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  1. You would need to apply for the Belleza Dev Kit so that you have the body shape and body wieghts to work from. the XML shape is just a set of shape sliders, it is not the shape of the body mesh as that is a modelled piece of mesh, nor will it have the weights required to rig for that body. you can only get that by applying for the developer kit which you can find the application for on the Belleza website. Do heed the warnings above, application does guarantee you will be issued a kit, and it is a learning curve if you have never done this kind of thing before. You could apply for the kit and take the waiting time to become accustomed to blender, avastar and the tools and nothing to stop you using the standard avatar to practise with
  2. MD is not for rigging. It can be used for modelling/designing the meshes in question but then needs to be transferred to another 3d programme such as Maya or Blender. In conjunction with those, the use of avastar (Mayastar for maya users ) for the rigging/weighting process would be advantageous, not compulsory but it does make life easier. Meshes made in MD will likely need retopo work and all meshes should be optimized with SL in mind as it is unlike other 3D games
  3. Its not broken per-say, its just that Gaia has made changes which compensate for the rotation at the point of export
  4. @EnCore Mayne the warning is normal and expected in current viewers when you have used a version of avastar older than the current release 2.5-1 (possibly a few version earlier if you plucking out of daily builds) and exporting to avastar collada because it doesnt auto compensate for the rotation which was a flaw found and fixed in the build up to the animesh introduction. You can ignore the warnign if you want, for rigged items it only really affects the rotation when rezzed, when you wear a rigged piece it still pops into place the way it should
  5. i remember talk at one of the WebUG about store names coming up in searches and i thought it was supposed to be eliminated but i still see a lot of it, and yes some do put their names as a keyword, personally i don't like that, i've seen it skew search results. If someone knows my store name and wants to search it, that can easily be done on the stores/Merchants tab, doesn't need a keyword.
  6. I'm still trying to refine my keywords but its hard to get a lot of info in a few words. at the moment i've settled on putting the brand names in the brands field, and i list brands in features as well as brief description for e.g "Long sleeve open front blouse". I then put the models into keywords (hourglass, petite, venus etc) instead of the brands (slink, belleza etc). Anything that is in the name/title or features i don't put it in keywords but i do sometimes use alternative words for example if the items says blouse in title/name and feature, then i put shirt in keywords. If the color is lilac in title/name then i put purple in keywords.
  7. Try rebuilding your bridge on a script enabled region. Avatar menu > avatar health > recreate LSL Bridge. & make sure you have it enabled still in your preferences. More info here https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bridge & here https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bridge_issues
  8. i'm not sure what process you're actually doing but it sounds somewhat convoluted. Just copy the updated item from your inventory with CTRL+C. then find the Marketplace listing folder for the original item, delete the contents of the child folder (not the folder itself), and CTRL+P to paste in the updated item. then right click the folder and list. (If you paste before deleting you wont have to click and list) If you want to test delivery then go to your manage listings section of the MP, and in the Actions drop-down you have "test delivery"
  9. Firstly, If you haven't already, then invest in Avastar, it'll save you a ton of headaches going down the road. Secondly, as mentioned by Optimo. SL expects mesh to be in a T-Pose for uploading. Avastar compensates for this with the Bind pose option, but that's not an option you can freely use as you think. The Belleza Dev Kit is provided in a A-pose, (arms downwards, legs together) and should be kept that way, same for other kits, if their legs are together, keep it that way, if arms are in T then keep it that way. Changing the pose of Dev Kits can have an adverse affect on fitting inworld, much like the result you shown there where they don't fit. The Avastar documentation for Bind poses warns against altering the pose when using Dev Kits https://avastar.guru/workflows/bind-pose/ You don't need to spread the legs for binding/rigging pants. If you suffer from sticky thighs just make the pants thighs thinner on the inside, bind them, then edit back into shape and then refresh the binding, or fix quickly using vertex selection and limit select to quickly remove weights from opposite bones.
  10. @Carrie Galaga same answer as before applies. if it fails in 2.5-1 then try in the latest daily incase it was a bug which has been fixed. if it fails from the daily then submit a support ticket to Avastar you might also find joining the support group inworld Blender Avastar or joining their Discord channel a much quicker way to get help
  11. @Carrie Galaga You haven't mentioned what Avastar version you are using. Make sure you are using the current release 2.5-1, if you are then try again using the latest daily 2.5-37. If you are still getting those errors, especially the python ones, report it on a ticket to Avastar
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