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  1. weight transfer is never spot on from the start, it needs inspecting tweaking, smoothing, testing with sliders etc and yes sometimes the tweaking part is going to need some manual painting. Also as a side note, is using avastar and using the skinning panel and "Bind to armature" button, you don't have to do the Ctrl+P step for automatic weights. Use the avastar tools right there in the skinning panel, change the dropdown to meshes and then tick the box to "Copy from All listed" and weights will trasnfer from body to mesh at the time you click bind. The Avastar guide to the stages of Skinning your mesh, broken down at the end of the page into their own sections https://avastar.guru/avastar-2/reference/attachments/
  2. example of what LittleMe said: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/oz.linden p.s. do note, it's "wishlists", plural, when looking up someone elses list. Singular with no name at the end will take you to your own wishlist page
  3. only thing you'll need to do if not done so already is agree to the ToS before the end of October, theres a link on the Lindex Sell page if you not already done so
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