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  1. HunniHope

    Signed out everytime I login

    The fact you said you are able to log in and then being disconnected indicates its not an inventory issue as that would usually prevent you from logging in at all. Are you logging the alts into the same region as the problem avi? Have you tried logging in the problem avi to another region? If not. then type in Hippo Hollow into the location at the log in screen and try again. Do you keep notifications clean? When you get the disconnection window pop up, instead of clicking on quit, select the option to view IM's and then right click and delete all on the notifications icon to make sure. Then quit and log back in. If you still think you have an inventory issue which with 17k it would be unlikely unless you've dumped everything into the one single folder then yes LL will look into it for you. Just file a ticket and ask them to check. If they think it needs to be de-flattened they basically take your inventory and split it up into multiple folders from what i recall
  2. HunniHope

    Tonic Curvy layer question

    Tonic uses Omega appliers straight out of the box as it's built in. If the applier you are using is Omega Advanced then there should be 6 buttons (top, Pants, Bra, Undies, Tatt & Tatt). To apply to underwear you need to click both buttons labelled as bra & undies if you want it on underwear or the other buttons for other layers.. If it doesn't have all 6 then the creator has skipped them and finding the right ones are to touch for the right layer can be a tedious and timely period of trial & Error. If however the applier is Omega Evolved then that doesn't need to have all 6 buttons, and can apply it in one go, with one touch, but the layer it applies to depends on how the creator set it up. Make sure you have all layers turned off in the body HUD except for the underwear when trying it out. You can also Test Omega Appliers at the omega store using the Mannequins there to see which layers the appliers are working on. Also look at your current outfit folder and look to see if anything there is labelled named for underwear as this would indicate you are wearing mesh and not the applier type Once you get the applier underwear where you want it, and if it still then clips through the mesh clothing worn over it then your options are limited further to going commando or using the Alpha cuts.
  3. HunniHope

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    I raised this at the Web UG meeting a cpl months back in regards to having it added in as a field in the listings. Basically it got laughed at and shut down by other creators at the meeting as being too much of an unreliable number
  4. HunniHope

    Custom bones and non-standard rigs in mesh avatars

    sorry no custom bones, you need to use the SL skeleton
  5. 1: have you also updated necessary drivers? 2: in the viewer go to help menu > About, and look for the Graphics Card Line, does it reference the 1050? 3: in the viewer please go to the Help menu > About and click the button to copy all that information (or do it manually if it tickles you that way) and then paste the information in here If you would like an alternate, and more direct and immediate response, and you are a Firestorm user then seek out the support group in world. You can find it via the Help menu > Join Firestorm Support. For other viewers you would need to seek their specific support group. if available. If using the SL viewer then follow steps 1 through 3
  6. HunniHope

    Problems listing my first item on the Marketplace

    no, Thank You!
  7. HunniHope

    Problems listing my first item on the Marketplace

    If the Listing Window doesn't show up when using (I assume one of the current active) Firestorm then it's very possible that the window may have been moved off screen and its very easy to check and get it back. Marketplace Listings window is not actually listed on this page but the page explains how to go about finding it. https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/missing_windows floater_pos_martketplace_listings_x (and y equivalent) are the debug fields you're looking for. @Whirly Fizzle nudge nudge wink wink
  8. HunniHope

    mesh body missing in sections.

    @shethos ducks around mesh when first logging in is often a sign that you're pushing the settings of your viewer too far, logging in to another viewer which will have different, and possibly default, settings goes some way to reinforcing that as potential cause. The fact they are blue might just down to viewer settings or skin (you dont say which viewer you were on nor the one you switched to). Firestorm have a very useful section for the ducks on their wiki and following the troubleshooting steps on the page should help regardless of whether you use Firestorm or not https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/mesh_issues#pyramids_triangles_ducks
  9. HunniHope

    how do I make an alpha layer?

    right click a fold in your inventory, create new clothing alpha, add the tga alpha textures provided with your FP kit into the spaces provided, save voila, all done, alpha is now in your name
  10. HunniHope

    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    Agree with all of the above. scream or giggle at this, whatever tickles your fancy. .. .. .. There was a comment made in a group yesterday, i can't remember it word for word but it went something like this. I recommended someone learn to retopo as a priority because they were trying to work on a horrible triangulated MD mesh, and to top it off, had already applied a solidify modifier to it. The response that came back was "yes i meant to do that years ago when i was learning mesh but if i had spent time to learn everything i needed to know i still wouldn't be making mesh". I started to develop a small bald patch on the left hand side of my head, and my forehead was becoming flattened by the brick wall from trying to help with understanding at times. I am finding peace, and my hair is growing back now that i ignore most IM's and snooze group chats most of the time.
  11. HunniHope

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    Toss the drama in the trash, it really doesn't need more help, its pretty good at self replicating as it is. Perhaps consider using your RL skills. There's no end of businesses in SL, if you can figure out a magic formula for marketing in (and outside) SL then you have yourself a service to offer new (and potentially existing) businesses.
  12. HunniHope

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    When i first started, as both creator and buyer, a demo to me was all about the fit. As already mentioned, no fit, no sale, don't matter how fantastic a texture might be. Over time though that has changed for me. As a creator, when i first started out with mesh i put out demo's which were just like image 1, just a blank texture with demo stamped all over it. That then became an actual texture in dark brown or black but still with demo and my logo stamped on it. However, I had complaints that the texture was too dark, so i switched to an actual texture that was part of the fat pack, still kept the demo stamps on it. That still wasn't good enough for some folk, I had IM's and reviews on the demos saying the demo stamp stopped them seeing the detail and that they wanted to see an actual texture that they would be getting, so it was time to switch again. I stopped adding the demo stamps and put out a version of the fat packs but with the timed scripts in both clothing and huds (yes the horror). This worked for a while, 1 IM changed it a little because they mentioned about clothes disappearing whilst they TP'd around or went AFK. So i dropped the timed from the clothes and kept it just in the hud. This way all textures can be seen and tested, and there's no need to worry about modesty. I've tried to listen to customers needs & wants over the years and think I've sort of gotten to a happy medium-ish. If i could script then there are changes I would make, but I can't, so I won't be making them any time soon. It turns out that customer needs are my needs too when i shop. I wont buy hair or skin if i can't see the real color or texture, and i wont buy clothes or accessories either. With all our different systems, graphics settings & environments, not all textures are gonna look the same to everyone or look like the photo every time, so I want to see it for myself. But I don't think there's any way a demo is ever gonna please everyone all of the time.