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  1. That, was a perfect interpretation. Some consider leaving things behind as littering and thus impolite. Thanks for being as kind.
  2. "Hey unclebob... did I hear correctly? you casually mentioned that a person had there account put on hold due to a random security sweep? You somehow seem completely ok with this?" No you did not hear correctly as I said no such thing, nothing even remotely close to I think its all casual and okay. Fact is even if I did think it was pure crap volume two, it wouldn't make a bit of difference to the OPs problem. If you would like I can quote the company line, which is LL suspending service without warning and without even a reason given is something, like it or not - we all agreed to. Check the ToS. Even if I didn't like it, I've agreed to it... so its not like I would be able to complain to LL about it happening anyway. These aren't even 'our' accounts, they belong to LL and LL can do whatever they want with them, by agreement. 2.6 Linden Lab may suspend or terminate your account at any time, without refund or obligation to you. Linden Lab has the right at any time for any reason or no reason to suspend or terminate your Account, terminate this Agreement, and/or refuse any and all current or future use of the Service without notice or liability to you. In the event that Linden Lab suspends or terminates your Account or this Agreement, you understand and agree that you shall receive no refund or exchange for any unused time on a subscription, any license or subscription fees, any content or data associated with your Account, or for anything else.
  3. I'd be going crazy. If its any help PM me with a short message and the name of whomever you want the message to go to... I can roleplay FedEx.
  4. LL is notoriously slow sometimes, and yes what's going on is a pain no doubt... it's a small consolation but you don't know what's going on or what happened to lead to this, so be thankful they are taking the time to investigate whatever the snafu is. Better that than any other alternative. I have heard one OP a week or so ago have the same problem and as it turns out they just happened to be in a group of random people that were caught in a security sweep... ideally this is all thats going on and like them you'll be back in no time. Fingers crossed for you, I'm sure you're missed.
  5. hello Sasha There is no way of telling if an item is copied, other than already being aware of a designers line and subsequently being able the identify that as you shop... there isn't anything that defines something as being a copy. No such thing as a stupid question, I've been on SL for awhile and we all learn something new every day no matter now much time we have in CopyBot CopyBot is a program written with libsecondlife (not affiliated with or distributed by the libsecondlife team) that connects to Second Life which allows users to make copies of objects without the permission of their creators. CopyBot does not need permissions to copy an object. The copier does not even need to own the object. CopyBot cannot copy scripts. CopyBot can only copy objects it can directly see. It cannot enter a shop and copy all of the products because all it can see is the vendors. In other words, CopyBot can't copy contents of prims. CopyBot is not an object in Second Life, nor a script. It is a program which a person runs on their computer instead of running the regular Second Life. It logs in as an avatar. Using CopyBot or any other software to make copies of avatars, objects, or textures that you do not own without the permission of the creator is a breach of the Second Life Terms of Service and will result in being banned. If an object of yours is copied, you can Abuse Report the copier and file a DMCA notice against them. Help or Mentors will not tell you where to get the CopyBot. The CopyBot itself is not banned from SL. Just the use of the CopyBot to copy other Residents creations without their permission is a violation. The CopyBot Defeater tries to get rid of CopyBots by sending the message "!quit" over and over again to everyone in range. This did work for a few hours as the CopyBot would interpret it as a command to quit, but CopyBot was quickly patched to ignore it. These objects only serve a historical purpose now and do not have any real effect except to annoy everyone.
  6. "I think a number of people have seen you as being both overly defensive and more than a little condescending today. You can take that as the constructive critisism it is if you like or you can say "but i'm not being that way!" if you like. Or you can ignore it. Either way, it's true. As I've said, the social dynamics here are very different than the old forums. What seems to be the norm here would not be tolerated for long by residents in the old forums. If you want to keep things productive when you know you're talking to people who are used to that environment, you might try keeping that in mind." If I'm condesending, never let it be said I don't learn from the best... you may bow now. As far as me being ripped apart, fact is damned if I care... indeed it amazes me 7hrs later they are still going on about it for starters, listening to 'constructive critisism' discussions from people on a forum that doesn't allow for discussion is just gravy. You yourself were personally attacked, I was one of those who said outright you have a right to opinion and replied advising you on how to file an abuse ticket... and here you are calling ME out, have suggested i'm rude, wondering why i might be slightly on the defensive? Halllooooo. You're absolutely right, the dynamics here are different. Here if I spend numbers hours trying to help, offered support for their cause - in your case the old forums, did nothing but give you the best answers available to me from start right up to your disbelief LL would help your abuse report, rarely would I ever get the above inuendo in 'appreciation' for the effort.
  7. lmao, i'm still being ripped apart on that other thread... i'm "intemperate" now... there gets a point where replying is so totally futile. How on earth can you try helping someone for like hours and hours, even get a Linden involved, totally avoid the petty namecalling, and end up being intemperate. and if i dare suggested i hate long drawn out drama, they'd call me something else. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v336/unklebobosaurus/BLOGhumour/WATCHFORICE.jpg
  8. With all due respect, try counting the number of 'correct' answers happily given by OPs and give due credit to those who's aim is merely to help before we start on the shite out of the simplest of questions route. I could wonder what "is it worth reporting things" contributes to this question but instead I'll merely and respectfully suggest yes it is and that even the best of us are entitled to off days and offtopic wonderings... its all good shite. Mostly. "I very, very rarely report people. Only blatent & inappropriate cross-posting of ads and people who have totally lost it." I try not to make a habit of it, citing the above as the reason why. Plus if someone is going to get their butt kicked, it's funnier when they do it to themselves, i don't need to be the device it happens by. Thankfully it doesn't happen often but once the dust and smoke clears i gotta admit i've met some of the coolest and most passionate people through adversity... i can take the hit to end up at a good place.
  9. "you're so kind to the hedgehog...giving advice on how to report someone making abusive posts...gee you don't suppose the hedgehog is upset about the "finding M Linden's remarks?" I'd give advice on how to report someone even if it was me they wanted to report - live by the sword, die by the sword. And I might not agree with how an OP might handle some things but i can see where frustration might enter in, and even if anyones attitude went south, doesn't mean mine has to cause then i'm just lowering myself to a level i don't wanna be at. Unless i'm in a mood too, then i ignore my own rules - its a faith of convienience thing haha. And hedgehogs are cute, even with the thorns.
  10. yupyup, have faith this is exactly why i emailed Torley inre your other thread... they aren't here often but they are when they need to be - to their credit.
  11. To report abuse just shoot a PM or email to Lexie Linden... here's the link: https://blogs.secondlife.com/people/Lexie.Linden
  12. See up top where it says "Second Life Blogs"... under the SL logo... click the Second Life Blogs button to get to the Second Life Blogs and the "sub blogs" - or just click the 'index' link provided to get to the index lol. https://blogs.secondlife.com/index.jspa
  13. I translated it using google, said something about 'you licked the top of your umbrella'.
  14. You're in luck, shape and skin are two entirely different things. Shape is form, skin is strictly exterior appearance, neither change the result of wearing the other. If you get a skin that is "no modify" no you cannot tweek it... if you get a skin that is "modifyable" yes you can tweek it.... that applies to absolutely everything, skins shapes clothes structures etal. Make two copies of what you want to work on, that way if you mess up one you still have the original. This will help -> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_change_your_appearance_-_Video_Tutorial
  15. "Considering that Unk's first reply answered the question, We can expect to see this thread locked soon" What's truely unfortunate is I always try to be supportive of child avs, i don't buy into the hysteria that they are all pedo's or just cause your a child av you are a twisted individual. I'm sympathetic to the oft-heard "i'm a child av because i had problem in my childhood and i'm just trying to relive it better, work my way past previous issues"... and to that, this pro child avs, pro-ageplay post does so much harm in any attempt to calm the child av issue. Might as well just shoot yourself in the foot for any good that reply did for advocating child avs. People shou;d really think about what they say sometimes.
  16. " I won't belabor the point any longer" Thats unfortunate, you make interesting points and are engaging to talk to - i hope you belabour something else
  17. I work at a hotel that has double glass doors in the lobby, today the glass in one of those doors shattered so we hung a big 2ftx2ft "OTHER DOOR PLEASE" sign on that door... then watched 3 people in a row try entering the hotel by pulling on that broken door. It doesn't matter where you put it, someone somewhere at some point isn't going to see the search button, in this post is a comment suggesting people who work with computers can't find the search button. I'm a computer noob self-admitted, I found it the 2nd day without even looking for it, mind you it's right beside where I have to login so I could suggest it's kind of hard to miss without tripping over it. I'm not going to suggest that however, I'll merely return to my original sentiment it doesn't matter where you put it, someone somewhere at some point isn't going to see the search button even if it's prominent. People don't take time to notice things sometimes irregardless of how big a sign you paint; it's not a failing, it's just human nature.
  18. open your inventory, you'll see the inventory's search box - type in "worn" and everything you are wearing will be displayed. Take off each item one at a time... if you indeed are wearing it that's the easiest way to find out.
  19. Welcome to SLA, allow me to be of asistance -smiles- I couldn't even find a way to DO a search for a couple of days. Anytime you can`t find something, ie the search box... instead of looking for days, just ask... answering is what we do and you would`ve happily been told where it was in a matter of minutes. Sorry you couldn`t find it, but it is there right beside where you login, pressumedly so it won`t be missed. So I typed my own name in there. All I got back was my own profile. That`s odd as I typed in my name and the results were every post I`ve replied to... that said if you click on a persons name you`ll get their profile with all posts they`ve replied to lately listed below. Finally I could enter my name in a specific search field and it found the thread. By then I'd spent way longer than I should have. I was on the verge of just giving up. Again, just like when you`re visiting a location and you don`t know where something is, just ask if you can`t find it, you`ll have tons of people falling over themselves hoping to help and answer... which is the ultimate measuring stick for a help forum i`m sure. Hope to see more of you
  20. "Now I look even dumber than I feel" omg that's so not the reaction you should have... you are absolutely brilliant. you had an issue with something, you had the guts to ask, if you didn't ask question you wouldn't get answers, not everything will be solved but we both know how little would without the back-and-forth, you found the thread you were seeking... i'd say that's a good day and you shine. i love happy endings myself *passes the popcorn*
  21. Nope, i just copy/pasted what you typed, word for word into the search box, ie: Multiple Partners in SL http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v336/unklebobosaurus/SECONDLIFE%20unklebob%20hotaling/search.jpg
  22. hows this for a fast search, took me 10 seconds lol, using the info you gave... just entered the "multiple partners in SL" and that thread was at the top of the results list. https://blogs.secondlife.com/message/29065#29065
  23. May I be as bold as to ask what you are searching for? By trying it and ideally encountering the same problems your question would be more accurately replied to... if I was asked 'why is it so difficult to search SLA' as a general comment I'd be inclined to suggest it isn't.
  24. k if it's involving LL and it's a 'payment issue' you might be able to make arrangements with SL Billing... worth a shot and it's just a phone call. *waves to Cinnamon* If you have a non-technical issue with your account you can also call our Billing team at: Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long Distance 703.286.6277 Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Local Toll-Free numbers France: 0805.101.490 Germany: 0800.664.5510 Japan: 0066.33.132.830 Portugal: 800.814.450 Spain: 800.300.560 UK: 0800.048.4646 Support is in English Only
  25. First thing, contact whomever you pay tiers to, 99% of landlords are reasonable people who value honesty over lindens and will accommodate you as much as they can. This way they'll know whats up and you might avoid automatic eviction. Second, check your covanent... some allow for 1or2 days grace before action is taken. Third, if all else fails eventually your landowner will 'reclaim' the land and return all your items on that property to you, that's what will happen.
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