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  1. After viewing several threads, including the Vanity Thread and the How long did it take you to be you thread, many keep the same skin and just upkeep it here and there with clothings and accessories. I am just wondering how many of you actually use different skins and shapes on the same avatar, or keep it one model-look per avatar? Personally I keep mine the same look, I will buy a different skin tone of the same skin model (my LAQ skins are of the same model but will range from fair to nougat)...Recently I bought an asian skin, completely different look on my current avatar.
  2. I agree with Eliza. I have this same bubblegum animation for my avatar. Makes a pretty sound and you change the color of the bubble. But you cannot share "gum" with your friends.
  3. That pic would make a good model for my next avi. Cute but quirky.
  4. Great outfit, Wildcat! However I think the skirt being a bit lower would be more business appropriate for what Amy is looking for in a business woman outfit. I have several business suits that I wear for work, all skirts being at the knee level.
  5. Situation: time of day and place, I would say Day: boots, jeans, clear lip gloss, leather, sunglasses Evening: high heels, short skirt or tight dress, glossy red lipstick Always: Intelligence, common sense, sence of humor, confidence, style.
  6. Agree with Ceka...Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder To each their own on what is considered as beautiful and what is not. If a person wants to create an avatar that is unrealisticaly endowed, or a Barbie-clone, or the Wicked Witch...and finds them beautiful, then that likeness is of good shape and of good look to the owner. Does not matter what others think. Up to the owner to decide if their avatar is of a good appearance or needs improvement.
  7. A very positive statement. *claps hands* May your experience in SL be a most pleasant and memorable one. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. Hi Vallerie: When you first started on SL, we had talked once or twice on the forums (probably don't remember me), gave you a bunch of starter tips to make yourself more presentable. Got on each other's friends list, however I guess due to our time difference, we never saw each other online to meet/chat. Just jumping into someone else's A and B conversation can be a bit weird, some people do not like it, while others do not mind it at all. When I first started in SL few months ago, I hung out at one of those popular places, bad lag because so many people are there, I entered myself into the local chat. Local chat is not a conversation between two people, it is a public broadcasted chat channel, so anyone can enter into it. Met a few people who "clicked with me" on day 1, they introduced me to their friends in the following day and I had more friends by the end of week 1. Now, these were not friends who had many common interests, these were friends who just like to have a good time and have fun chatting about anything. I have a shy female friend who has many interests, very smart but a bit of an introvert, she first started hanging out at those places that she were interested in, however they were dead zones, no one there every time she visited, so I suggested she needed to hang out at more popular places. She responded she did not like to be in a big crowded place in SL (or RL), part of meeting people is "marketing" oneself to show people that you are available and you do exist, and hanging out at a popular place will attract more in less amount of time than a less-crowded place. Seen your public profile, little sister: 1. add a photo helps; and 2. the body of your profile should be stated not in one big long sentence
  9. Hardly any asians, especially the asian guys, seen during my exploration of SL sims and places. Not fair! NOT FAIR! *pout* :matte-motes-sour: Sore wa warui desu
  10. Ceka: If you would like to join me in the sim, its Capua, Blood & Sand...it takes place before Spartacus' arrival, so it is around the time of Gannicus I believe. However, I do not believe there is a Gannicus character in the sim. I have not watched the prequel yet.
  11. Kicking the dialogue a bit more towards silliness....too much fun to pass up, Ceka. Wife: OMG we need to leave right now!! Hubby: Why? Wife: Are you blind? Can't you see that she has MY top on? Hubby: What? Wait a minute! Wife: That girl over there has the same shirt as me! Hubby: You are kidding right? Wife: No, I am not!!! Hubby: Hun, we're at a concert!!! Wife: Look..SHE HAS MY TOP ON!!!!! Now lets go!!! Hubby: Vendors outside were selling the same shirt to everyone here, bound to be more than one person wearing the same thing!!
  12. Unfortunately I have yet to see some yummy gladiators in the sim :matte-motes-crying: If I saw Crixus in the sim...*growl* :matte-motes-big-grin:
  13. This other person has a right to rant all he/she wants, however he/she does not have a right to harass you for not being unique. Blocking him/her is a solution. I would hate to see what this person is like if he/she met his/her identical twin on the street or a mall, would he/she harass or attack the person saying that he/she is a copy and needs to get plastic surgery?
  14. Like in RL, one cannot please everyone, there will always be someone or some people that feels their view or perspective is the correct one. Or, like most, speak before they think. If not about height, it is about how their hair looks, or how their shape is, or what color their garment is, and so on. There is a block function of this type of interaction.
  15. When in Rome, dress like a Roman...such a big fan of ROME and SPARTACUS TV series.
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