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  1. Even though I did some texturing in another 3D site, I have pretty much had to forget everything I learned there and start over because textures show up so differently here. I have looked everywhere for a tut on how to make a t-shirt look like a t-shirt. So far all I have found is how to make the alpha and how to put a picture on it. I don't want to just plop a picture on a flat cutout. I want the t-shirt to actually look like a t-shirt. Is there a good tutorial for this that I have just over looked? I work with Gimp, but I've gotten pretty good at following PS tuts and finding the equivalent
  2. I'm learning how to use cylinders for flexi items, as long as I use solid textures on them I'm fine. Whenever I use textures that have alphas at the bottom, I get this very fine line at the bottom tip on the piece. How do I fix that?
  3. I spent most of the day unable to put any clothes on. I could wear attachments, but no clothes. Now, I am completely grey. No skin, no clothes. Just grey clay. No matter what I do, I can not ungrey myself!
  4. I am building my first pair of boots. They look amazing (as far as noob boots go) and here's my trouble. I want to attach both the boot and its buckles to the same place, but I want to not link them, so that if someone wants to play around with placement and sizing of the buckles they can. I have no problems when I choose "attach to" or "add to worn" of course, but when I just hit wear, the boots go and the buckles appear or vice versa. For me that's fine, but I don't want to make other people who might want to wear them deal with all the extra work, so that's my question.
  5. No matter what, I can't get myself loaded. I'm just a floating egg. I've re-logged, I changed clothes, I took clothes off, I teleported. I even re-installed. I'm still just a floating egg.
  6. When I've put together my look, how do I figure out how heavy I am?
  7. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm only a week old and I like it enough that I think I want to spend more time here. I have been using IMVU for several years, but I've recently become so disillusioned with them that I wanted to find a better environment. Tbh it's sorta like going from pre-K to college in one leap. So here are some things I wanted to know. I've spent most of the day trying to find the answers, but I guess I'm using the wrong keywords. First, is there some sort of definition list for SL jargon? I see words like "prims" and "rezz" and haven't
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