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  1. Jordan, its on a Sim called Deco, within the Thistle Estates - its actually my home lot.
  2. So excited! Thank you for choosing one of my pictures for the pic of the day!
  3. Oh,, and the only editing done on this pic was to haze the lenses of the glasses and sharpen the lips.
  4. thanks everyone for the comments - yes the necklace and the glasses are from Miel - hair is from EMO - skin is LAQ Lovisa and eyes are from FASHISM
  5. It's not that it "doesn't fit you".... Its that YOU don't fit IT and THAT, my dear, is my main issue with mesh.....
  6. And now a new problem encountered with mesh...... a club I frequent, recently asked the management team, how do we deal with avatars who come in wearing mesh clothing/avatars that the majority of our club goers can not see, and when unrezzed are the size of a small car? Well... that is an interesting dilemma for sure..... as a club owner, they are concerned about the chatter (as there has already been a few arguments in the club over mesh) and more so, concerned over space on the dance floor. The avatar in mesh does not see a problem, so they don't get it. But to the rest of us... they are walking/dancing around with a giant car/donut on their body attacking everyone else on the dance floor, because they do not see how big that mesh thing is on them. They have no reason to believe they are encroaching on anothers "personal space". So, what is a club owner to do? Do you say "sorry, no mesh clothing/avatars allowed until we are mostly on mesh veiwers?" Do you kindly ask those that are encroaching on others space to remove the mesh or leave? Do you stay out of it, and let it drive other customers away because they don't like being whomped by a big mesh ball? I wonder how its being handled elsewhere?
  7. Well... I guess this wasn't as controversial a topic as I thought it would be!
  8. My huge pet peeve is when a top is included but ONLY in the jacket layer... YOU as a designer may want me to wear it OVER my pants, but I may want to wear it with a highwaisted skirt or something!
  9. OH NO... not a skin thread! I just bought new skin... from Lara Hurley..... now I have to go look at Pink Fuel!
  10. Oh really.. its not NEARLY that organized!... I have about 100 notes i need to read and delete! And my new purchase folder is about ready to burst! I tried to organize better one time... I took a week off from my RL job and got about 1/3 of the way through my clothes in an entire week.... i wanted to cry.....
  11. I got ALL the demo's at Jane and not one fit my avatar as she is. I had to change every part of me - torso, butt and legs .. and that was wearing the FAT GIRL size! what an ego deflator!
  12. I will buy any color, but mainly black and blue....
  13. I'm not a huge lingerie wearer... but... Blacklace Insolence Lingerie Boutique - for stockings No.9 is a must!
  14. Ok.. I'll bite.... It will be a cold day in hell before Gala loses her ass to fit into a mesh dress...... Now, that being said, let me explain. I worked hard to make her an individual. I do not use a store bought shape for my body and I do not want a clothing designer to tell me how my body should look. I do not want to be in what I feel is a cookie cutter design of a dress. I DID try on some mesh dresses and pants and while yes, they move well with the body, I had to make my shape smaller to fit into even the "big girl" size, which I thought was kind of funny, since I see MANY avatars way larger than mine. I don't want to be a stepford wife! AND... I like my skirt to SWIRL... mesh does not swirl, although I did see a mesh dress at Son!a that she added prim skirt to, to get that effect, but of course, it won't move with you the way the mesh does.. and the mesh won't swirl.... Now.... I think there is a place for mesh in the clothing world... those boots you showcased are AMAZING!!!! and if I have to shave 4 or 5 muscle points off my legs to fit them, so be it (I would pay anyone who could tell I did that). Shoes, handbags, glasses, jewelry, hair, scarves, belts... in general.. accessories... that is where I think mesh fits into the clothing world. OK, my 2 cents worth.... any other takers?
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