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  1. Aw, I'm sorry! I meant to have a separate category for tinies, too, but somehow that didn't make it, either. Thanks for taking it, though
  2. Thanks Monalisa! Glad you liked. I definitely screwed up a few questions, but I've gotten some useful responses so far. Totally agreed that V2 is made for voice -- whenever I have to use voice chat, I end up using V2 (partially out of laziness -- Imprudence didn't include voice support for the longest time, and I got into the habit of just using V2)...
  3. I'm having great luck so far, WeeWillie -- thanks for helping
  4. Your internet connection is not dependent on your browser. Your browser shows you web pages only. To use Second Life, you have to use the viewer in your applications folder. You can keep your browser (safari, I think you said?) open while you use SL if it'll make you feel better, but it's not a requirement
  5. The "viewer" is the software through which you view Second Life. When you say "I'm logged into Second Life," you are probably talking about the viewer. The web site is not Second Life; these are just plain ol' web forums. You can't view SL through your web browser. Do you have a PC or a mac? If PC, you'll be able to find SL (the SL viewer) in your start menu. If mac, it'll be in your applications folder.
  6. CMOQ, Assuming you're using the default viewer, just right-click on yourself and choose "edit my outfit." Here's a picture to illustrate: http://i.imgur.com/v2TvK.jpg
  7. You rock, Argus. Yeah, I've noticed since posting that a few of the either/or questions might've been better as scales. Apologies; the next iteration will be better, I hope. Cheers!
  8. Hitomi Tiponi wrote: [...] Some viewers are better for some tasks than others and LL appears to have a growing acceptance that a choice in viewers is a good thing. This. In fact, I am doing some inworld recruiting, but this survey is chiefly qualitative and is mostly laying the groundwork for the next phases of my study (which will involve a lot more inworld interaction). Without giving away too many details, the survey is helping me get a very rough picture of strengths/weaknesses of different UIs. Linden has stats on how widely used the viewers are and how much they crash, but I'm mo
  9. Thanks for that -- something for my lit review (I've been around for a while, but can't get my inworld friends to take it because we're too similar... what can you do. I'm sorry if I made you feel objectified.)
  10. Thanks Govindira and Paola -- this stuff is EXACTLY what I need. If you haven't done it already, would you mind taking my survey (just so I have something official)? This is awesome stuff. I can't get my inworld friends to do it because we all use the same viewer for the same reasons (diversity fail, argh). Thank you both so much for the replies!
  11. Hey Lewis -- yeah, I was an Emerald user too, once upon a time. Can I ask, do you do a lot of building/scripting, or machinima?
  12. Thank you for that feedback, Tex -- if I get a chance to do another, I'll definitely make more scale-type questions and less dichotomous ones.
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