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  1. Hello, L$500 REWARD to anyone who can help me out NOW!!!! (1st come 1st served!) I'm in great need of someone contacting my inworld land owner that I will be late on tier payment until next week. I believe my land fee is due either today or tomorrow??? I have most of the weekly tier amount in there NOW. But I have NO PC or Second Life access now. Please tell her that Jettsetter Inglewood, can make full and complete land tier payments on..... Wednesday October 26, 2011. I don't want to lose my parcel of land now. Anyone who can help me out now will be rewarded with L$500 dollars as soon as I get back on next week? First come first served!!! Please IM me and I shall verify whom talked to AmyNevilly FIRST to help save me and my land. Thank you so much Jettsetter Inglewood My Land Owner TO IM Is AmyNevilly
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