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  1. HunniHope

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    from the KB page "Note that while it is still possible to sell a limited quantity of copiable items using the appropriate listing field" that sentence in and of itself says to me that Limited Quantity means Limited Quantity not no-Copy
  2. HunniHope

    rigged mesh gigantic

    because it's rigged mesh, changing scale at the mesh upload window will only affect the size of the mesh when rezzed because when worn, rigged mesh will spring back to the size it was made/rigged/exported at, so if you are making it too big in Maya, then it's going to be too big when worn in SL no matter what you try to do to the scale in the uploader
  3. HunniHope

    About the LAQ Christmas "gift"

    No-one can really say if something has a value to you, only to themselves. I don't know that particular head but I know the brand and it's reputation. In my opinion a well made Bento Mesh head with detailed, fully functioning HUD and lots of features is very much worth 5k. You need to ask yourself if its worth it you. Get the demo and work out if you can live with a head with little to no features or function for little more than a buck. Or do you really like the full HUD and think you would make the most of it, then ask yourself if its worth the saving of 1200L whilst you can
  4. HunniHope

    Second Life...Second...WIFE??

    perhaps the catalogue has a returns policy, something along the lines of satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, or perhaps free returns within 30 days, or you might just find you need to pay the shipping cost. Check the small print in case it needs to be in un-used condition and with original packaging
  5. HunniHope

    Looking for baby mama

    this is SL, where dreams come true and imaginations become (virtual)reality .... surely he can just breed his own babies with his own self an just forget about the dating .. prim babies are cheaper and easier to deal with than a girlfriend lol
  6. HunniHope

    An 'honest' view of SL

    just becasue i wanna annoy with christmassy sorta pics when we really are not sick of seeing christmas stuff in RL for the past 3 months already ..........my view of SL, and at only 64m cos frankly if i need to see beyond that, i know how to move my cam without moving my avi (yes avi is lazy but fingers sometimes get nosey)
  7. I tend to use several filters along with windlight settings and a camera hud tool, saving several versions of the same image and then editing and combining in Photoshop for different effects
  8. HunniHope

    Best Pickup Lines

    my eyes are precious, i've spent far too long customising them to give them away ... but you have given me an idea 💡
  9. HunniHope

    Best Pickup Lines

    on several occasions now after a brief exchange of general pleasantries I've been hit with "I'm lagging here can we go back o my place to chat" and it usually results in a conversation not too unlike this .. HIM: I'm lagging, can we go back to my place to chat ME: well, i'm not lagging, and i like it here, and the beauty of IM's mean we can be anywhere on the grid and still talk. Isn't that magic? HIM: but I like to look into your eyes when we chat ME: that's a shame, I just detached mine
  10. ok, i fess up ...
  11. HunniHope

    body parts on mesh not loading.

    In addition to Rolig's reply above, those yellow triangles, are usually an indication of an issue & having a "good connection" doesn't necessarily mean its not gone bad. Even though you are not on the Firestorm viewer currently, the following page should help to troubleshoot these triangles you are seeing when logging in https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/mesh_issues#pyramids_triangles_ducks
  12. HunniHope

    Avastar Question (Rigging)

    secondly, to rig from t-pose to a-pose you need to be using the correct settings in Avastar, and you can find instruction on the on their website https://avastar.guru/workflows/bind-pose/ If you are working with a dev kit then it is not recommended that you do not alter the rest pose and instead just keep to the default pose that the kit is supplied in. Firstly. on the avastar website there is also a whole reference section related to rigging, and editing & inspecting weights https://avastar.guru/avastar-2/reference/attachments/ Yes some things get renamed, re-worded, or moved around in Avastar. It's not common practise, it is done when necessary or when improving or implementing new features or even when needed in the process of fixing a bug. The basics of rigging haven't changed much over time, and some videos are still very useful and if the layout is different in that older version and panels are named slightly different then you can search for the name, phrase or terminology on the website and usually get the answer you need which tells you what's where. There is also a very useful section related to the avastar toolshelf itself breaking down the different panels and what they cover https://avastar.guru/help/toolshelf You also have use of the inworld "Blender Avastar" support group and also the new Avastar discord server should you not be able to be inworld while working
  13. HunniHope


    Hi, my name is Talluliar, I am from Timbuktoo. I have soon come into money from dead uncle of 42,000,000 USD and so I look for pretty house boy to shower with precious things. I will be 188cm of amazon red hair and perfect egypt gold tan. Will I be allowed in?
  14. HunniHope

    Just bought my first mesh body.

    the latest incarnation of omega appliers is the Omega Evolved. It's the successor to Omega Advanced and there are quite a few differences. Omega Advanced is by default a 3 layer Applier button (Clothing, Undies,Tat), and should be labelled as such for all 3 layers. Not all creators include the names of all layers, some decide to omit the ones they dont want to be shown, but the touch area to apply to a different layer than shown is still there on the hud, it just takes some deduction work to figure out where that is. Omega Evolved is different. it doesnt have the same 3 layer button face. each button can apply to as many layers as the creators decides. For example it could apply knickers, bra and pants all at once in one touch, applying to both clothing and undies layer at the same time. If the creator decides they think pants are only gonna be worn on clothing layer then they do not have to add in options for the other 2 layers if they choose not to. Basically you gotta keep an eye on what type of omega applier it is, Advanced or Evolved, and keep in mind that the Evolved may not be as flexible as you are expecting.
  15. HunniHope

    Computer freezes at login.

    Scripts in SL that are sitting in your inventory are dormant, they aint gonna do jack, even if you wore a scripted prim or rezzed a prim and put the script in it doesn't mean it's gonna do something, some scripts need activating or starting, and even then its not going to cause your computer to crash, it could cause an issue with the region you are logging in to but would then also impact you reaching that region from other computers and other avatars logging into or attempting to TP to that region. Freezing & crashing could be down to a number of things. If you are using Firestorm get into the support group chat and ask for assistance there, they will need to know more info, including, but not limited to the system specs of the crashing PC, and at what point precisely things start to go south. The firestorm wiki has some pages you can follow as starters for some trouble shooting steps https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_run_crash and also https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_install_crash if you are using a.n.other viewer then those pages might still help but you should be seeking out the support groups for your specific viewer, or you can file a ticket (or try live chat if you are premium) if you use the SL viewer.