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  1. Thank you I figured it was a bug but I wanted to double check to see if other people were experiencing it before I contacted support about my account.
  2. I'm trying to process my US balance to paypal and the process keeps failing. My password is correct, and I have been cashing out since 2012. Anyone else experiencing this today?
  3. https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/3016-the-return-of-last-names-and-changes-to-marketplace-events-premium/?fbclid=IwAR1rj4aTLWqyUSMPQJ0Tp3F9FR3hBDGE0o4RQ4hV1w1t7LNjn5zGz7cCs2E Thoughts on the mp fees doubling to 10% per sale?
  4. Cashout fees to transfer cash to paypal are rising to 5%. Thoughts?
  5. Ok, delete this. The process credit is in a different location... doh
  6. Ebbe has mentioned that processing credit to paypal will be faster in the future. When will this happen? When will Sansar open to the public, and when can creators start learning to develop for this new world?
  7. I bet these "hand picked" merchants are also the ones who are already on Sansar, getting a leg up on the rest of us.
  8. where are people finding a fitted mesh skeleton that actually works in 3ds max? I downloaded one from the wiki but the bones import wonky and is useless for rigging.
  9. Definitely interested to know if this is available somewhere. I am having no luck finding a second life skeleton and mesh body to rig clothing to that has the collision files. I have downloaded the ones from the second life wiki but it doesn't not import correctly no matter what settings I use.
  10. Have not tried to put decimations in for LODS. Good Idea! Thanks. I'll try that out.
  11. Hello Troll. Every time I post you are always right there! Oh how I have missed you. I think you need to re-read #1. Kthx
  12. I've been uploading mesh since it has become available in SL. In the past week or so I have encountered this issue several times. Error: Material of Model Is Not A Subset Of Reference Model. 1. There is only one mesh, one object, no additional LODS. I auto generate LODS in the mesh upload menu. 2. There is only one standard material, only 1 face. 3. It is unrigged. 4. I have tried Reset Xform, Attached a simple mesh plane, exporting out of 3ds max 2012 into Maya as well as Zbrush 4R6 and exporting as various file types and then importing back into max, nothing is working. Does anyone have any
  13. Ok. Stoke the fire. I apologize for not being correct. Because well, not getting the sayings correct and then pointing them out totally helps the discussion go so much smoother. Could always blame it on my phone and autocorrect.
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