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  1. Ok so, I've been away from SL a little while and upon my return... MESH?! So I've bounced about and found freebies and gifts but I still need a good head that blinks. No static poop! I also need clothing.. So for all this I need Lindens, oh cash.. To get such a thing I need a job.. (Or a kind soul!) I do all sorts of things and have quite the background in jobs. PM me in world or post a comment here! PLEASE!!
  2. The Maitreya is one of the most used Mesh Bodies and there's a number of heads. Catwa is one. I use Maitreya and Catwa. I can't find a cute skin like VCO skins for my Catwa head though..
  3. I've found out what and who, but I'm afraid it's an outsold Gacha. Made by Sweet Thing called Plushie Baby. I checked the Marketplace but all I found were some tops, no ears. sorry! Try the mainstore, https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/De la Lune/128/185/29
  4. Sooo I can help you! I know all sorts of great stores and as long as you give me the style you're looking for I can see where we go! I'm on EU time, Norway! <3 IM me, Kuromi Keng
  5. I'm a photographer, blogger, sl model and rl artist. I draw anime! I have many qualities. I've worked as an sl hostess and dancer at clubs. I love decorating homes and I've recently tried texture modding for UTILIZATOR kemono and m3. Please contact me in world or reply to this post! In world, Kuromi Keng (Nessandra)
  6. Hi! My name when I started SL was Kuromi, now it's Haro. :> I'm 21 irl, but I rp between 12 and 21. I started playing sl late late 2009. I've been through all sorts of families but none that lasted more than a few months. Drama would split them, or fall out of love or just quit SL. I'm tired of bouncing. I really just want a family that will stick together and want me. Someone that wouldn't mind spoiling me to bits. I just moved to Norway and don't have a job irl yet so I don't have the cash to throw at sl... I do have a mp store, doesn't earn me anything though... (Pandora's Box) I also have a fashion blog, most on it are cheap or free. Very few things go over 50 L$ for obvious reasons... (Pandora's Closet) I really just want a family who has a place to live, loved to spoil, loves to hang out and enjoys RPing! You can reach me through here or in world! (Kuromi Keng)  
  7. CarmenKlein1 wrote: I play a blind woman on a Game of Thrones SIM. It is set in King's Landing, and I am the niece of the Greyjoy lead. I'm looking for a new handmaiden in-game. It would be live in, you have your own room in the house I rent on the SIM. You could be any smallfolk, or a noblewoman of a Lesser House. There is a lot of fun to be had on this SIM, I've played and enjoyed my time there for awhile now. Let me know if you're interested or want a tour of the SIM! Hey there! you still looking for a hand-maiden? I've been looking to join some cool RPs and am a big fan of the series. If you aren't looking anymore do you know of any open spots or people looking for maidens?
  8. Zoey Evanier wrote: Are you a blogger or Reporter in Second Life? Want to get the latest scoop on what enMESHed Hunts cooked up for the 2015 Fall hunt? Then look no further. On August 30th 2015 at 6pm SLT, the staff behind enMESHed Hunts will be hosting a Special Preview to the vendors in the hunt as well as any press that wishes to attend. To be added to the event list please contact Zoey Evanier in world for your all access pass and sneak peak into enMESHed Into Octoberville! I'm a blogger, are you looking for bloggers for any other future plans? I didn't make it for the August one buuut. I'm here for others?
  9. LordHappycat wrote: That you can pack stuff in but I forgot how to search for it in the marketplace. Any ideas? Pay me 100 L$ and I'll make you a box. Any color and I'll even make it look cool. ;D
  10. So I have a really nice blog going. It's a fashion blog, it's for the things I love but these things are cheap or free. Some things were gifts or things I could get here and there. It's my work of art. Please enjoy! NO, it's not junk. It's mesh and things that are new and popular. Mesh bodies from UTILIZATOR and clothes from Krankhaus. Or Accessories from Kre-ations and AMBIX. Pandora's Closet
  11. It is as the Title states! I'm a girl 18+ looking for a job. I don't do SL Smex, sexting or voice smex. So I don't want a stripper job, excort or any of the such. I'm looking for sales things, modeling, desk jobs, storyline writers as well as RP history creatores or even greeters. I'm going to have lots of free time for the next 2-3 months. So I'll be up for use damn near 24/7. I'm an artist in RL as well as a story writer, I do short stories then I do my own cover designs. I'm artistic and friendly. I work within sales and such in RL as well. I'm a baker and a cafe worker. So I know how to sell the good stuff. I have have my billing info all set up. I'm a fashion blogger and blog for a few well known stores in SL, I also own and am trying to promote my own store. Blog; http://pandorasslcloset.blogspot.no/ MP Store; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/52713 If you like what you've read so far and want to hire me or wish to know more before hiring me, contact me at; Kuromi Keng in world or hellok8iee@gmail.com
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