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  1. Thanks for the info folks. Be nice to have a big picture but seems complicated, will give it a go when have more time. :smileyhappy:
  2. Not sure where to post this... can't upload my previous forum photo cause is too big. How do I deal with this? Also I am missing ... oh dare I say it... general discussion, maybe a code word for GD needed so they not deleted.
  3. Okay, I am struggling with this new format. It may turn out to be better than the old one but it is certainly less intuitive to use. I do not know how to start a new thread, maybe I'm missing the obvious. I cannot upload the picture I used to use on the old forums because the file is too big for this one... and the background is too bright and makes my eyes ache. help appreciated.
  4. I have nothing to contribute, just testing out this new forum thing.
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