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  1. I get stupid 5 times before breakfast, join the crowd. If you have a premium account and don't pay... you're account will be frozen yes; you won't be able to login. Whether it would be deleted I'm not sure but it wouldn't matter if it's frozen anyway. You get 'billed' the day membership is due, if the transaction fails they give you 7 days to pay up, on day7 they freeze your account until you do pay up in full. An fyi - you can pay your membership using lindens - if that's any help. The day your membship is due and applied against your sl account go to the LindenXchange, "sell" as many lindens as it would require to pay off your membership... any lindens you do try selling will go to anything you owe LL. If you're premium and cannot pay; avoid this by downgrading your account to Basic... you're allowed and its just a click of the mouse. Go to your account page and go from there. If you own land or w/e that requires you be premium, deal with that before you downgrade or you'll lose it. If you have a non-technical issue with your account you can also call our Billing team at: Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long Distance 703.286.6277 Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  2. VERY awesome reply, hope new people who don't have much lindens but want a trippy av read this... thanks!
  3. Oh Midsomer sounds like a terrific place, thank you I know a place kind of like that, Joy Gardens I think it's called... damned if I can remember the name (i'll have to go inworld and refresh my memory/edit this later) but I visited another 'romantic place' once and there just wasn't a whole heck of alot there. An accidental revisit a week ago led to discovery, they have a teleport that takes you to different places on the sim, one of them being a mini ballroom in the clouds, just a dancepose or two, a cuddling hammock... its was gorgeous, like dancing in cotton. I love sims like Midsomer so that's a must-see.. yay! The Great Wall of China I've heard about, a friend sent me the LM... thanks pt2 for reminding me. ooooo people with sex on their mind, i mean Free At Last *perks and writes that down on a seperate piece of paper* And yes, a positive thread... SL does have its problems and some people can be goofy... but still there's so much thats amazing including positive people, that I felt needed some 'air time' also. Cheers lovee
  4. Oh Bumper Cars! I did that somewhere once, omg I laughed so damned hard... first I looked RIDICULOUS sitting in that bumpercar, then slamming into my friends and them slamming into me, it was such a hoot! The place I was at had a sky-diving place there too; one of my friends was having a real bad day so I gave her a shout to join me parachuting. She was glad for the company, I gave her the instructions on how to use the 'chute... I could tell she was nervous but hey, who isn't their first time skydiving. I jumped first. it was great... she jumped next. Seems her parachute didn't open... turns out later I hear through the grapevine she's petrified of heights. Just a guess, but I don't think I helped much with her bad day. (a month later I asked her to build me a skypad, she's so helpful, built it no problem... I forgot the parcel return though... she raised it a few thousand feet, then it disappeared into her lost and found... and this time she didn't have a parachute, functional or otherwise. To this day she drops by my house on occasion and shoots out my porchlight) First reply here eh? Welcome! Awesome meeting you IDoBelieve
  5. I had a pet once, I don't think it was from Zooby though - my cat spent most of it's secondlife on it's back - dunno where it picked that habit up from. At that romantic undersea caves place, one of the fish they had was a pirranna - however it's spelled... i'm sitting on this romantic pose with my partner at the time, we're cuddling enjoying the scenery, along comes this fish and it starts gnawing on my leg, blood effects and everything! My partner was grossed right out, I took snapshots. I did get a Zooby dragonfly, damned realistic... it would hover around people, fly in a grid you could create, if it could've served drinks I would've made it a bartender at our backyard barbeques. Never been to those space stations but I'm going to; closest to that I've gotten is a SL Flintstones 'Bedrock City' and some space station on the darker side complete with impregnating tentacles. Guess I'll be DaddyBob instead of Unklebob in a few months.
  6. Been at Apollo actually, yes it is a very serene sim. When I first joined SL one thing that surprised me was how nice even a Secondlife beach was, everyone has bad days and I learned to just hit a beach, listen to tunes, chill and watch the sunset... how people can create sims like beaches or Apollo that literally fill the senses I'll never know. That's talent. Good choice. Dream Acres sounds great too. It'll check out Midnight Romance too; I work rockclubs as that's my preference but nothing in the world beats ballroom dancing and dancing close - love it. An fyi there's an open air ballroom called "Ballroom in the Clouds" (i might be a little off on the name but a search will find it irregardless) - they have a couple of clouds with slowdance poses so you can literally dance on a cloud above the main dancefloor... very romantic. If you're on the dancefloor you can't see the poses, you have to cam and see/touch them that way. When I was new I found an undersea cave system that was some sort of lover's lane... they had an old sunken pirate ship, fish swimming around, romantic poses... sadly it went private but that was sure a well-thought out concept.
  7. LOL aww shucks, thanks for the props. Actually I've read some of your replies also, very insightful. You create... how cool. Never learned myself, either too busy with my sl job or in lieu of 'otherwise occupied' - people who create blow me away. I've spend many hours just standing around and gabbing to friends (hard to imagine i know...) watching them build stuff and it's very entertaining; maybe it's the awe of the unknown or just their skills that impress. First place eh - wewt you! *writes these events down on his 'to-do' list* I'm on vacation in both worlds so I'll have to check that out for sure. Beats getting the crap kicked out of you by a plushie. Thanks Cyzicus
  8. Taking a departure from 'all things wrong with Secondlife' theme that seems to be prevelant in several threads on this forum; I happen to have a blast inworld and have loved my SL from the start, granted with the rare odd derailment.  So, for the benefit of those new to the grid and to shed some light on the positive things people have created... what do you do for fun? Personally I was blown away SL had pets.  My partner at the time bought this silly looking little pink cat - a pink cat, couldn't believe it.  Couldn't believe it even worse when she set the little stupid looking pink cat to 'attack' and yours truly got his a** kicked... by yes a stupid looking little pink fuzzball of a cat. Thank god nobody took snapshots, they were too busy laughing i guess - definately wasn't my best moment. As for cool places, check out "Ultra Space Park" - it amazes me what people can create here, definately one of my top5 places... but I'm running out of cool new places - any ideas?   Throw some thoughts in please!  No maps though, don't make me drive in circles fearing having to ask someone for directions.
  9. "I only mentioned the paying customer since you mentioned multiple online sites only helping paying customers." lmao! did I? there's a sign i talk to much, not even remembering what i've said before. Glad you didn't take anything said personally; granted I'm opinionated but obviously I'm far from always being right and I love a good 'give and take' discussion. I was also fresh from visiting that Commerce 'pay to play' thread which drives me nuts and biased my reply. You are SO bang-on right in suggesting premium account should get better service, I was premium but I didn't see much of a difference in the Support I received as premium; the 'free 512 land' and 300L stipend just don't do anything for me. I'll even go as far to suggest I think we already have lots of ways and means to deal with stalkers and such inworld. As for tiers I found a solution, my boss offered me use of a cardboard box in the staff parkinglot behind the club complete with fresh newspaper blankets and curtains, so I'm good. I just pray a new person doesn't end up wearing my box and that readers don't misinterpret what I just said, if I even remember it 5minutes from now.
  10. "Maybe I have a different definition of customer, but arent customers people who are paying for something? Perhaps youre confusing "company" with non-profit volunteer organization. Perhaps you should try finding a 3D virtual world run by a non-profit organization" I'm Basic, yet I pay over $50 a week in my own tiers, in tips, in purchases etc... a portion of which ends up in the Lindens pocket. I don't have premium as in my humple opinion what I get in return doesn't differ much from Basic but to suggest LL doesn't get a slice of my pie so as a result I'm not deserving of some consideration isn't quite right. Is there some Shangri-La on SL that I don't know about where Premium account holders don't encounter these same problems? If thats the case sign me up. My view might be rather simplistic but if a woman is being Stalked, should she have to pay to receive help? I'd hope thats not the message LL or anyone else is sending.
  11. The chat on this "Stalker Alert!" thread was pretty interesting and motivational, if you're interested... a hearty thumbs-down and 'lets take the power back' by realizing a/ how weak it is and b/ that right there gives us the advantage: https://blogs.secondlife.com/message/30882#30882
  12. lol. if thats the fix don't make me take back my advice.
  13. *gets a deer caught in headlights blank stare* hang on, i am asking someone smarter than moi
  14. Give the landowner a shout, payment and payment method is varied depending on each landlords whim. Yes some give a cheaper rate if you pay with 'cash' as opposed to lindens; yes some allow you to pay online as opposed to inworld, you right on all accounts. Contact your landlord and see if they can set this up for you and/or look at your Covenant - sometimes the 'how to' info is there or on their website.
  15. "Oh hohohoho" am not. thats just a vicious rumour i started, errr, that got started i've no idea how.
  16. This is the third post you've made to this forum saying the same thing. A thought, if you want to find friends... login. And DON'T TALK LIKE THIS cause it's very noobish and considered impolite. Hey, maybe we're onto something here! Go figure.
  17. And, Unklebob - how do i get an invite to those parties????? I was working the party, not invited. (my job was to jump out of the cake and do lapdances, which is all fine and good except they were furries and it really tickled... i haven't giggled that much since puberty)
  18. Try working a naked event at a club, clicking a pop-up to accept a tip but accidentally clicking on a mass tp you didn't even notice... tp'ing your own naked a** out of the club, during an event your hosting, wondering where the heck your going, and arriving buck naked at some stores white sale in the middle of a bunch of bargain hunters.
  19. I got a pool and a waterslide at my place. Call it murphy's law but if i ever logout or i'm exploring sl forgetting to turn my security on... its even money i'll come back home to someone playing on the waterslide. Sometimes i get a little miffed thinking "this is MY home you know"... other times I'll just go inside and let them play or chat them up - made 2 friends through tresspassing, the beauty that is sl LOL.
  20. Ideally you have security for your home, use it to eject her. If you don't have security and your property/permissions allow it... get some; a good property security system costs about 400-600L. If she returns rightclick her av or tag, select 'more' and see if you have an 'eject' option... you might already be able to eject if your landlord gave his tenants that right. Tell your landlord, describe the circumstance and get them to put her on the ban list. Perhaps they have their profile hidden from search - if they're staring you in the face, they exist It could be a new person just amazed with sl as we all were back in the day, could be a wolf in a womans av... if they said nothing and left voluntarily i wouldn't be overly concerned, just a little annoyed it happened. PS, its not so strange, i get one or two people literally 'dropping in' on my house per week... guess they just pick some spot on a map and teleport there not even really knowing where they're going. Maybe they're looking for land for sale, rooms to rent and just helped themselves to check out your place thinking 'omg, i hope to have a place this cool someday...'
  21. I looked at your pic, you're pretty damned cute yourself - how about i borrow yours.
  22. meh, feel free to stalk me, all that means is i'm in fine company. inre further detail about that look-at thing - lmao, damned if i remember. If I didn't write things down I'd forget to breath. Truth be told I wish nobody knew about this, heaven forbid I get caught pervcamming. I've posted it as a question though so keep an eye on it https://blogs.secondlife.com/message/33506#33506
  23. *bows* Don't thank me, thank a boss who lets me surf online and a very boring job haha. I so wanna go home. I'm thinking of getting an alt, my inventory is wayyyy too full and I need the extra closet space.
  24. Everything you want to know about Alts: Alt Account FAQ Alternate accounts... multiple identities... We all have them in some way or another. Perhaps in real life you're an entrepreneur in the morning, soccer mom in the afternoon, and vegetarian chef in the evening. In Second Life, you get to externalize these roles in customized, uniquely identifiable personas -- otherwise known as alt accounts. How cool is that? There are great reasons for having more than one account in Second Life, and we like to facilitate these uses. One of the ways we protect these legitimate accounts is by limiting the creation and use of illegitimate alt accounts -- primarily fraudsters and people bent on disruptive behaviors. Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions. What does it cost to create additional Basic accounts? Your first Basic account is free, and we won't charge you for a few alternate accounts. If we find that you've been creating an army of alts, we may charge a small fee of US$9.95 for the creation of each additional Basic account as a way to recoup some of the cost of maintaining the accounts for you. This is explained further in section 1 of the Second Life Billing Policieshttps://secondlife.com/corporate/billing.php, which are linked to from our Terms of Service. (Note that in the billing policies, "Access Account" means Basic account and a "Subscription Account" means a Premium account.) What if I have a Premium account already? Your first account, paid or not, counts as your free Basic account. The free Basic account is meant as an incentive to new Residents to try Second Life with no associated charges. If you have many accounts already, additional accounts may incur an associated cost for maintenance. How many alts may I have? Currently, you can create as many additional Basic or Premium accounts as you want to pay for, with the following limitations: You can create up to five accounts per household. You can create no more than two accounts in a single 24-hour period. We do require that alt accounts adhere to all of our policies. For example, by agreeing to our Terms of Service (TOS) you agree to provide truthful and accurate information about yourself when you register for accounts -- that includes not only your contact information and real name but also whether this is your first free Basic account or a new alt (see TOS section 2.1). People who do not provide truthful information risk losing their accounts. How are these policies enforced? We have various means of detecting illegitimate accounts and enforcing necessary limits to prevent fraud and other disruptive uses of Second Life and LindeX services. For security reasons, we cannot reveal exactly how our fraud detection processes operate. What are the consequences of creating or using illegitimate alts? When we find people with accounts that have not been paid for and are in violation of our policies, we may, at our discretion and in alignment with our Terms of Service, take any or all of the following actions: Prevent them from creating additional accounts Close some or all of their accounts until payment is made Close all of their accounts permanently So, we know no system is perfect. If you have legitimate reasons for creating multiple accounts but have been unable to do so: Residents with a Basic account should go to Help Island and talk to someone there. If you have a Premium account, you can submit a support ticket. We're always striving to balance the desire to see people use Second Life in the most robust and interesting ways possible with maintaining the security and stability of the systems that hold it all together. Thanks for joining us in creating this new world.
  25. "I don't look at it as I'm being an idiot." My apologies if that generalization was taken specifically, that certainly wasn't the attempt, you're noble for helping definately, and trust the fact I've been tempted myself - so I can't knock anyone for doing what i've even considered. I just happen to view anyone who can or would send a virus (irregardless of circumstance) in a negative light... I don`t have a grey area as far as that goes. Who's to say I don't tick someone off online and they end up doing that to me, or buddy doesn't have two computers and decides to REALLY mess with me. Fact is there's always gonna be someone out there who's smarter... you know this routine, who's to say the hacker on the other end doesn't know it also... why play to their advantage. Its a good tactical suggestion but there's no guarantee it'll strategically win you the war. I got tools that would kick an avs ass on sl, but i'm not silly enough to use them... imagine the irony of putting myself in the position my advesary can take action against me. Wouldn't i feel foolish being banned and wouldn't hackerman get a HUGE laugh out of that. Same thing with this virus senario... i no longer am the victim, I've put myself in the position where buddy can drop a dime on me. In my very humble opinion it just isn't a wise move, you suggest in doing so you've prevented them from being online and on sl - true... if they only have 1 computer, and if the scheme works. As I suggested though, each to their own.
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