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  1. AmyNevilly wrote: I mean, we're all pixels? Why are peach coloured ones discriminated against? Can't naked pixels live in harmony with clothed ones? No. Because, ew.
  2. Made this pic a while ago, last pic is still the current, with exception of various costumes I tend to wear until they get smelly
  3. Princess Verwood wrote: If you have been in SL any amount of time you would already begin to notice that there is a much more wide array of female clothing then male. Espically when it comes to variety. What sort of male clothing are you tired of seeing being made for males? What types of clothing do you wish there was more of for the guys? I'm tired of abs .. on EVERYTHING! Seriously.. it looks ridicolous. Ok, maybe extra so since I am a kid avatar, but even when in my adult avatar, I don't need abs showing on top of a regular sweater. Oh and also, pecs? Stop it. I'm so sick of finding an awesome top that has pecs that look more like a serious case of the man-boobs. Do not want. As for clothing I want to see more of.. I can't currently think of any. I usually find what I want, and have my selection of favourite stores.
  4. Oh lol yeah I should have specified, my avatar isn't much to go on either I was looking for the men's shoes, so thanks a bunch! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  5. I'm looking for shoes like the ones used in this pic here. Anyone have suggestions? :D
  6. My first SL account got the name Darion because I always loved the name Dorian... and it was taken I picked a last name that sounded Scandinavian due to feeling slightly patrioyic at the time or something. When I made this account, I liked Twine, because I planned to be a short fellah and that name just seemed to fit with that. I originally thought I might have fun switching between a female and male avatar so I looked for a unisex name that sounded well with it. I stayed a boy though. Not sure what I was thinking at the time.
  7. Aili Panthar wrote: You can tell child avatars by the way they type in stupid baby talk. They all sound like they are 3-year-olds no matter what age their character is supposed to be. Being short, skinny or having a flat chest does not mean you're a kid. PS: Children including fake ones should be banned from the internet. Oh shoot, I thought I was an SL kid all this time, but apparently I was wrong!
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: Have you ever tried making faces (and incindentally get ridiculous in public? :smileyvery-happy:) I've tried NOT making faces.. >.> A while back I was bugged and walking around smiling for days - of course I was the only person who didn't see it, so my friend was kind enough to take pics. And here's the kicker, the first day it was a subte smile, then it evolved into a huge grin. I sometimes make faces on purpose too though.
  9. When I'm in a shopping mood, I often browse the Men's Department flickr group. Good inspiration and ever so often I am reminded of good stores, or discover new ones.
  10. The majority of the region where I live was up for sale a while back. I got me a sliver for more prims, wish I could afford all of it. Currently it sits empty, I think the owners are setting up in the sky.. I've been lucky for the years I have owned land in that region though, the previous owners kept the land nice.
  11. For costumes and stuff. Fortunately for me, I can make due with modding Eloh templates though (love those). (Of course, you don't really get far with a skin that has modify permissions inworld anywhoo...)
  12. Thanks, I'll give those a try. While my computer is all new and shiny, it probably isn't optimal for this kinda thing, but I can at least try and get as close as possible.
  13. Yeah, and it's those tweakings I'm clueless about..
  14. Thanks for the reply, although you lost me at "h264"... Ok so I googled, and apparently the V7 equivalent of that was to be "MainConcept AVC/AAC" (?) I tested that and the quality was horrid. :matte-motes-not-entertained: I either got that completely wrong, or maybe I'm missing a plugin of sort? If I do stick with wmv for now, what should seconds per key frame be? I keep wondering if there are some simple settings I forget paying attantion to that might improve the quality...
  15. First let me say a little about my knowledge level when it comes to video: Yeah that was pretty much it. :matte-motes-bashful: So to the question: I'm trying to figure out how to get the best quality for uploading to youtube - with what I have. Not looking to make any fancy videos, but if I do play around with it, I want a decent quality on it. I use fraps for recording and Vegas 7 for editing and rendering. (The raw file from fraps looks awesome of course. :p ) So, I have figured out that the best file format is probably wmv, but I'm sure there are other settings I need to pay attention to under template, I just have no idea what they should be for the best result. The finished quality when uploaded makes me wanna bang my head on my desk. (Mainly talking about when there is movement, like walking around etc.) For reference I'm adding two test videos, the first was rendered in mpg2, the second in wmv. My graphics card is MSI GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB. 
  16. Well, I started out as an alt, so I was handed a tiny allowance and a couple landmarks on day one. Started out with a freebie skin and bought me some hair. In the beginning I aimed for "short guy", but I kept shrinking.. Since I couldn't find a skin I felt was suitable for a kid, I used a zombie skin and then went neko for a long while. I haven't changed all that much since I got the human skin, apart new hair and tweaking the shape (I still go cheetah sometimes). I don't have any pics of the evolution of my adult look (apart from day 1), which is a shame. God I had an awkward phase a couple of years back. Now I look like this.
  17. SoniaStrummFan wrote: Okay, I get a lot of trouble from people on SL because my avatar is a girl but I'm actually a guy in real life. Those people are silly.
  18. Well, the latest avatar I pieced together (retextured and modded mainly) was this one: And here is my avy pic:
  19. This is my standard work outfit. Jeans, graphic tee, and if chilly - a hoodie. (Today was a warm day.. ) Surroundings in the pic do not reflect my work - although I do spend part of the day outdoors.
  20. Dustine Underwood wrote: Does how a shop look define it? Do you leave shops that dont have a good design or layout? What is important when your out and about on shopping excursions, do color, shop size, and location REALLy make a difference? For me, appearance is less important, but if it is badly built with texture glitches etc, I will have my doubts about the product. What matters to me is availability, what is practical. For instance, a huge shop area with products spread out, and double-click tp off is not very customer friendly imo. My hands get achy and then having to run around a store is a bit of a pain. Some stores have big fancy posters and whatnot and look ever so posh, but if I have to spend time looking for the actual products, or where to find the different categories of products, I'd rather just spend my time differently. I do appreciate shops with that extra touch in build and decore though. Oh, and please please, don't use clothing models in freebie skins and shapes doing those old freebie poses. I sometimes come to stores that have mostly female clothing and some male stuff, and find that the female models look nice, while the male model looks like... well, a wreck. Very off-putting.
  21. Heya Mysti *waves* So in other words I don't have to bother logging on today? It's the big Chief who would have to contact support about it, in the meanwhile maybe we should follow Dave's fashion lead and get us some hard hats! :smileywink:
  22. Both, really. I have many different avatars, although I usually default back to a regular guy with facial features close to the RL me, but otherwise nicer looking. Personality-wise it's all me regardless of avatar appearance, I don't have the patience for roleplay.
  23. I will often mess around with color and textures, and make a copy if I get something I'm particularly pleased with, so I don't have to do it again if I change it later. It's just a shame that I usually can't nuke all the scripts after I do that.
  24. Yes, I could live with that. A major annoyance, but I'd get over it. As for creators and scripts, I think it's nice to have texture change and resize scripts for certain items, like shoes. That is, if I am allowed to DELETE them when I have the shoes the way I want them. There is no excuse for selling copy items with scripts and not letting the customer remove the scripts.
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