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  1. I am deleting my account after I write this comment. I am writing this comment as a suggestion for anyone thinking about getting an SL account, DON'T. From my brief experience with SL, it is just a giant satanic electronic snare for souls. It is full of role playing perversion, with many people role sex playing with child avatars and the such. Also, in exploring SL, I found my signs of satanic and masonic influence. Besides fighting your RL temptations you are presented with SL temptations, which you do not need. If you think you are exempt from sinning in SL, think again, SL is a subset of RL, so if you think you can have sex in SL and it is not sinning, BUZZ, you are wrong. It is just sexting on steroids, because you are not just sexting, you are also using anime pornography at the same time, which is a mortal sin. To the creators of SL (Linden Labs), if you are manufacturing child avatars or sexual objects than can be used in virtual child pornography, gay sex, or other perversions, you yourselves are just as guilty, if not more, for corrupting all of the souls that sign up for your perverted virtual world. A warning to you all, when you wake up from this virtual world, remember RL is waiting for you, and when you die, there is only RL judgment from God. Repent, if SL is causing you to sin, delete your account today. God bless. Yours in Jesus through Mary and Joseph, accompanied by St. Philomena, rafaelmarie
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