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  1. Is this still open for new roommates? :3 (The little witch waves shyly)
  2. I'd be quite interested in a role, some form of royalty or something.
  3. I'd be super into this idea! I'm big on supernatural/fantasy RPs. Ping if it gets going!
  4. I'd honestly say go for Moon Elixir, Aii, Luas and LAB737.
  5. Ok so, I've been away from SL a little while and upon my return... MESH?! So I've bounced about and found freebies and gifts but I still need a good head that blinks. No static poop! I also need clothing.. So for all this I need Lindens, oh cash.. To get such a thing I need a job.. (Or a kind soul!) I do all sorts of things and have quite the background in jobs. PM me in world or post a comment here! PLEASE!!
  6. The Maitreya is one of the most used Mesh Bodies and there's a number of heads. Catwa is one. I use Maitreya and Catwa. I can't find a cute skin like VCO skins for my Catwa head though..
  7. Hi! I'm willing to be a twin! Toddler or child? :3
  8. Well this was a bit much to read through..! Idea seems fun and interesting enough. I do think there's a difference between open forum for opinions, and people thinking that means being rude and a bit of a ***** to someone. Opinions are great and all, as long as you have common sense and common decency. It's not decent of you to pick apart a simple invitation post and make a big stink about it. You're stirring the pot of drama and you know full well it'll get the people posting back slightly frustrated over your obvious rudeness. This is where it gets good, I love that people hav
  9. I've found out what and who, but I'm afraid it's an outsold Gacha. Made by Sweet Thing called Plushie Baby. I checked the Marketplace but all I found were some tops, no ears. sorry! Try the mainstore, https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/De la Lune/128/185/29
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