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  1. Sinful Needs home is on the Atlan Tu Sura sim; Galathir Darkstone's shoppe full of top-rated demonic wear, skins, A4 HUD, customizable wings and the Sinful Needs rockclub well established for years inworld. With the busy autumn and winter season approaching we are expanding our schedule specifically seeking late-night hosts. Atlan Tu Sura is an adult dark roleplay sim, we welcome all the diversity Secondlife offers with few limitations given what Linden Lab permits - free thinking and age verified applicants only please : ) Those interested in hosting 10pm-12m and 12m-2am timeslots, a rare
  2. Your avatar can share/transfer anything you want with an alt from lindens to clothing and objects to group rights etc etc, just like the avatar could with any other resident with same rule applying - anything can be sent unless it is non-transfer. : ) How... by either bringing up their profile using your friendslist or search, and clicking 'pay' or dropping it in the profiles transfer box.
  3. The people who you used to rent the land from will be little help as for as this going so best bet is to submit a ticket to Support explaining what happened - and get help from Linden Lab. Your items should have been returned to you when the land was reclaimed. Sorry for your bad luck (small consulation is theres many reputable land dealers out there)
  4. "Can you think of anything else I can do to fix the problem?" This might have a few clues, a thread created by Windows7 users http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/560313#560313 "P.S. Am I doing the thread right?" You are doing absolutely perfectly, including having alot of patience... so wewt you : ) Alot of times things are a process of elimination or a step-by-step process works in the end.
  5. "How do I cancel a region sell ticket?" http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Private_Region_Transfer_FAQ What if we change our minds? Either party can cancel the transfer by closing out their ticket prior to the transfer being performed.
  6. "Has anyone else had issues with this? If so, is there any way around it? It's a pretty crappy system that tells you that something is amiss, but fails to give you any clue what that might be so you can fix it." There's a whole crapload of discussion based around this maturity tagging going on over at the Commerce side... Here is a thread created by a Linden - http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/600756#600756 And you'll find lots of other threads about the same thing there too should you be looking for people who've experienced the same - http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/commerce Eve
  7. Using your preferences, find out where on your computer your cache is located. Go into your computer, find your cache, and move it to somewhere else on your computer (ie 'my documents') Restart your computer, login to Secondlife. (this forces a reinstall of your inventory straight from the LL servers... using the logic that something in your cache may be corrupted thus the reason your inventory won't load... getting rid of your cache gets rid of the problem, and reinstalling from the server gets you your inventory back in perfect working order. The reason you move your cache to eg my doc
  8. doubleclick the SL icon on your desktop and bring up the login screen - do not login. click edit then preferences... then the network tab and 'clean cache' exit the login screen... then raise it again (this will clean the cache) once done, login and type a letter into your inventory search box... ideally everything should load just fine. ...if not, keep posting here for more solution steps. best of luck
  9. hello : ) When you sign-up for a premium account you get a Linden home, a stipend allowance each tuesday, and that one-time 1000L sign-up bonus 45days after you upgrade to premium. When you stop being premium opting instead for a basic free membership... you lose the home, lose the weekly stipend, but whatever lindens you do have including that 1k is yours to keep... your linden balance will remain unchanged. The only way you lose that 1000L, is if you downgrade before having received it.
  10. So I have a few questions and I have been on Second Life for almost a week. welcome to Secondlife Sofiee : ) My questions are: Where are some good places for me to take pictures at? You will find your 'search' button your best friend when looking for pretty much anything inworld, it is on the lower taskbar. Click it, enter "free clothes" or "great wall of china" or "space park" for scenic places; free clothes, free skins, beach, windsurfing... from shapes to sex it's there . What are some good places to visit and hang out at? Like clubs etc. Depends on what your opinion of what 'good'
  11. "I tried to do the age verification and it tells me that I have been verified but then when I go to search on Second Life the Adult box is still grey" When inworld click Edit then Preferences... on the first tab you see do you have "General, Moderate and Adult" content enabled? (you very well are age verified, just haven't enabled the content)
  12. "It would not only bring traffic to our vendor but traffic to our mall. A very fine and creative idea!" Creating thinking, is what a GM does : ) Asking your ventors if you can spam their groups is another way or reaching outside the box. Some won't like this idea as it is for their customers and topics related to their business, but if you just spam once per day (ie a daily list of events and times as opposed to each event seperately as is club routine) some will realize the idea is getting people there which benefits everyone including them. Have hosts ensure they have giveaways in their
  13. SSL handshake failing is a new one on me... Region Handshake failing i do know and i'm guessing it is similar. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:When_I_log_into_Second_Life,_it_gets_to_%22Waiting_for_Region_Handshake%22_and_stops.
  14. Greetings, and best of luck with your club : ) "I was able to post our special events on the SL website, however I'm not able to do that anymore, and I'm told this is because I'm not an "admin" on the sim, and my boss has no idea how to make me one" The policy changed, here is how the owner of the sim grants permissions for others to post to SL Events: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Events "However, we keep losing people or ending up with our djs flaking out on us etc. Any tips on where I could go to hire people for this gig?" Most clubs have reverted to a tips-only
  15. go back inworld, click edit then preferences. find out where on your computer you 'cache' folder is located. logout. go into your computer, find that folder, move it somewhere restart your computer; login to secondlife. ... moving that folder will force a fresh reinstall of your inventory straight off the Linden Lab servers; no you will not lose anything; often this fixes wacked inventories. ... the reason you moved that cache folder was in case anything goes wrong you still have your old cache, once your finished and ideally everything is fixed, just delete it.
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