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  1. "I don't want to encourage this jerks game. He also sits at nearby places and just watches me. I tp away and he follows. I wish I could run him over. wow...that was kinda angry huh" There is a setting in 'advanced' tab that lets you see if other people are camming on you... i'll look for it and pass it on. I don't know the exact path but it is in 'advanced' and it's "look at" you want to click on. It will display if you are being cammed . There's a gadget available inworld called Mystitool, think its about 450L... it can identify bumps and collisions (lets say someone shot you or bumped yo
  2. How on earth does that make the victim any better than the offender. Someones an idiot so i'm gonna be an idiot too? I distain that form of logic I've definately been tested, but the ends to me don't justify the means... each to their own though. Question, what if you sent them your virus, and they had Norton Internet Security.
  3. Don't necessarily ignore, just play your card right. Don't react, thats what they're looking for... the more you react the more fun their game is. Realizing they can't really do any 'physical' harm will help in that. A few of my partners had stalkers, feeble people that they are... one used to sit on a piece of land that was for sale across from the house. That in itself isn't anything we can complain to LL about, but if we can't get them banned from SL dropping a dime to our landlord got them banned from the sim. Tell your landlord, if this goofball is at a club you're at tell the host o
  4. Hope this buys you a little comfort... There is no way to 'track' somebody on SL without your approval; eg you'd have to wear a slave collar, something along those lines. Being tracked can't happen without you being okay with it. Yes you see gadgets that elaborate that say they can track or eavesdrop on IMs = doesn't happen. The only way to 'track' someone is by radar, be it a personal radar hud or a sim-scanning device... and thats pretty general, not specific to you or your av/alt. How they know you changed your account is anyone's guess... anything from a 'friend' you confided in could
  5. If AppData is a system folder it might be hidden, that's a setting on your computer. Check your folder options. I got XP so I'm no help in telling you how to check that on Vista. Inre being unable to submit a ticket to support cause you get error messages... are you trying to do that inworld? What do the error messages say, I've never heard of error messages from submitting a ticket - thats a novel LL concept.
  6. ohhhh coloured triangles... could be the update indicators are on; this be the cause (sorry but sometimes its a process of elimination): I see blue, green, or red triangles coming from objects inworld that I think shouldn't be there. Are you seeing strange trails of blue, green, or red shapes (often triangles) from objects inworld? There's a very good chance you enabled Second Life's update indicators. These are activated by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U or opening the Advanced menu and selecting Advanced > Show Updates. The update indicators show you when packet data is being utilized --
  7. I do know some ATI Radeon graphics cards and SL don't get along together well; this is an older list but your card might be among those that give SL fits. Additionally, there are some ATI and nVidia cards that may present compatibility issues: ATI cards that report as a RAGE or RAGE PRO are not compatible with Second Life. ATI cards that report as a RADEON 320M, 340M, 345M, or similar model numbers are not compatible with Second Life. ATI cards that report as a RADEON IGP or RADEON XPRESS have not been tested with Second Life, and compatibility is not certain. ATI cards that report as a F
  8. This is the closest I can find to Secondlife not loading; you don't have the crash logger coming up with the exact same error message (and damned if I've found that specific error message mentioned in the knowledge base yet)... but in general this references SL not loading. All the more you should submit a ticket as you await replies. Here's the FAQ: If Second Life crashes during the loading process, you may be using an uncommon combination of settings that we were unable to test during our quality assurance process. This problem is more common in First Look and Release Candidate viewers.
  9. I tried finding anything relating to this in the Knowledge Base, no joy so far but still looking... In the meantime you could try asking SL Support, file it as a "I cannot login" Tickets for Basic and Guest Accounts Some issues are best resolved by submitting a ticket to our support staff, but we don't currently offer full support ticket access to Basic account holders or Guests (visitors who don't yet have Second Life® accounts). We're sorry; there are just too many of you for us to handle in a way that would make you happy. It's something we're working on. Basic account holders an
  10. From SLGrid Status... We’re working on resolving this issue as quickly as possible and will post here with updates. We’re currently experiencing an issue with logins. You may see a message that indicates you cannot log in due to the system clock being set incorrectly. As a temporary workaround, setting your computer clock to Pacific Standard Time should allow you to login. The system clock issues have been resolved, and you should now be able to log in normally.
  11. Oh arg, "this has happened since I got the new viewer"... wish I had a dime for everytime I've read that lately. Well cold comfort but you have my sympathies. An fyi if you think the problem is with the SL viewer there are other third-party viewers - go to the Secondlife downloads page, you should see two other alternatives ie Snowglobe... there's also a viewer called Emerald that seems popular. You might get a smarter reply (certainly smarter than mine anyway lol) by submitting a ticket to SL Support the next time you can't log, you don't need a premium account to do this: Tickets for Bas
  12. But they ARE! It's a FACT! The Knowledge Base sez so, it wouldn't lie. *goes back to buying sl swampland*
  13. This isn't uncommon and yes it can be annoying. Why does Second Life say "Your account is not accessible until (date/time)" Does the error specifically state that you are already logging in (or out)? If so, this message simply means that Second Life is still attempting to log out your avatar. Close Second Life, wait fifteen minutes, then attempt to log in again. Do not repeatedly attempt to log in! If you keep trying to log in, the process will take longer. Does the error only state Login failed; Your account is not accessible until (date/time)? This error message generally indicates you
  14. Darn good question, the staff at the club I manage have to tp in people wanting a limo and we run into this on occasion - I've never heard the right answer yet. I'm going to check out the knowledge base; when you're inworld click the 'world' button and search for "Help Island Public"... if you teleport there that's where the SL Mentors and smart techie people hang and are available for questions. Ideally this will be answered but if not and you find out why please let me know! *smacks his forehead thinking dayum i've only wondered that for 2yrs, talk here all the time but duh never even th
  15. "Methinks your 'friends' are really not your friends if they'll sell you out for $3" OMG you made me spit coffee, that was bloody hilarious. Here's hoping i do better at the next staff auction.
  16. She's trying to get answers and be lowkey at the same time, she got the answers so now its the lowkey part lol, objective happily achieved
  17. hahaha, good point, i thought of that too. Wouldn't having a police car pull up in your driveway as the family sat down for dinner cause you stalked some woman online be a harsh reality check LOL. Oh i'd so love to see that. Try explaining that to the wife and kids. Priceless.
  18. It's pretty easy if you know what to look for. Examples; living at the same sl house... going to the same places and talking using the same mannerisms... ratted-out by a friend you thought you could trust and confide in (not uncommon sadly)... I play an online wargame and depending on the infraction I don't always ban by IP... if I just ban by name chances are the people banned will just come back under another account/name which is something I've learned to look for and spot. If you know what to look for it's not that difficult. /me waves 'good morning' to Merlynn
  19. "I'm not interested in playing anyone's Little Miss Victim role" Good. I'd award you bonus points if I could.
  20. The most important lesson... idiots are everywhere, don't let it defeat you. For every loudmouthed loser you find online there's countless more stand-up types; they're out there - it's just a matter of being careful in picking who you hang with. You'll do fine. I was reading a news article just this morning about how some goofball was knocking on some woman's door; this woman lived alone and was freaked right out - thought the guy banging at the door intended to cause harm... not a wise move down in the 'right to bear arms' America. Some guys should rethink their strategy, mind you I guess
  21. Does "restarting your player" ring any bells? Sometimes if the DJs switch streams people have to restart their players... when you're inworld you'll see a little music note, lower taskbar rightside... that controls music media... just click it to turn on or off. Doing that, turning it off then on again is restarting your player. Love your name by the way, gives me a chuckle - Itchycoo, thats classic, love it!
  22. Wow. In answer to your questions... 1. I don't know this definatively but I think it's a safe guess that any reports against you stay on some database; if LL takes action against someone I'm pretty sure they'd have that on record. 2. I'm sure people can file reports against a cancelled account (how would they know it's been cancelled); subsequently I'd question whether LL would act, after all how can you take action against an av that isn't there. If it's bad enough though they could still ban by IP... I'm not pointing fingers just saying generally - LL has been through someone griefing or
  23. Sadly even if you could submit a ticket asking for help from SL Support my guess is they'd just say you're out of luck; if your computer doesn't meet system requirements there isn't much they can do. That said my computer doesn't meet system requirements either, it's got a hamster-in-a-wheel harddrive and it's memory is as bad as mine is... perhaps when you're inworld click the Edit tab then Preferences and try lowering the graphics settings to put less of a strain on the little you have. In the meantime ideally someone smarter will reply. Here's how to check on graphics cards and updates:
  24. "Just realised the knowledge base is severely outdated on this." Well as luck would have it there's an answer for that too lol ! Second Life help gets better! This Knowledge Base is moving to a new home on the Wiki, where Residents like you can contribute!
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