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  1. Hello everyone! So i have been endlessly trying to find these bunny ears ---> I even tried asking the owner of the photo, she doesnt seem to want to reply to me. The bunny ears in the "plushie babyy set (Rare) are not the same as in the picture *before anyone links those* i already have those and the whole Plushie baby set. However i dont have those ears. its driving me nuts! Thanks for future reference!
  2. As a Pro creator on imvu, i can say that imvu and second life are not remotely similar nor close at all. Second life is a virtual reality 3D world, and IMVU is only a chat viewer, that is why you cannot walk around on IMVU and the rooms are all bought seperately, then like second life where you have to actually nonstop pay for land and renting and owning a sim. In my opinion, second life is so much better then imvu, imvu is more towards the younger community while second life is targeted towards the adult community. You can mesh and all of that but your shops stay inside the shop tab. You cant have stores and all of that outside of shop.
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