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  1. You will get faster respond if you log in to the web support and file a ticket. In my case is been a lot fast, tho they eventually respond either way😄
  2. There is something called 'Idle Detector Purger' , I just checked to see if it is still being used on the sim I had found it. It warns you after 10 minutes and move you off sim after 20. The sim owner told me times are adjustable. Generally AFK don't bother me ( if I have to be away more than a few minuites I log out), but for busy Shopping event, where the same avi stays in for hour, I think it would be usefull
  3. Since I just had "average" flue 2 weeks ago, and we all not have to work from home. I'm making it a point to bundle up and walk a bit more outside, and spring cleaning might as well start now
  4. What's odd to me is that one Avi fairly up to date, the erst beginner. I see Avi popping up in water often, but they are all old or beginner looks
  5. HI Roseamenelle Maybe put a link to you MP and In World store in your profile also, and include in your picks. As you move around SL people might see a store they do not know a nd and check. I could not find anything in search when I logged in
  6. I live on Route 8 , Diablerets. Since I moved here I've talked to most of my near neighbors a few times. Sometimes people traveling the road stop and talk too. Tonight a Bunny and a German Shepard driving a blue mini-cooper stopped and had a chat ( only in SL ). Most people I talk to because I see them when walking back from rental office ,it's across the road.
  7. There is also a Avatar Hook, Grappler the one I have we used as a toy ( think pie thrower) and eventually like most toys was deleted . but maybe that was used and rez was not totally completed. This is nearest thing I can find in MP : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GrappL3-Grappling-Hook/15981359
  8. wasn't there some talk a few years ago that FB didn't want 'non-human' accounts Like Second life, IMVU etc? or are they just trying to market to all of us?
  9. Builders... sim owners I'm sure this has come up before but I can't find it . Question is big one... how to save terraform raw file?? So I can load it again on another region? Another question.. does it save terrain textures or do I need remember the textures use before?
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