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  1. the whole page is white or I would specify that part of the page is white. My adblocker has never blocked a page showing one item, or all items, or even the buy pages.. I bought one item since it's been doing this, and I had to repeatedly refresh while clicking the buy, and confirm buy buttons. Those aren't ads. It doesn't matter what page on MP, they will show the page for a split second then go allllll white.
  2. I use Firefox 20, and I have the same adblocks I've always had that never blocked MP before.
  3. Not sure if I picked the right forum to post this in, but here goes. For the past few weeks, everytime I go to any page in Marketplace, the page will load for one second then go completely white. People show me links on MP and I have to refresh the page several times and look quickly LOL. I can't even shop. The last time I bought something, luckily, I had already saved the page to bookmarks, so I had to refresh over and over and click "buy" quickly. I don't know if it's something with my windows or with SL, but I'd greatly appreciate it if someone knew the answer. :robotfrustrated:
  4. There are many deejays who pay "tribute" to bands. I don't see the problem with making it fun and aesthetically appealing to the audience. A tribute band does more than just play live songs. They do more work than deejays, hosts OR strippers, and you don't seem to mind tipping them! Tribute bands make promos, and buy costumes, stages, props, practice many hours, and whatever else is needed to give people a good experience. They don't market videos or albums, although they might give away a free shirt for fans (key word "free"). So if they're not marketing, where's the copywright infringement? If tribute bands aren't your thing, then stick with your deejay. But Second Life has been very open and accepting of many things, and I don't see creating something fun for people as an "insult". I think it's insulting that you don't look into all that goes on in performing a tribute band nor think about the people who actually enjoy it, before you criticize and pass [bad] judgement. I'm sure Caitlyn isn't the only shallow person in SL, but come on.. The tribute bands are strictly for enjoyment. All they sell is a fun time while listening and watching your favorite band.
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