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  1. Even though I did some texturing in another 3D site, I have pretty much had to forget everything I learned there and start over because textures show up so differently here. I have looked everywhere for a tut on how to make a t-shirt look like a t-shirt. So far all I have found is how to make the alpha and how to put a picture on it. I don't want to just plop a picture on a flat cutout. I want the t-shirt to actually look like a t-shirt. Is there a good tutorial for this that I have just over looked? I work with Gimp, but I've gotten pretty good at following PS tuts and finding the equivalent settings, so any tut would do.
  2. I'm learning how to use cylinders for flexi items, as long as I use solid textures on them I'm fine. Whenever I use textures that have alphas at the bottom, I get this very fine line at the bottom tip on the piece. How do I fix that?
  3. I spent most of the day unable to put any clothes on. I could wear attachments, but no clothes. Now, I am completely grey. No skin, no clothes. Just grey clay. No matter what I do, I can not ungrey myself!
  4. I am building my first pair of boots. They look amazing (as far as noob boots go) and here's my trouble. I want to attach both the boot and its buckles to the same place, but I want to not link them, so that if someone wants to play around with placement and sizing of the buckles they can. I have no problems when I choose "attach to" or "add to worn" of course, but when I just hit wear, the boots go and the buckles appear or vice versa. For me that's fine, but I don't want to make other people who might want to wear them deal with all the extra work, so that's my question. How do you set multiple items to attach to one body part as default without one piece replacing the other when you choose "wear"?
  5. No matter what, I can't get myself loaded. I'm just a floating egg. I've re-logged, I changed clothes, I took clothes off, I teleported. I even re-installed. I'm still just a floating egg.
  6. When I've put together my look, how do I figure out how heavy I am?
  7. Wow y'all are amazing. Thanks so much, everyone.
  8. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm only a week old and I like it enough that I think I want to spend more time here. I have been using IMVU for several years, but I've recently become so disillusioned with them that I wanted to find a better environment. Tbh it's sorta like going from pre-K to college in one leap. So here are some things I wanted to know. I've spent most of the day trying to find the answers, but I guess I'm using the wrong keywords. First, is there some sort of definition list for SL jargon? I see words like "prims" and "rezz" and haven't the foggiest notion of what they mean. Second, What's the importance of rankings? I got a message today that I am now a "recognized resident".... Also, I saw this really neato motorcycle that I'd like to get, but the description seemed to be written in Klingon, so I didn't want to go buying stuff I don't know how to use or where and all that. If I buy a vehicle does it go in my pocket when I'm through playing with it? And do I have to know Klingon before I can operate a vehicle? And lastly, I have been teleporting all over the place, checking stuff out. Is there a possibility that I could mess up and teleport somewhere I'm not supposed to be? I don't want to upset anyone.
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