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  1. Sea Pudd'n? Is that like Chicken of the Sea? Maybe it's a Mermaid treat 🤣
  2. Oh, your Medicine Hat was decorated so nicely! I have a friend longing for the one across the street.
  3. In a RL house wouldn't the door hinge be on the other side? It could have been simply a judgement call during construction: Door blocks short wall, or door blocks part of longer wall. If these will be anything like the Vic release, there may already be hundreds, nay Thousands of these already parked on a Linden cloud waiting to splash down on a continent near you.
  4. Anyone else notice this marking on two boxes in the photo? hummmm
  5. I tend to do the same, Like the Bridges of OldRidge. I suspect it's enough working on this scale just coming up with region names. In Bay City, there are street signs that help when identifying areas, but BC is a much smaller scale than Bellisseria.
  6. Yes, and considering we've already seen the Moles work their magic with Log Cabin settings for Community buildings (camper public areas), I suspect a Log Cabin in the woods kind of community could be realized sometime in the future.
  7. I'm thinking the door Jamb is a clue. Notice how deep that is for the doors? This could suggest a Cabin or Tudor style. Very curious if the exterior will offer Brick or Stone.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to explain this! I'd noticed the newer Vic regions looked different from the map, and they should when being hand made. I would tell my blog friends that strolling the streets of the new Vic regions is lovely. Mountain and Ocean views, and I especially love seeing a unique twist once in a while to how the landscaping is placed in new and creative ways by the Moles, and some really lovely parks as well. Regions even side by side in this area can have their own Unique style of landscaping placement, almost a signature look of one mole to another. I've no doubt, those looking for a Victorian will be exceptionally pleased with the attention to detail.
  9. Love love love that look of a road in front of the house, then the cliff.
  10. Thanks Sylvia! I still have work to do on the interior, always a work in progress!
  11. The little island in Dashwood with a bench and Bridge that Sylivia mentioned.
  12. Congrats, Aillissa. My Vic is in Dashwood, too. Beautiful area.
  13. Could this possibly under water, or on a beach?
  14. Okay, what do you see here as a hint that I'm missing?
  15. Maybe there have been hints and no one has caught on?
  16. A limitation of 351 Li has guided me to be more observant of Li, and fantastic the house doesn't count against that. While a different product altogether: There's always Bay City for that double Li of 702 for a 1024, but then you see either higher land baron prices used to direct traffic towards (now fewer & fewer) rentals, Baron's who simply leave land empty (as if forgotten for years) not for sale or rent, or unsuspecting speculators believing marked prices listed translate to actual sold prices. Although some long term residents tend to disagree, I do see a slow decrease in BC land prices. Under 100k a year ago appeared to be an exception for a lot, now 50-75K priced lots sit for months on end unsold, and the rare Auction hardly hits the 30's on BC land. It's common to find individuals selling in the 45's and still sitting available for a month or more. It may be an excellent time to consider lower priced dbl prim land to build on.
  17. Wasn't there some previous chatter about a reveal of some sort at the Expo? I'm not seeing it mentioned on a few blogs I follow.
  18. Congratulations to all those involved for a wonderful job, so many fantastic decorating ideas. I must admit, Interior decor has not been my talent, and learning to work with a limited amount of Land Impact can really be a challenge! Your hard work and creativity is exactly the spark to help others fill their empty homes with charm. I suspect there may be other residents like myself that might know how to link, maybe read a few articles\posts about LODS\linking\triangles (oh my!) but never really getting "it" or noticeable results and living with a somewhat minimalist interior. With this abundance of talent, and ample Bellisseria fairground space, perhaps a future event to empower residents with these skills could be fun? "Get the most from your Linden Home" type event could be something to consider, with linking demo's or lectures from some of this group's amazing creatives. Basics for beginners on linking, how to spot a good lod vs bad , high load vs low, mesh vs sculpt, why triangle counts matter on your next purchase. " Link & decorate like pro with (insert designer's name)." And if this was held outside of Belli, I'd pay good $L to attend, too.
  19. When I grow up, I want to decorate and link like Marianne! I took the tour last night, and I wasn't able to grab any of the giveaways, maybe because they're linked? Loved the window treatments! Selected edit parts, and could see take a copy, but no joy. thanks Marianne, it could be just me. Update: Of course it was me, I didn’t let the textures rez in the signs to see them!! Thanks Marianne!
  20. Love the excitement and anticipation! Does that walkway look Metallic? Your description + photo made me think of the Si-Fi TV series Star Gate Atlantis, where the Ancients built a City that rose out of the water and was a city/space ship.
  21. Madam decorator extraordinaire, Is there an opening time for the Garden Expo? Still today? Announcements? Surprises?
  22. Especially as makers keep selling no copy items. I try to avoid them, but sometimes they're just too incredible. I make it a habit to rez everything in edit mode. Sometimes it's crazy how items will rez underground or in the sky rather than ON a selected spot.
  23. Thanks to everyone building a wonderful SL, and best wishes to all those moving on. https://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2020/02/sansar-second-life-linden-lab-ebbe-altberg-kona-gurion.html
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