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  1. That beats rolling your eyes cause thats a hazard, plus they'll get coated in dustbunnies. *pokes your eyebrow back down for ya's... 'cause we're helpful* inre RockBanned, dunno... i like both kinds of music, country AND western. not my department.
  2. ewwwww, i hate cleaning fish. i've heard of Charlie the tuna, never met Everest though.
  3. "As no one seems to have answered you..." *points to the reply thats about half an inch above this one and hopes us sharing some smiles doesn't tweek anyones sensibilities out of joint* If the answer wasn't clear, perhaps i can help: If you are the person being blocked from accessing SL servers you would see an error message reading "you cannot access Secondlife from this location"... thats how you can tell if its firsthand. If you're trying to find out secondhand, you can't. LL doesn't disclose such things... best you could do is see if the person is still listed in any of the groups they used to belong to, that kind of thing. (and even that isn't a definative indication of a ban) .
  4. /me looks beside him and wonders who the heck is this person sitting beside me on the couch... no matter, "pass the chips and dip please" I hope when i say 'its your turn to take the dogs for a walk" they buy it.
  5. If you are the person being blocked from accessing SL servers you would see an error message reading "you cannot access Secondlife from this location"... thats how you can tell if its firsthand. If you're trying to find out secondhand, you can't. LL doesn't disclose such things... best you could do is see if the person is still listed in any of the groups they used to belong to, that kind of thing. (and even that isn't a definative indication of a ban)
  6. Ideally to get her life back; going back with greater knowledge and more of a F U, you don't own me attitude lol. /me applauds
  7. just have fun. period. that would be the happiest ending to this thread
  8. No clue myself but a friend of mine does jewelry inworld, I'll ask her about it and get back to you.
  9. If you receive the error message you stated, it is the result of the computer being blocked access from SL servers.... I'll post the FAQ below just for fyi purposes. There is hope though as one recent poster to this forum discovered - she got that same error message, was told the same (your blocked due to banned IP), like you she didn't see how this was at all possible... however as it happens she had a "dynamic IP" that changes; her bad luck was it changed to someone's IP who'd been banned a year ago. Chances are this could be the senario you are facing; I'd suggest to Support they investigate this possibility. Also, check your PMs, I'll send more info privately. Why does Second Life say "You cannot log into Second Life from this location"? This error message generally indicates you have been blocked from the Second Life servers by Linden Lab. These blocks may be automatically placed as the result of: Documented cases of fraud Use of Second Life by a minor Exceptionally flagrant abuse activity Note that these actions may not have occurred on the account you are attempting to log in with! The most common circumstances that result in this message are: Someone in your household has committed one of the "bad acts" listed above Someone in your household has used a Second Life account belonging to another person, who has committed a "bad act" listed above Someone in your household has provided their Second Life account and password to another person, who has committed a "bad act" listed above
  10. For what it's worth with all these SL sim restarts and upgrades alot of people are lagging bad with performance not what they're used to. One of my friends were in a Mac inworld support group back in the day, I'll see if that group is still kicking next time i log.
  11. Blame it on old age and a brain i bought at a discount freebie place, i don't remember exactly how the key sequence works but of you hit the 'up' arrow key (or maybe its down lol) it repeats text. Granted i'm lousy at describing it but if you get repeating text could it be you doing it inadvertently?
  12. The first person I talked to couldn't do anything either... not at all their fault as undoubtedly there is only so much thats in their control... in my case i was pretty sure something could be done and a polite 'well there must be someone i could talk to' met with success. I too like to think reason beats harsh attitude and I hope you prove that right - best of luck.
  13. Fingers and toes crossed that some of this stuff helps... Guide to Improving Mac Performance If Second Life runs slowly on your Mac, make sure your system meets our minimum system requirements. If your system exceeds some of the requirements, some of these modifications may not be necessary. For the best results, start with the settings listed here, and turn things up until you find the optimal balance between speed and graphics quality. To get started: Open the Preferences window by choosing Edit > Preferences from the menu bar. Click the Graphics tab. Move the Quality and Performance slider to Low. Click Apply. If you wish to increase individual graphics settings, you may click the Custom checkbox on the Graphics tab. Try experimenting with various checkboxes and sliders until you find a combination you feel comfortable with. For more information about the settings in the Graphics tab, check out our article on the Graphics Preferences Layout. Alternately, you may click the Recommended Settings button on the Graphics tab to ask the Second Life viewer to try to determine your optimum graphics settings. Tip: You may find it helpful to talk to other Mac users. Use the Search window's Groups tab to find and join a Mac user group; they may be happy to help you out! Troubleshooting Your Mac Second Life stores its cache files in ~/Library/Application Support/SecondLife (where ~ is your home folder). Delete the whole cache folder about once a month if you run into slow startups (the Second Life hand icon bounces for a long time before displaying the Second Life window), strange texture issues, or other inworld issues. If your Second Life viewer crashes often, try running it in a window instead of in full-screen mode. Check Run Second Life in a window on the Graphics tab. Run as few applications as possible while running Second Life, unless you have more than 1GB of RAM. The Command key is used to modify the mouse instead of the Ctrl key in Second Life. This simulates the right-click on a PC mouse. This also brings up the rotation rings when in edit mode. You can ignore them if you're clicking; they won't get in the way.
  14. "Maybe I just talked to the wrong person on the support staff?" That is entirely likely. Granted it was for account related stuff vs support related stuff but I've run up against a brick wall, then in turn talked to someone else and the difference was like night and day. Human nature I suppose. It's like getting caught being slightly over the speed limit, a rookie might write you up vs a veteran issuing a warning... whats the worse that would happen if you tried re-stating your case or politely asking if you could talk to a supervisor, someone in higher authority, other than just getting the same answer. I'd retry with the hope calmer heads would prevail.
  15. "how were they able to fix their problem instantly when they want me to wait for weeks? My friend suggested that you have to yell at people to get things done, but I don't want to believe that.?" This 'answer' isn't going to be received well, but it's 'who even knows why'. Secondlife is wacked. I had a premium membership, my fault totally but i forgot about the due date, i've got every reminder but missed this one, I try logging in one day and my account is frozen. Billing tells me to contact my cardholder and as luck would have it Mastercard is having issues (first time ever and imminently to be resolved); the Paypal transaction I'm awaiting is (just) 2days away, Billing won't budge so okay I got 20000L on my account - LL and Billing even knows its there - knowing that and that I could pay them THEIR money in mere seconds do you think they'll let me get to it so I can. Long story short I jumped though hoops, paid it in full that day to Billing's satisfaction, was allowed to log... only to be frozen AGAIN the next morning cause i owed $0.01. Who even knows why LL does what it does. Colour me twisted though I don't overly mind cause it's a double-edged sword... I like the lawlessness, the wild wild west you never know whats going to happen next of being on the grid. No i don't like grievers or idiots or the LL snafu's... but i'm glad it's not a tight ship either. It does always leave you wondering what the hell's going on doesn't it. All I can suggest is keep the faith and you'll see this though, and a huge hi5 for the not yelling at people to get things done - that's noble. Actually an insertion of a dig so cleverly disguised they other person doesn't even notice can be pretty funny.
  16. Is the pic full perms? Try dragging the pic from your inventory to your profile then 'okay', if the other way isn't working. Perhaps it's the wrong format, or oversized... thus rejected when you click 'okay'
  17. yupyup, just like buying boxes clothes, drag it to the ground and 'save items to inventory'... go to inventory and wear the hud... you'll get the AO hud appearing on your screen. there's lots of AOs in secondlife too; standing walking sitting jumping; neko AOs, vampyre AOs, swimming diving huds, it's quite the industry.
  18. Easy as a click of the mouse; go to the sl website/your dashboard, click on 'account' then 'cancel account' How to Cancel an Account You can always update your membership plan, including canceling it, by going to the Cancel Account page after logging in with your Second Life username and password. (This link is also shown by clicking the Account section on the left of your Dashboard.) Once logged in, find the Cancel Account button at the bottom of the page. Your account will remain open until your billing review date, as account maintenance fees are paid in advance. Tip: If you want to keep your name in case you want to come back, but don't want to pay the US$9.95 reactivation fee, simply downgrade to a Basic account. Can I uncancel an account? Yes! Do this if your account is pending cancellation or has already been cancelled: Login at the Support Portal and click New Ticket Submission. Select Ticket Type: Special Questions. Select Basic or Guess Access: Account issues. Select Basic Account issues: Cancel/Un-Cancel Account. Fill in the other details as-appropriate and click Finish >> at the bottom to submit your ticket.
  19. hahaha! wewt, i might just do that and create a new profile pic... thanks Jessika
  20. To change your IP contact your internet provider; using mine as an example they'll allow me to change it once, maybe twice free of charge... after that it costs... and I can do that over the phone.
  21. oh by all means i want people tooting their own horn, you can toot others peoples horns here too without fear of getting slapped or arrested also. If you contribute to fun or anything entertaining and positive let's get the word out... I hear this is a well-traffic part of the forum so let's illustrate the good. My first weeks on SL exporing was incredible, mind you I play an online wargame so just walking a sim without people throwing grenades at me took some getting used to... omg i was GI Joe on R&R in a land of beautiful people. I'm extremely glad you posted, your sim seems dowright trippy... how you people create such cool stuff I'll never know; it's what makes Secondlife what it is... and thank you.
  22. (oh and your cat was one of Torley's alts by the way, go easy ^-^ ) I thought i recognised the watermelon skin! Rather unique for a cat, but that's Torley. Funny story, my first week on SL I'm checking out the YouTube tutorials, the first few are of 'normal' Torley, the next one he's a chipmunk or something, next video he's in a female av... being a newb i'm thinking hmmmm... a few years into SL I saw those video's again and I laughed, that Torley woman av isn't too half bad! I guess thats the sign on no-longer-noob. The day I look at the chipmuck and *rawr* I'm logging off for good lmao. He's awesome. hello person with the well thought out name that i've noticed before! Wish I'd done that before I just wrote down the first thought that popped into my head; fact is if I didn't have help i'd still be calling my cat 'Cat'. =~.^= Wow this sounds terrific, on Sunday too... perfect! Jokes or puns from the audience eh, well I am pretty reserved and quite the inrovert so i dunnoooo... A building improv, how totally cool. Such grand replies, i'm jazzed...you people so rock!
  23. My pleasure. Want any fries with that? lol
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