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  1. I meant Vanyar. The Vanyar are elves, the Vanir were not. The Norse elves were known as the Alfar. And thank you Ethan, I didn't catch that.
  2. Do you have a love of horses and elven gowns? The Alfarian of Valgard are a beautiful synergy of LotR’s Rohirrim and Vanyar elves set in a Nordic-Anglo-Saxon word that brings the beauty of these ancient sagas and eddas alive. With a vast culture, sophisticated religion, and a deep sense of history the noble race of Valgard is the choice for the discerning role-player. Comraich opened on March 8th, 2018 and is currently successful and active with solid traffic. See whats happening on Flikr https://www.flickr.com/groups/thekingdomsofcomraich/
  3. Bump Landing is in on a new sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ring of Fire/172/120/27 Official opening March 8th
  4. It will be the year 678. For more then 500 years the World of Comraich has known only the those of Valgard, Telrae'dor and Zuben. In each of the last ten years, rumors of border activity, unusual sightings, and even attacks have been reported. The Dyrling Rangers report a change in the flavor of the forest, the Euresu Oracles warn of coming strife and the Valgarin Shamans claim that the fabric of fate has been ripped. There sits on the three thrones each a king and queen but their rulership may soon come to an end. A dark prophecy predicts, "In the time when all three thrones stand in dis
  5. We would like to invite you to come visit Grimmrfell on Gale Winds. We are a norse role-play sim that combines the history and culture of the Viking age, approximately 914, with the folk lore and mythology of the time by including 4 uniquely northern races in addition to humans; Dwarves, Frost/Snow Elves, Huldra ("land and sea nature creatures similiar to dryads, mermaids and fauns/satyrs"), and Spirit Animals ("sentient talking quad animals aka Narnia"). We are a non-metered sim, for pure role-play, welcoming both new and experienced players. We have an active and friend
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