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  1. I got multiple "login failed depit..." messages. I turned on my VPN. I could login but now I'm having trouble connecting to regioni. This is my day off and my good internet connection to SL. I'm ripping my hair out in bloody hunks. Is anyone else hving this miserable experience? I tried a different location for login and got in. I think parts of the grid are offline.
  2. What I suspect is that my mind usually adds what my eyes don't see. This works well for objects that move at human speed, slower, or not at all. I don't even know I'm doing it. My compensation system breaks abruptly with either fast moving objects (No I don't drive!) or a major change in terrain (I grew up in the Northeast and live in the Southeast...all of which are hilly. I had trouble judging how far away a bus was in Columbus Ohio and the flat terrain of Boca Raton Florida felt absolutely infinite. After a day or two, my brain adjusted.) My thoughts are that the reason both lamps in the SL picture look three dimensional to me is that I'm adding something to the first one, that people who see something missing in photographs don't add. The Tori Gate on the new sim, may be suffering from too much lighting. I tried it both in my personal sky and with the shared environment. My big worry with lighting in Second Life is getting stuck in the dark. I don't really worry about object reflections. That said, it might be fun to make a really richly textured wood. I did download Substance Painter.
  3. For nearly all my life, I've had no depth perception. To me Second Life has always looked as three dimensional though not as detailed as "real life." Photographs also appear three dimensional to me. Recently I read about PBR textures and how to make them, and I saw an illustration of one and may have seen another one on a new sim. Let's just say I was underwhelmed. The PBR lantern was a different color, but both it and the Bin-Phong one looked about the same. When I saw a shiney Tori gate on the new sim. It looked a bit weird, but not particularly shiney. I guess I feel disappointed. Note: I'll get the illustrations of what I saw and put them in here, when I get a chance to snap some pictures. Is it possible that I'm just going to never seen PBR the way everyone else does? As someone who "does great" with anything on a screen, I did not know PBR had accessibility issues. Does it?
  4. Mr. Amore, thanks for the advice. It worked. I'm a happy avie with a face again and my Zooby baby look like his old self.
  5. My exboyfriend with whom I'm still good friends gets out of the hospital on Valentine's Day. He will have a new cardiac stent if all goes well. He's been in the hospital eight days and counting.
  6. Canned fish with broken matzoh, olives, and peppers. It's late night supper time. Peanut butter and date sandwich on matzoh if it's lunch. The Streit's company has my picture on their wall.
  7. Wherever I have lived, a neighbor always is building something. Neighbors tend to come and go, and if I see them building, I walk or fly over. Sometimes my neighbors have clubs. I have a kitty-corner neighbor with a church. My newest neighbor has a store. You have to catch the neighbor when they are building usually or DJing. I am a builder who hates zoning codes, so I rent light commercial land.
  8. Professional and polished graphics does not mean good graphics. Utility and novelty count for a lot more. For example, those mesh (or sculptie) dirt paths one walks on everywhere are lovely, proficient, professionally made, but they're also mass produced. They were wonderful the first time. By the tenth time, I think: "Can't you think of something else?" Even something, home made that's less than perfect that's different from what you see everywhere earns kudos. I have a zinnia texture I hand drew years ago. There are zinnias in my yard growing on a four prim spiral. Flowers don't get old, and I know no one else has envy (lime green...There is such a thing in real life too!) zinnias, or who has tried a four prim spiral for texture plants. Utility, works in a complementary direction. Every time my avie jumps over a wall, I cheer. I've done it a million times. She may not jump as well as an avie in some other game, but she can do it, and it's fun. It will always be fun. If I still want something I built six months after I built it, I probably did a good job with the graphics. They fill a need. For example, a house on stilts built with green painted wood and with sturdy, easy-to-climb stairs made all the land on my 2048 useable at ground level and provided living space for a young, Zooby baby, and me for over a year. I liked the color. I never got tired of the house, which provided indoor space for bathing a baby and taking care of his bathroom needs. The house' inspiration was a building used on academic sims. The original that was 64 prims. My house was 35. The original structure is also an excellent, though primitive (2006) piece of work. If you want to see what can be done with simple graphics in SL, visit Studio Moya or Derpyland (Possibly Derpy Land).
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