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  1. Happy Wednesday! I wanted to do a quick cross-post from our technology blog to let everyone know we've released a new Maintenance Viewer Build which contains a voice fix (along with other fixes). Please take a look!
  2. Hello everyone. Today we’ve released some improvements to the Viewer UI. Currently you will need a special project viewer to use it. Read on to find out what’s changed and why. Making SL easier for newcomers to learn can improve the chances that they will become long-term Residents. Growing the Resident community benefits everyone -- more people to meet, more participation in events, and more commerce. The changes described below are the first batch of what we hope will be an ongoing series of usability improvements. Avatar menus With this release we introduce the Avatar top-level menu which brings together all avatar tools in one place. One of SL’s most important features is now more visible to newcomers. You’ll notice the avatar right-click menu has been streamlined as well. Have you ever struggled to select an avatar attachment? It’s inside your avatar, it’s transparent, or it’s a mesh attachment that you just can’t grab. You can now touch, edit or remove an attachment using right-click from all Avatar windows and Inventory. Inventory Next to the search box you will now see a button with an eye icon. You can omit links, Library items, and Trash items from search results, requiring less scrolling over matches you may not find relevant. Your choice is remembered for each tab. We started small, with just three options. Let us know what other choices you’d find useful. We’ve all seen “Find original” failing to show the original item. Experienced Residents have learned to reset filters, clear the search string, and switch to the main inventory tab -- and then do “Find original” a second time. Now the Viewer will do all of that for you, ensuring that you’ll see the original item on the first try. Places window Taking advantage of what people already know from other products is a key way to reduce learning time. Creating a landmark in SL is just like bookmarking a web page, but it hasn’t behaved the same way. When you click the star, you’ll now see a confirmation that will be familiar to anyone who’s used a browser. Previously, the Places window included landmarks from Inventory and Library. We removed these sections and made Favorites its own tab, removing the need for tabs within tabs. This reduces the clutter of landmarks you did not consciously create, and makes it clearer for newcomers. The Library landmarks were outdated. For landmarks received as part of purchases, we’ve observed that people look for them in Inventory rather than Places. When you teleport to a different location, you will now see the name of the location inserted in the Nearby chat stream, making it easier when you scroll back to see where conversations took place. We look forward to hearing from you regarding these changes. Download the Viewer here. For more technical input, please file a Jira.
  3. And now I'm crying again... Oz, I can't thank you enough for the mentorship, encouragement and friendship over the last 11 years. I am so fortunate to consider you family and I am a better person for having worked with you. I wish you all the best in your retirement!
  4. I discovered Second Life in 2004 when I was working for an architectural firm and my podmate showed me how they had made their buildings in this virtual world. Having read Snowcrash I knew this was something I had to try. A month later I was spending 40 hours a week inworld on top of my regular job. In 2007 a friend told me Linden Lab was opening up an office in my hometown. I knew I had to apply and get my foot in the door. I was hired that year and I also met the resident who later became my husband. We've been together for 13 years now. What does Second Life mean to me? It means everything in the world to me. My family, friends... my source of enjoyment and creativity... and a job and community that I love dearly.
  5. These are only hooks for future functionality and no differences in fees will ever roll out unannounced. Due to having open source products with multiple TPVs we're unable to roll out the UI work all at once with the actual feature changes.
  6. Hi and thank you for your patience! Voice morphs are now fixed. If you run into any new issues please let us know and file a jira. Again, thank you so much for your patience.
  7. Hi and thank you for your patience! Voice morphs are now fixed. If you run into any new issues please let us know and file a jira. Again, thank you so much for your patience.
  8. Hi and thank you for your patience! Voice morphs are now fixed. If you run into any new issues please let us know and file a jira. Again, thank you so much for your patience.
  9. Hi and thank you for your patience! Voice morphs are now fixed. If you run into any new issues please let us know and file a jira. Again, thank you so much for your patience.
  10. Good morning all and Happy Friday! In case you missed it, we've added some new Estate Managment Tools to help you with Estate Access Management. You can check them out here!
  11. Greetings everyone! The web team is working on a few different projects and in fine spirits. We want to give you a quick update on what’s been happening with the team over the last few months. Auctions are back up and running! We’re continuing to work to streamline the experience and bring you a great variety of parcel options. We’re also getting really close to releasing Resident to Resident Auctions! Our bug reporting system (Jira) got an update. We’re doing a number of tweaks to the Join flow. Certainly the biggest change there has been the new starter avatars. We’re also continuing our work on Marketplace and have rolled out the following updates: Merchants now have the ability to search through their order history with partial matches on recipient or sender, product name, store/merchant name We now notify you if you have already purchased an item - If you’re on the page of a product you’ve already purchased, you will now see a green bar at the top of the product page which will say “you purchased this item on X date” There's now an option on each edit listing page to turn off automatic redelivery. A non-copy-enabled product will have that option greyed out. Each product listing says whether automatic redelivery is available (either with a check mark or crossed out, similar to permissions) If a merchant blocks a user, that user a) cannot purchase items from their store, and b) cannot receive items as gifts from that store. Items can be viewed and put into the cart, but checkout will not happen (items will be removed from the cart with a notification, similar to if they were just no longer available, or previously if a giftee blocked a gifter) Added Favorites and Wishlist to dropdown under "my marketplace" We fixed the bug where Clicking to a search result switches search palette to “Search this store” We fixed an issue with the "Share this item" widget malfunction We fixed issues with Gifting items to other users We fixed the issue where adding both a gift and an item for yourself into your cart delivered both item to you Thank you for making Second Life great! We look forward to hearing from you!
  12. Not "too bad..." but maybe more of an "I can't wait for https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225884" I dug around and found an older request for this and have cleaned it up and we're looking at it now. This is where I'm going to plug how great Feature Requests are. If you have things you'd like to see which are Features (not bugs) please fill out a Jira. We triage Feature Requests every week and there's a great team of Lindens who review each request. When you fill them out please include how you see your feature working, why it's needed, pictures, squiggles... anything you think will help illustrate your Feature. (Feature Request triages are actually one of my favorite meetings of the week!)
  13. We're aiming to get this out before the end of the year (2018 because I know how ya'll love to troll 😋)
  14. Seasons Greetings! The Second Life Web Team has been busy working on our Naughty and Nice lists across a number of different projects. We aim to keep the stockings coal free and bring you festive treats! Thanks to the Jiras you file, we hear what’s bugging you and what features you’d like. Please take a look and, as always, let us know what you think. We look forward to your comments and bug reports in Jira Here’s a quick breakdown of some recent fixes and a new feature we’ve deployed. Self-service Redelivery for copy items! (My Marketplace -> My Account -> Order History) No copy items redelivery process makes it more clear to the merchant that it’s a no-copy item: No-copy items will have a little "NO" icon (circle with a line through it) next to the redelivery link, with a click-to-popup message explaining what it means. No-copy items can still be redelivered, but this just makes it more clear. (This is on both the Reports -> Orders page and Orders -> Transaction History -> View Order page.) Centralized distribution page! (My Marketplace -> Merchant Home -> Reports) There is now a link for "Revenue Distributions" which displays product/collaborator/percentage for each distribution set up by that merchant Transaction History Search now allows partial matching on order number and customer name. (My Marketplace -> Merchant Home -> Transaction History ) Synching with other settings including email, preferred maturity (only if not set in MP), dob, and mesh upload status Favorite stores: wishlist sorting by store name was borked and is now unborked If you purchase something that’s on your wishlist, we’ll clear it. Distribution emails were inaccurately reporting distribution %. Stop lying, distribution emails! We no longer reset filters when searching in a sub-category. That was annoying! A store that is no longer available will give a more precise error message “We're sorry, but this store is no longer available." instead of the “So sorry to keep you waiting...” message. Flagged/blocked email for products should now list both reason header and description (instead of just header). CSV exports will no longer be malformed due to quotation marks Items in Listed/Unlisted view weren’t always properly displayed on Manage listings page. They are now. (Merchant Home -> Manage Listings. Click on the very last page of results, and then click on listed or unlisted, and it should return you to the first page of results.) Background work to make sure name changes work correctly with MP
  15. Happy Thursday everyone! We're got a great list of November Marketplace updates to share with you. In case you missed it, read all about them here Marketplace November Updates
  16. Thanks for a good catch! I've passed it along to the team and we'll get it fixed.
  17. Happy Wednesday! In case you missed it, we just deployed two great new features in Marketplace - Wishlists and Favorite Sellers. Read all about them here Marketplace Updates - The Wishing Edition
  18. Good morning everyone! I’d like to start our first thread for Environmental Enhancement Project aka EEP! EEP is a major enhancement to the legacy Windlight environments in Second Life, introducing a brand new inventory object for defining the environmental settings. EEP brings: Shareable environmental objects that you can keep in your inventory. Parcel level control of environments. Up to four different sky layers that may be set independently. More options for customization. And much, much more For those who attend the Content Creation User Group, you’ve been hearing and seeing teasers around EEP for a while. This Test Viewer is similar to Windlight, which means that you have to own land or have parcel ownership rights. Because of this, we have made a limited number of testing parcels available on Aditi at secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/EEPTesting/128/128/23. If you are interested in testing EEP, please claim 1 parcel at the above location. You will need to be running the EEP Viewer in order to buy a parcel. These parcels are for EEP testing only and once they have been claimed, we are full. As this is Aditi, our Test Grid, if parcels are not being utilized, they will be reclaimed. If you have a parcel and are done testing, please abandon it so others can take a turn. You do not need to have a parcel to experience EEP. If you fly around EEPTesting and pause in different owned parcels, you’ll see what people have been creating. There are already some amazing skies being created and we’re excited to see what you do with this! We are taking the steps to get an EEP Project Viewer to Agni as soon as possible and will let you know when you can test on Agni. Until then, have fun exploring the EEPTesting region! Download the Viewer here For more technical input, please file a Jira
  19. That's a lot of chickens!
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