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  1. One thing you can try,.assuming blender is in use here. Join the piercings to the body (bind first). Then select all the vert on left piercing, shift select a single vert on the left nipple, and click copy under the vertex weights list (found in the N panel). Repeat on the opposite side for the Right piercing. Then select both piercings and separate them and then refresh the binding. This way you can get just the weights if the nipple centre
  2. There are several groups in world that run blender courses from Builders Brewery to Blender Benders 2.0. Be prepared for a rather steep and long learning curve.
  3. you can get the standard avatars from the SL wiki to be used for Rigging, you can also get copies from the avastar workbench. These models though are only good for rigging for the basic standard avatar, if you do not have these files already then you are going to have to edit your mesh to make it fit on those bodies, and then follow some blender guides for how to rig and weight paint. If you want to do this rigging for mesh bodies then first you will need to get the dev kits for each mesh body that you intend to rig for. Some of these will require applications and will require that you ha
  4. The do have a discord, contact the CSR for an invite
  5. I've seen a some stores add extra on the MP but not always the full 10%. Personally I keep my prices the same on MP as they are inworld and I've never had anyone comment on it. If I lose a bit through MP fees then so what, Its just another cost of doing business, and the discount I do offer inworld to group members is greater than the10% that I pay in MP fees, plus on top of that they earn store credit too. Basically I give away more selling inworld than i pay on the MP, but it's a perk for customers that I'm prepared to swallow.
  6. the shape slider will allow you to only go so far as the shape slider allows. Beyond that, how folk generally get taller or shorter avatars is through deformers, or through a mesh body itself which is scaled to be smaller or taller
  7. when providing info to tilia the verification is often instant, you wait a cpl of minutes and its all approved. If there is a problem it may take longer. If its been a few days just file a ticket and ask about it.
  8. marketplace orders where delivery fails are usually automatically refunded. Make sure you check your transactions carefully and see if there has been a refund.
  9. BoM & applier are 2 different things. BoM is just a system layer that you wear. An Applier is a scripted hud that applies a texture to a mesh body layer. Nearly all mesh bodies are made to use the Standard SL UV maps and you can download those from the SL wiki at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clothing_Tutorials once you got the UV maps, load them up in the texture programme of choice and away you go. With system layers you can use the local texture option to test your texture looks ok before you upload.
  10. you'll have to ask the CSR's in their group for an invite
  11. This is incorrect. The new V5 auto-hide does work in stand alone objects, just like the previous versions, the CSR's for Maitreya have even been explaining to users in the discord chat how to do that. and it is even in their own written instructions about it being in a prim. Personally I have a pet hate from auto-hide scripts, and never include them, and only provide a system alpha now that BoM is becoming ever popular
  12. You don't need an item to be mod to add an auto-hide script, just stick the scripts in a normal prim and wear the prim when you wear the clothing.
  13. if the error is something along the lines of "Failed to Find in database " The check out this wiki link from FS https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/failed_to_find_in_database If the suggested fixes don't help, then be sure to try out the SL viewer and file a support ticket with them if the error persists.
  14. Hold shift & press ESC a few times to reset camera. I would suggest you join the FS support group and ask in that group for assistance regarding the viewer. you'll get the help a lot more instantly that waiting on a response in the forums and save yourself a lot of pointless time redownloading viewers. You can find the help groups in various languages by going to the Help menu at the top of your viewer and selecting "join Firestorm Support"
  15. I've had this "catch all" error on both FS current release & public beta, on uplifted regions and non-uplift, on both aditi and agni grids, for large and small file sizes. I have found that it always appears to be a temporary issue and that the upload goes through without issue on closing the uploader and starting again. It's been a message I been seeing for months on and off, couldn't tell you when it started, and I've never bothered reporting it because I cannot reliably repro it, and for the sake of a 30 second pause to have a good ol' gulp of coffee it's hardly seemed worth the hassle
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