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  1. Heh I hope I dont see any Karens in Second Life..lmao
  2. I think Ive seen one but i really don't remember the name nor if they are open are not... A medieval sim I mean
  3. Oh I dont base my SL age with the forum ranks tho...I was just saying in general the years of being on Second Life.
  4. I know you see i am a newbie on the forums lol. Its because I haven't posted in the forums since 2014..I been on SL since 2013. I stopped signing in on 2017..I returned this past 18th of November 2020.. Oh nvm just updated to Resident LMAO
  5. I am sometimes shy, but once you get to know me I can your annoying best friend lol
  6. Hey I am here, I am so glad i returned to Second Life this past 18th of November..I had left in 2017..
  7. Wow those are some great photos. I had been thinking on doing the same thing in becoming a photographer. This would actually be my first time doing one.
  8. Sorry, my last messsage i sent is old as I had changed that facebook name.
  9. A couple months ago I did a downgrade to my account, but was advised would 'complete' in october when membership expires. So today went in and updated my billing info to go ahead and keep it as premium account as is, but it wont allow me to make any changes. ANyone have any ideas? Thanks
  10. I may sign-in into Second Life to check this out later. I would like some information please. I can be contact either in-world or on my facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/DamonMSalazar) please. Thank you
  11. i am trying to prove to my friends that i am not some underage kid lying just to get into second life
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