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  1. An item created with capabilities that allow it to spam via chat or notecard, particle effects, push, purposely obstruct movement, etc. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Fr43k_Paine/Dealing_With_Griefers
  2. You got your answer If someone is verbally harrassed and files an AR, no don't stand there and take it until the Lindens reply... same logic applies. Often times the abuser leaves and all that left for a person to do is submit an AR after the fact; LL is used to it. Thats what screenshots and submitted data is for. That said if you want to endure it, by all means.
  3. "It's almost like you are abusing yourself by leaving it there" That's a valid point (made me laugh too lol)... a screenshot etal should be plenty. Why put up with it if you don't have to; LL has your screenshot and include as much relevant data as possible. Spamming sucks, get rid of it instead of getting high blood pressure and best of luck with the AR.
  4. "Where the $#@& do you pick it from?" The pic i use is my inworld avi; yes you can use the one you chose for your account provided it is on your computer or when inworld just sit on a pose, click 'snapshot' then upload it to your computer. Once done, follow the above instructions. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Video_Tutorial/Take_a_snapshot " I want a kewl one too." Don't make me blush or giggle.
  5. Click the 'my stuff' button (upper left of this page), then 'profile' then under Actions select ' change avatar'... pick an avatar then click 'save settings' No buying required, you can upload a max of 3 right off your computer. (note, the 'edit profile' picture selection only reflects the photo used for your forum profile... the 'change avatar' reflects the photo used on threads - two different things/two different photos.. ie my thread pic isn't the same as my profile pic) Use the 'edit profile' to change notifications, add a sig, etc.
  6. "I forget how to get to the file association utility in Windows" /me whispers click the "tools" tab then "folder options" then click the "show hidden folders" preference - this in XP
  7. "This thread has degraded into a short bus. ;_;" i'll drive.
  8. "Absolutely, why just the other day I told Bob he was old and smelled of crabapples" HAHAHA. Thats gonna be a smile on my face for the next hour that nobody around me is gonna understand. /me pictures himself in his truck with a road full of oh so serious looking driivers meanwhile he's just a laughin his ass off smiling away.. and smelling like crabapples.
  9. you might not look tardy but you still smell like bacon. old bacon. (oh wait, no nvm, my mistake, its my cologne)
  10. Agreed. I might scrap on occasion with people here, but it's all good. I've turned the SL motto "sh*t happens' into a RL lifestyle choice lol.
  11. There's a logic in that... if something happens on the forum someone wants to address, what better place to address it than on the forum - PM'ing just a way not to bring dirty laundry or what is an issue just between two people into the public spotlight. If something didn't happen inworld, why bring it inworld.
  12. you still have a wonderful personality. usually. mostly. depending on who you talk to. age is just a number; til you're number's up anyway. look at me, i'm old, and i'm fine. so... no worries.
  13. You're getting OLD hahaha. my mute has 1 person on it, i hear ya sister.
  14. "Is everyone in SL just a big giant pussy that loves to dish it out and then when someone slaps back they go crying to mommy?" I don't have a mommy, and you don't seem to follow you're own comment, so - 'no'.
  15. Take it from one who knows hon, there's no such thing as bad press as long as they speel your name right. They could've suggested you were salt free free turkey bacon, to which there's in but only one real valid reply.
  16. EDIT - omg there's that quick typin' smarter spice! Deleted duplicate info while waving a good morning halllooooo to Cinn
  17. There are going to be people who feel they are here for no other purpose that to judge the people who post, or even judge the question asked - as if any of that, is even their business. Who knows why they think they have that god given, or Linden given right... i often wonder why why they are even here sometimes given the impatience I've seen as if answering a question several times over is an actual *gasp* hardship imposed upon them and them only. No clue, guess i'd be less than honest to suggest i've always been perfect or ever-patient... all part of being human i suppose, the good the bad and the ugly.
  18. Just think of it as another way of saying openly "Don't say anything to me past 'nice weather we're having' and "have a nice day -insert smilieface here' because i can not be trusted with anything else" Really, the only person she's screwing is herself - nvm looking foolish while doing so. When they finally get ARed into oblivion they'll look sooooo surprised and they'll wear it well. In the meantime it's just comedy, someone wearing a kick me i'm stupid sign.
  19. We are nothing if not resourceful and full of answers LOL... inre "I wish we could perma-post that link" As this is a 'user interface' related topic, go to the user interface section: https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/answers/user_interface_questions Click the 'start a discussion' button (righthand side) and create a thread titled "Blog Settings" and post that link as part of a discussion. In turn people will reply adding opinion/further info... and ideally anytime someone wants to find it by clicking search and entering 'blog settings' it should come up top of the list, fingers crossed. This way you're kind of perma-posting it making it easy to find for everyone here. Same with anything scripting related , abuse info, general info, technological info, if there's something worthy of adding, by all means leave a trail of breadcrumbs for people to follow.
  20. Thank you kindly Void, yes indeed as it happens she was moving the house around and guesses it went over the property line and apparently things got returned. Maybe it was the prim kids -crosses his fingers- If only I could do that irl.
  21. i've heard of baggy pants but never laggy pants.
  22. You can respond to how objects that have been in place for weeks can suddenly go offworld when i'm not even there if you wish to be serious ie "Until I have time to check out my house with legs, anyone have any suggestions?", or have fun with the concept like others as is your preference... i'm not really keeping score
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