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  1. Having a freebie skin to wear to a crossdressing event - 400L Having a friend with a female shape thats transferrable - 600L Winning the RHPS event women's board - 1000L All the "ZOMGs' when you tp in - 1500L Forgetting to reset your Xcite bits when you became female - Priceless.
  2. LMAO! Dammit, got me on a technicality. Personally i can't wear white without everyone laughing.
  3. "If there is a male in real life playing a female in second life, what actions by this female avatar could be considered abuse?" If that is the criteria, the answer is zero. Unless they're wearing white past labour day or something. Roleplaying different genders isn't an 'action' that's against the ToS or Community Guidelines, and thank god or there would be no Rocky Horror Picture Show events.
  4. You're not far from perfect either Irene.
  5. long in coming but i just stumbled across this: IMs are retained on Linden Lab's servers for up to 31 days before being discarded. For example, if someone sends you an Instant Message and the next time you login is 33 days later, you won't get it.
  6. You can sell excess lindens, but you might not get them back into your Paypal account til after christmas... transactions of this type can take "0-5 business days" How do I sell Linden dollars (L$) on the LindeX? If you find yourself with more Linden dollars than you need, you can sell some of them on the Linden Dollar Exchange (LindeX). Sell Orders may be partially filled: Your Linden Dollars might sell to multiple buyers, and not all at the same time, and the order remains open until they're sold or you cancel the order. Proceeds are paid at the time of sale, less transaction fees. Market Sell Market Sell is the quickest and easiest way to sell Linden dollars on the Second Life website. LindeX will automatically match your order with the best exchange rate based on the number of Linden Dollars you wish to sell. Go to https://secondlife.com/currency/sell.php Enter the amount of Linden dollars you wish to sell. Click the Sell' button.' Note: Unlike Market Buys, Market Sells do not complete instantly. However, they do generally complete more quickly than Limit Sells! Limit Sell Limit Sell allows you to specify the amount of Linden Dollars and the maximum exchange rate you are willing to accept. LindeX automatically matches up buy offers as they come in. In order to activate your option to perform Limit Sells, you must set your Linden Dollar Exchange Settings to Advanced. Go to https://secondlife.com/currency/sell.php Under Offer to Sell Linden Dollars (Limit Sell), enter both the quantity of L$ you wish to sell, and the maximum exchange rate you wish to sell at. Click Offer to Sell Note: Because LindeX exchange rates fluctuate regularly, you may have to wait for some time before your Limit Sell order completes. If you set your maximum exchange rate too low, your transaction may not complete in a timely fashion. Canceling a Limit Sell Offer You can cancel a Limit Sell Offer in progress on the LindeX: Transaction History page. You may wish to cancel a Limit Sell in order to alter your desired exchange rate, or if you change your mind about the amount of Linden dollars you wish to sell.
  7. First check your transaction history... if you have indeed paid for then give Billing a shout and let them know... they'll make whatever arrangements are necessary. Buying lindens is an instant thing, you buy/you get... a few people had this problem yesterday, LL won't screw you out of your money, no worries... just let Billing know what happened.
  8. omg, if you're looking for an sl poolboy call me. In the meantime here is the why... -Lindex Disruptions Posted by Status Desk on December 15th, 2009 at 05:30 am PST 07:00am PDT - All issues have now been resolved with the Lindex purchases. Some residents who are making Lindex purchases appear to be getting charged $2000 each time so again please refrain from making Lindex purchases until further notice. Some residents maybe experiencing some difficulties purchasing currency inworld. We are aware of the issue and working towards a speedy resolution. For the time being, please do not make any Lindex purchases as your payment method will be charged, but your purchase will not be delivered. Thank you for your understanding. Please check back shortly for further information. >> Here also is the number for Billing if you need to call inre this issue : If you have a non-technical issue with your account you can also call our Billing team at: Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long Distance 703.286.6277 Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  9. yvw, i sure liked the idea - you should be a Linden.
  10. No there isn't, great idea though! Wish there was. Menus File Ctrl-U --> File > Upload Image... Ctrl-W --> File > Close Window Ctrl-Shift-W --> File > Close All Windows Ctrl-Shift-S --> File > Take or Refresh Snapshot Ctrl-` --> File > Snapshot to Disk Ctrl-Q --> File > Quit Edit Ctrl-Z --> Edit > Undo Ctrl-Y --> Edit > Redo Ctrl-X --> Edit > Cut Ctrl-C --> Edit > Copy Ctrl-V --> Edit > Paste Del --> Edit > Delete Ctrl-F --> Edit > Search... Ctrl-A --> Edit > Select All Ctrl-E --> Edit > Deselect Ctrl-D --> Edit > Duplicate Ctrl-G --> Edit > Gestures... Ctrl-Shift-F --> Edit > Friends... Ctrl-P --> Edit > Preferences... View M --> View > Mouselook B --> View > Build Alt-Shift-F --> View > Joystick Flycam Esc --> View > Reset View Ctrl-\ --> View > Look at Last Chatter Ctrl-H --> View > Local Chat Ctrl-T --> View > Communicate Ctrl-I --> View > Inventory Ctrl-M --> View > World Map Ctrl-Shift-M --> View > Mini-Map Ctrl-Shift-1 --> View > Statistics Bar Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P --> View > Property Lines Ctrl-Shift-T --> View > Hover Tips > Show Tips Ctrl-Alt-T --> View > Highlight Transparent Ctrl-Alt-Shift-N --> View > Beacons Alt-Shift-H --> View > Show HUD Attachments Ctrl-0 --> View > Zoom In Ctrl-9 --> View > Zoom Default Ctrl-8 --> View > Zoom Out Alt-Enter --> View > Toggle Fullscreen World Enter --> World > Chat Ctrl-R --> World > Always Run Home --> World > Fly Ctrl-Shift-H --> World > Teleport Home Ctrl-Shift-Y --> World > Environment Settings > Midday Ctrl-Shift-N --> World > Environment Settings > Sunset Tools Ctrl-1 --> Tools > Select Tool > Focus Ctrl-2 --> Tools > Select Tool > Move Ctrl-3 --> Tools > Select Tool > Edit Ctrl-4 --> Tools > Select Tool > Create Ctrl-5 --> Tools > Select Tool > Land G --> Tools > Snap to Grid Shift-X --> Tools > Snap Object XY to Grid Shift-G --> Tools > Use Selection for Grid Ctrl-Shift-B --> Tools > Grid Options... Ctrl-L --> Tools > Link Ctrl-Shift-L --> Tools > Unlink H --> Tools > Focus on Selection Shift-H --> Tools > Zoom to Selection Help F1 --> Help > Second Life Help Advanced Ctrl-Shift-2 --> Advanced > Consoles > Frame Console Ctrl-Shift-3 --> Advanced > Consoles > Texture Console Ctrl-Shift-4 --> Advanced > Consoles > Debug Console Ctrl-Shift-9 --> Advanced > Consoles > Fast Timers Ctrl-Shift-0 --> Advanced > Consoles > Memory Ctrl-Shift-F2 --> Advanced > Reload personal settings overrides Ctrl-Alt-Shift-1 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Simple Ctrl-Alt-Shift-2 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Alpha Ctrl-Alt-Shift-3 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Tree Ctrl-Alt-Shift-4 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Character Ctrl-Alt-Shift-5 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > SurfacePatch Ctrl-Alt-Shift-6 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Sky Ctrl-Alt-Shift-7 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Water Ctrl-Alt-Shift-8 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Ground Ctrl-Alt-Shift-9 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Volume Ctrl-Alt-Shift-0 --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Grass Ctrl-Alt-Shift-- --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Clouds Ctrl-Alt-Shift-= --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Particles Ctrl-Alt-Shift-\ --> Advanced > Rendering > Types > Bump Ctrl-Alt-F1 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > UI Ctrl-Alt-F2 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > Selected Ctrl-Alt-F3 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > Highlighted Ctrl-Alt-F4 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > Dynamic Textures Ctrl-Alt-F5 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > Foot Shadows Ctrl-Alt-F6 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > Fog Ctrl-Alt-F7 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > Palletized Textures Ctrl-Alt-F8 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > Test FRInfo Ctrl-Alt-F9 --> Advanced > Rendering > Features > Flexible Objects Ctrl-Alt-Shift-T --> Advanced > Rendering > Selected Texture Info Ctrl-Shift-R --> Advanced > Rendering > Wireframe Ctrl-Shift-O --> Advanced > Rendering > Object-Object Occlusion Ctrl-Alt-F --> Advanced > UI > Dump Focus Holder Ctrl-Shift-P --> Advanced > UI > Print Selected Object Info Shift-P --> Advanced > UI > Print Agent Info Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M --> Advanced > UI > Memory Stats Ctrl-Alt-R --> Advanced > Character > Rebake Textures Ctrl-Alt-L --> Advanced > Network > Drop a Packet Ctrl-Alt-Shift-U --> Advanced > Show Updates (* Shortcut removed in SL 1.21) Ctrl-Alt-V --> Advanced > View Admin Options Ctrl-Alt-G --> Advanced > Request Admin Status Ctrl-Alt-Shift-G --> Advanced > Leave Admin Status Admin Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O --> Admin > Object > Take Copy Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del --> Admin > Object > Delete Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L --> Admin > Object > Lock Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I --> Admin > Object > Get Asset IDs Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C --> Admin > Parcel > Set to Linden Content Other A and Left --> Turn left Shift-A and Shift-Left --> Move left C and PgDown --> Crouch / Fly down D and Right --> Turn right Shift-D and Shift-Right --> Move right E and PgUp --> Jump / Fly up F and Home --> Fly on/off S and Down --> Walk backward W and Up --> Walk forward Ctrl-Alt-D --> Toggle "Advanced" Menu on/off Ctrl-Alt-Shift-H --> Hippos! Ctrl-Enter --> Shout Ctrl-Up --> Recall previous chat/IM input line. Ctrl-Down --> Recall next chat/IM input line. Ctrl-S --> Save notecard/script. Login Screen Ctrl-Shift-G --> Grid selection pulldownCtrl-T --> Test floaterF2 --> TOS window
  11. Well there was talk about getting rid of the point scheme but that went no-where (so far)... I'm pretty much indifferent cause I'm just here for the free donuts and open buffet myself... i see I'm now an 'expert' (me, an expert? lol that makes me laugh) and I hope to get demigod status eventually so the titles are cool - that said i'd be 'coatcheck boi' for all the difference it makes. I've thought before I'd like to give away my points and would if I could... why not. Another thought would be cash in some points for a fancy smancy title as opposed to those LL gives i'd be a gamer - if I could be something other than Expert i'd be Tiger Woods probably.
  12. I'd contribute but... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v336/unklebobosaurus/BLOGavatars/HTMLFORFOOD.jpg ...all my money is currently tied up in poverty.
  13. "I drunk you are thinker than i thought!" lmao! take 4pts out of petty cash for having a sense of humour
  14. I shop at a discount secondhand store.
  15. /me groans at hearing someone mention points as if they mean anything. Indeed, cause add up all my points, throw in a nickle and I can get gum.
  16. I cheated, i copied off Ansariel.
  17. The ToS governs your liability with LL the company, the Community Standards a seperate governace regardling specifically inworld issues.
  18. XStreet is owned by LL - so same rules apply.
  19. "And if your offlines go to your email, are they still considered private?" Like the expression 'what happens in mexico stays in mexico" LL only has say over what happens inworld or an any LL platform such as this... anything that happens outside of Secondlife isn't their concern. Say you IMed me inworld and i posted that on the SL forum, I'd be breaking the ToS... say you IMed me inworld and I posted that on Twitter, I'd be on safe ground - the only proviso is I'm not allowed to disclose anything about you past what you already have on your inworld 1st life profile.
  20. Hope this helps, pay special attention to the 'does not necessarily...' It would seem irregardless of everything, even with faeries who aren't child av's your treading on thin ice, always suspect as your open to other peoples interpretation of whats going on. I'd imagine one participating in such things should always be ready to defend themselves against age-play ARs. What is a Child avatar? Quite simply, a child avatar is any avatar that attempts to present as a youth. This is not limited to humans, and can include furries (referred to in this instance as "cubs" or "babyfur"), neko, vampires, and other avatar selections. Some doll avatars might also fit in this category. This does not necessarily include fairies (which may be child-like in appearance, as well as smaller than the average avatar), tinies (although human baby-shaped tinies do exist), or those wearing gothic lolita and/or cosplay fashions and styles. Why play a child in Second Life? There are a great many reasons to play a child within Second Life, and it is plenty likely that every person playing a child might have their own reasons. Here are six. 1. A way to recapture some of the spirit of youth. Much like the old Twilight Zone episode, "Kick The Can," it allows one to 'be' a child, and run and jump, and play unencumbered with the responsibilities of adulthood. 2. "Re-imagining" bad childhoods. Many SL kids have faced childhoods filled with illness or disability. Many (by no means all) were victims of sexual or other abuses as a child, and this is allowing them to "rewrite" some of those childhood experiences with much healthier ones. 3. Related to the above, many may also want to have childhoods they could not, with all the toys and goodies they may have been denied for some reason. Always wanted that Easy Bake Oven? Go buy or make it in SL. Want the big swingset, or a pony, or whatever? All yours for a few pennies. 4. For fun. It can be a fun type of character to play, allowing for a childlike innocence and whimsey to come to the forefront, and providing for many opportunities to be "silly" that might not otherwise feel comfortable in an adult avatar. 5. A few may feel more comfortable in the role of a child, for whatever reason. While some of these might fall under various "philia" subsets (adult babies, for example), not all do. 6. Some may simply enjoy the roleplaying challenge of playing a kid, which isn't always as easy as one might think. What are Linden Lab's policies towards Child Avatars Stuff to do: This section was compiled by Residents and NEEDS to cite specific sources to substantiate Linden Lab's stance and avoid confusion. Knowledge Base articles or secondlife.com legal documents are required; "I heard it from a friend" or "I got it on a notecard" are NOT acceptable. Otherwise, DO NOT consider the below to be accurate, official policy. -Torley Policies towards child avatars are largely focused on the actions of the avatars, not the avatars themselves. Child avatars are allowed within Second Life. A child avatar, even within a mature or adult region (but not participating in adult (in this case, sexual) activities is allowed. A child avatar is allowed do everything any other avatar is, with the following exceptions Child avatars in sexual situations (sexual congress obviously, though it is unclear beyond this) are not allowed and abuse reportable (ARable). Public promotion (classified listing, profile, etc.) of sexual situations with child avatars is not allowed and ARable. Creating areas for the purpose of sexual ageplay is not allowed and is ARable. This includes having items with sexual content (sexual poseballs or equipment) in proximity to items traditionally associated with children (swingsets, etc.) Indicating that the *real age* of a child avatar (as opposed to a stated SL/role playing age) is below main grid age is not allowed and ARable. Child avatar nudity has been called into question as well. While no language specific to nudity was included in the initial policies, child avatar nudity of the genital or chest regions, including in otherwise non-sexual situations (skin vendors, for example) can be a violation. This also applies to parcel descriptions: nudity or "clothing optional" language can not be included in a parcel description on a kid-specific area. Note that child avatars are allowed on PG, Mature, and even Adult public parcels, provided with the latter that they are adult verified. Note that this does not necessarily apply to private parcels where one has the option to eject or ban as desired. The allowance of child avatars on adult rated land such as Zindra does not invalidate any of the above rules. As with all things, context is key, and err on the side of caution. Related Links While nothing specific is listed in the Terms of Service or Community Standards, child avatars have been discussed three times on the Second Life blog, each time refining policies towards child avatars. Accusations Regarding Child Pornography in Second Life Keeping Second Life Safe, Together Clarification of Policy Disallowing “Ageplay” Zindra: An Update (explains policy on child avatars on the "adult continent" of Zindra.) A further statement from Lewis PR Linden on the Second Life Insider site gave further insight. Linden Lab responds to Wonderland scandal Of note from the above: There's nothing objectionable nor illegal in having a child-like avatar in itself and we must assume innocence until proof of the contrary.
  21. Can you have more than one account - yes lots of people have an av and one or more alts. As the same name... depends what you mean. No avatar can have the same name as another avatar, it's unique to that specific account even if it's your own. If you mean under the same email address, that's a maybe... it works for some but doesn't work for others and even though LL allows up to 5 accounts created with the same email addy they find 2-3 seems to be the limit... no problem there though cause you can just use a different email address. Alt Account FAQ Alternate accounts... multiple identities... We all have them in some way or another. Perhaps in real life you're an entrepreneur in the morning, soccer mom in the afternoon, and vegetarian chef in the evening. In Second Life, you get to externalize these roles in customized, uniquely identifiable personas -- otherwise known as alt accounts. How cool is that? There are great reasons for having more than one account in Second Life, and we like to facilitate these uses. One of the ways we protect these legitimate accounts is by limiting the creation and use of illegitimate alt accounts -- primarily fraudsters and people bent on disruptive behaviors. Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions. What does it cost to create additional Basic accounts? Your first Basic account is free, and we won't charge you for a few alternate accounts. If we find that you've been creating an army of alts, we may charge a small fee of US$9.95 for the creation of each additional Basic account as a way to recoup some of the cost of maintaining the accounts for you. This is explained further in section 1 of the Second Life Billing Policies, which are linked to from our Terms of Service. (Note that in the billing policies, "Access Account" means Basic account and a "Subscription Account" means a Premium account.) What if I have a Premium account already? Your first account, paid or not, counts as your free Basic account. The free Basic account is meant as an incentive to new Residents to try Second Life with no associated charges. If you have many accounts already, additional accounts may incur an associated cost for maintenance. How many alts may I have? Currently, you can create as many additional Basic or Premium accounts as you want to pay for, with the following limitations: You can create up to five accounts per household. You can create no more than two accounts in a single 24-hour period. We do require that alt accounts adhere to all of our policies. For example, by agreeing to our Terms of Service (TOS) you agree to provide truthful and accurate information about yourself when you register for accounts -- that includes not only your contact information and real name but also whether this is your first free Basic account or a new alt (see TOS section 2.1). People who do not provide truthful information risk losing their accounts. How are these policies enforced? We have various means of detecting illegitimate accounts and enforcing necessary limits to prevent fraud and other disruptive uses of Second Life and LindeX services. For security reasons, we cannot reveal exactly how our fraud detection processes operate. What are the consequences of creating or using illegitimate alts? When we find people with accounts that have not been paid for and are in violation of our policies, we may, at our discretion and in alignment with our Terms of Service, take any or all of the following actions: Prevent them from creating additional accounts Close some or all of their accounts until payment is made Close all of their accounts permanently So, we know no system is perfect. If you have legitimate reasons for creating multiple accounts but have been unable to do so: Residents with a Basic account should go to Help Island and talk to someone there. If you have a Premium account, you can submit a support ticket. We're always striving to balance the desire to see people use Second Life in the most robust and interesting ways possible with maintaining the security and stability of the systems that hold it all together. Thanks for joining us in creating this new world.
  22. Exactly, another example being if you enter into a verbal agreement with someone say to built you a house or staff some event... keeping the chat and transaction records gives you something concrete to verify your claims rather than just memory or 'he said - she said' back and forths. I've heard of people being banned months after something happened, or being reinstated weeks down the road after something happened - one can only guess as a result of further investigation into the initial claim (that proved to be incorrect).
  23. " text messages of any sort are today's "digital lipstick on the collar"." I hear mine are going to be made into a cheap paperback movie, the kind delivered in plain brown wrappers... there's talk of it becoming a movie - the sequel to Forrest Gump most likely. Want a chocolate? Run Unkie, run...
  24. Two quicky points... Yes you keep your logs, but... you can alter them. Not saying you would, but the possibility exists that people can... they don't necessarily prove or disprove anything. The harshest point of all, the fine print - they aren't 'your/our' chats. They belong to LL, you have no rights of ownership. I could very well be wrong but I'd be inclined to think LL would view stored chat logs as 'data LL stores'... that said if anyone can poke holes in this I for one am all ears. You agree that even though you may retain certain copyright or other intellectual property rights with respect to Content you create while using the Service, you do not own the account you use to access the Service, nor do you own any data Linden Lab stores on Linden Lab servers (including without limitation any data representing or embodying any or all of your Content). Your intellectual property rights do not confer any rights of access to the Service or any rights to data stored by or on behalf of Linden Lab.
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