möchte, wer USA Präsident ist oder wird! Es geht aber um Folgendes: Im Vorfeld der US Wahl gibt es auch in SL Leute, die für den einen oder anderen werben, z.B. auf den bekannten Social Islands. Ich habe selbst beobachtet, das es dabei recht ausgewogen herging. Es gab User mit Hovertexten und Schildern für beide Kandidaten - bis Governance18 Linden auftauchte. Er erklärte, das politische Statements auf Social Island verboten sind. Ok, kein Problem aber dann kams: Er bannte einen Trump Werber und liess den genau gegenüber sitzenden Biden-Werber weitermachen. Beide haben genau das gleiche gemacht, auf einer Mauer sitzen, Hovertext, Schild, etwas gleiche Grösse. Etliche Leute haben ihm IMs geschickt und nachgefragt, warum er nur den Trump Fan banned und den Biden Werber bis heute ungeschoren lässt, natürlich keiner Antwort. Es geht hier nicht um den Anlass, es geht hier darum, dass ein SL Mitarbeiter ganz offensichtlich Partei ergreift und User ungleich behandelt. Ich finde dieses Verhalten unfair und einseitig. Es ist ok wenn man keine Politik auf Social island machen darf aber dann bitte auch für alle gleich. Es ist nicht die Aufgabe von Linden Mitarbeitern, in dieser Weise Partei zu ergreifen. Meiner Meinung nach ist dieses Verhalten in keiner Weise von den TOS gedeckt, die keinen Unterschied zwischen einzelnen Usern machen sondern für alle gelten. Was haltet Ihr von dem Verhalten von Governance18 Linden?
  3. Hello, yesterday my mate got perm banned in second life, and yes he DID try the support team, yet it didn't help.. scince my mate didn't knew eng, im gona speak from him(<Removed>), so why he did banned for that, got banned just for nothing, i was with him, and yes i have his accout, because we are mate's?, he didn't do anything bad, and yet he got banned for nothing... or stalking to anybody, this is ... well.. still i want appeal his ban, and get the real reason why he got banned, i knew him, and the last day (18 th) he got banned, while we was, watching the TV in second life, and then after one hour he got instantly banned, we was speaking in discord on this time, and we are both got confused, because i knew <Removed> far too long, and knew what he can do and what he - can not do, so please take a closer look of this situation, and if you wanted i can proof the screen that we both was watching TV in second life before his ban, he never share his account with anyone, except me, because we are like a family.. and now he got banned for no reason at all.. so please.. take a closer look on this.. Thanks.. - Jeff
  4. I want to check out palihub, but I have a region ban. I don't know why and how can I get rid of it ?
  5. Recebi o seguinte texto em minha conta apos verificar conta ON HOLD e criação de ticket: Hello, Linden Lab has reviewed, at your request, the permanent closure of your Second Life account(s) for the following reasons: 1. Repeated Notifications of Infringement: Linden Lab has received repeated notifications of intellectual property infringement by your Second Life account(s). Our investigation shows that the closure of your account(s) is supported by the above reasons. Please consider this matter resolved. Linden Lab will not send further communications on this subject. Please also be aware that once we’ve reached a decision on an appeal, further appeals may not be considered, and You may not receive any further communication from us. Regards, The IP Team at Linden Lab ____ A referida conta se trata de Lang1981. Eu não cometi absolutamente nada, nesta conta, para que me banissem. É injusto isso gastamos dinheiro compramos as cosias de forma correta em uma conta limpa e por alguma denuncia eles vão e bloqueiam. Se algum suporte ler isso por favor me devolvam o a conta.
  6. I see there's a limited offer on a Catwa head and I'm trying to get in the sim and the Catwa friends group and it says I'm banned. Can I assume it's a bug, sim is now too full or I piss someone off? lol. I messaged her but she was offline. Skell you there? 😂 Help please. You're my only hope 🙁
  7. I am on good terms with the people of the sim where I am employed. However, every weekend at the same time we have a show. Sometimes, I am banned randomly during this show time. Others have also been banned during this time. When I get banned, I get a notification like "You have been banned. You have 15 seconds to leave the area or you will be ejected." If I leave before the 15 seconds elapse, I do not get banned. This issue has been a long term problem. It has made working very difficult. Is it possible to view What or Who banned me? Please help.
  8. hey, im trying to make a script to check ages of people coming into my hangout, (rl ages not sl) but when i script LLaddtobanlist it doesnt, i can eject people but not add them to ban list, i was wondering if anyone could help as i also wanted to expand it to only ask people once,any sugestions? the script goes as followed string name; string detectedName; string dialogInfo = "\nWelcome to the little things hangout please answer the following questions and read the rules. are you ages 18 or over in real life?"; key id; integer dialogChannel; integer listenHandle; list buttons = ["-", "yes", "no", "no comment"]; default { state_entry() { dialogChannel = -1 - (integer)("0x" + llGetSubString( (string)llGetKey(), -7, -1) ); } collision_start(integer num_detected) { id = llDetectedKey(0); name = llKey2Name(id); llListenRemove(listenHandle); listenHandle = llListen(dialogChannel, "", id, ""); llDialog(id, dialogInfo, buttons, dialogChannel); llSetTimerEvent(180.0); // Here we set a time limit for responses detectedName = llDetectedName(0); dialogChannel = -1 - (integer)("0x" + llGetSubString( (string)llGetKey(), -7, -1) ); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "-") { llDialog(id, dialogInfo, buttons, dialogChannel); return; } llListenRemove(listenHandle); // stop timer since the menu was clicked llSetTimerEvent(0); if (message == "yes") { llSay(0, "Thank you please use the teleporter to explore the hangout."); } else if (message == "no") { llSay(0, "I'm sorry this hangout is for over 18 years old only, you will now be teleported home any issue with this please contact the hangout staff."); llAddToLandBanList(id,0.0); llEjectFromLand(id); } else { llSay(0, "I'm afraid we need to know the answer to this question to allow acess you will now be ejected feel free to return to answer this question again."); llAddToLandBanList(id,0.1); llEjectFromLand(id); } } timer() { // stop timer llSetTimerEvent(0); llListenRemove(listenHandle); llSay(0, "Sorry, we need a answer to this question we understand that you may have been afk at the time, unfortunatly you will be temp banned for one hour, any issue please contact [secondlife:///app/agent/47f37397-9596-41cb-8713-96c36ea2b685/about sophie]- with any issues. "); llAddToLandBanList(id,0.1); } }
  9. Hello world. Patmos Island is coming back soon meanwhile I would like to rent out 2 skyboxes for L$99 each Support: 150 prims Automatic Sphere can change sky and terrain You can do a lot. Change music, ban unpleasant guests, return objects etc TELEPORT : Patmos Island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tuatara/26/217/111 Thank you all gatoulis1950 Aubin
  10. Whenever I get banned from a particular region, I notice that none of my alts are able to access the region either. But for them, instead of saying "You have been banned from the region" it says "Sorry, you do not have access to that teleport destination." This cannot be a coincidence. How are regions detecting my alts?
  11. Heya anyone, sorry about this post but I can't seem to find anything on the topic exactly. Recently I've encountered some undesirable people and well, I happen to let my anger get the best of me, besides that, I've encountered a message stating that my account won't be available for about a day, I've never received an email stating I've been suspended but it seems like that may be the case.. Anyways, I can wait for the day to pass and that's ok and all, but I was wondering if there are ANY restrictions for accounts that have been put on any kind of suspensions atleast once, Kinda like how some users on Steam's service will get a "VAC" ban marker on their accounts if they've seriously caused any issues. For instance, if I was suspended even if just a short period, would I be restricted from any specific features? Purchases or have it tell anyone on my account that I was once in any trouble? The last one might not seem like a big deal but hey, SL I'm pretty sure is about identity, and I sorta care about my own.. If there are any permanent restrictions I may quit for good.. Thanks for any help. :3
  12. Ok so someone no one really knows shows up in our sim, donates 11k lendons, and then request ban, no one has banned them yet, but they have started going around harrasing everyone trying to get banned, to me this is very suspicious and im not sure what to do. We are a public sim and usually only ban when we need to, what to do? Should i ban them? Im trying to figure out what motive is behind this, it seems like a trap.
  13. Hello, I was curious how banning in Second Life works. I know that you can ban someone from your land but what if that abusive user goes around being disruptive elsewhere? Can they get their account as a whole banned? Are they IP banned eventually? Or are they eventually banned by their computer's unique motherboard manufacturing number?
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