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  1. Try rebuilding your bridge on a script enabled region. Avatar menu > avatar health > recreate LSL Bridge. & make sure you have it enabled still in your preferences. More info here https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bridge & here https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bridge_issues
  2. i'm not sure what process you're actually doing but it sounds somewhat convoluted. Just copy the updated item from your inventory with CTRL+C. then find the Marketplace listing folder for the original item, delete the contents of the child folder (not the folder itself), and CTRL+P to paste in the updated item. then right click the folder and list. (If you paste before deleting you wont have to click and list) If you want to test delivery then go to your manage listings section of the MP, and in the Actions drop-down you have "test delivery"
  3. Firstly, If you haven't already, then invest in Avastar, it'll save you a ton of headaches going down the road. Secondly, as mentioned by Optimo. SL expects mesh to be in a T-Pose for uploading. Avastar compensates for this with the Bind pose option, but that's not an option you can freely use as you think. The Belleza Dev Kit is provided in a A-pose, (arms downwards, legs together) and should be kept that way, same for other kits, if their legs are together, keep it that way, if arms are in T then keep it that way. Changing the pose of Dev Kits can have an adverse affect on fitting inworld, much like the result you shown there where they don't fit. The Avastar documentation for Bind poses warns against altering the pose when using Dev Kits https://avastar.guru/workflows/bind-pose/ You don't need to spread the legs for binding/rigging pants. If you suffer from sticky thighs just make the pants thighs thinner on the inside, bind them, then edit back into shape and then refresh the binding, or fix quickly using vertex selection and limit select to quickly remove weights from opposite bones.
  4. @Carrie Galaga same answer as before applies. if it fails in 2.5-1 then try in the latest daily incase it was a bug which has been fixed. if it fails from the daily then submit a support ticket to Avastar you might also find joining the support group inworld Blender Avastar or joining their Discord channel a much quicker way to get help
  5. @Carrie Galaga You haven't mentioned what Avastar version you are using. Make sure you are using the current release 2.5-1, if you are then try again using the latest daily 2.5-37. If you are still getting those errors, especially the python ones, report it on a ticket to Avastar
  6. @Wandering Soulstar as you have already seen they appear in another viewer you can follow this page for guidance https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_missing_inventory make sure to test using the LL viewer as instructed becasue if there is a porblem and you need to get LL support, they'll expect you to have tried their own viewer
  7. How to configure the card Firestorm should use: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/laptop_dual_graphics
  8. That is an old page, try follow the Dev Kit Manager set-up instead https://avastar.guru/help/toolshelf/devkit_manager/
  9. this may or may not help http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Direct_Delivery_and_Automatic_Notification_System#ANS_Overview
  10. The fact you said you are able to log in and then being disconnected indicates its not an inventory issue as that would usually prevent you from logging in at all. Are you logging the alts into the same region as the problem avi? Have you tried logging in the problem avi to another region? If not. then type in Hippo Hollow into the location at the log in screen and try again. Do you keep notifications clean? When you get the disconnection window pop up, instead of clicking on quit, select the option to view IM's and then right click and delete all on the notifications icon to make sure. Then quit and log back in. If you still think you have an inventory issue which with 17k it would be unlikely unless you've dumped everything into the one single folder then yes LL will look into it for you. Just file a ticket and ask them to check. If they think it needs to be de-flattened they basically take your inventory and split it up into multiple folders from what i recall
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