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  1. Would anyone happen to know why Firestorm which has been working perfectly fine on my desktop PC for eons, now no longer lets me log in. But I can log in fine with my notebook computer or my partner can log in just fine with this PC. I have been totally baffled by this and I can't seem to find a reasonable answer to the issue. I have totally clean installed it and still the same issue. It will go through the log in process, my avatar appears for about 1 minute and it shuts down with no error message whatsoever. I installed the "Official" viewer and everything works fine. It's a real head scratchier to say the least. I am hoping that someone has ran into this glitch and can help out. The viewer shuts down with no black screen, no error message or anything else. It gets to a certain point and just terminates itself and goes back to my desktop screen. System Info: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (4008 MHz) Memory: 32702 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 19042.330) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2 I appreciate any advice, suggestions or help from the community. Felicia
  2. To be perfectly honest it won't run on a tablet at all, but it will run on a PC or laptop providing it meets the minimum requirements, be forewarned that minimum requirements translate into minimum performance, so it might pay to spend a tab extra to go above those base requirements a bit. Second Life tends to be pretty hard on even the best computer so try to keep this in mind when you're looking for one for your friend. There are third party viewers that only do text and limited graphics, but it tends to defeat the idea of enjoying Second Life as whole, but does work in a pinch. Felicia
  3. Some alternative third party viewers may work with XP, but Windows XP isn't supported by Microsoft, Linden Labs or any of the main viewer developers any longer. Even if you can get a third party viewer to work I doubt you would be very happy with it. So it's probably not much of a viable option. Hope something works out for you so you can continue your work. Felicia
  4. Wow I have heard this ever since I joined Second Life and that is almost 10 years ago! The short answer is no it's not closing any time soon and if anything I would suspect it will be around a long time to come. Relax and enjoy Second Life.
  5. There is unscheduled maintenance going on. A lot of people are unable to log in and if they do get in they get kicked out again. Not too worry they will fix it soon
  6. The sad thing is Windows 10 and Second Life do not play nice with Intel Chip sets. If you use the Firestorm viewer there is a work around of sorts and it can be located here: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_intel_fix_32bit I hope this helps out and good luck Felicia
  7. The matter will be dealt with between the person you reported and Linden Labs. The only thing you'll ever hear is the form letter email stating they received your abuse report. I have only ever filed 1 in 9 years and never heard another word about it. You can sometimes surmise what happened but they will not notify you about any actions taken.
  8. As Roliq pointed out it's entirely a machine algorithm that only linden labs knows about. My take is it might be the word "Hard" that may be tripping you up. (Just my hunch) Good luck and I hope you get your event posted and it's a success Felicia
  9. Bandwidth is usually not the issue but memory and graphics are. If it was me I would take the money and buy a good graphics card or some decent system upgrades, or even a new system instead of upgrading Internet service, in the end you would have a much more rewarding Second Life experience overall. Rarely does network bandwidth become a limiting factor in regards to Second Life. Felicia
  10. The short answer is you can't! You can use most of the third party viewers that do support RLV. But the official one does not support RLV what so ever. Felicia
  11. There isn't a lot of information here to work with, but I will try my best. 1. The area you are logging into is having connection issues. 2. Your system is having connection issues. 3. There may be an issue with the viewer itself and it may need to be re-installed. 4. User name or password problem. Without any error messages and such it is really hard to pinpoint the problem for you. The above issues may be a culprit. Felicia
  12. Last names have been gone from SL for a very long time around 6 years. You also do not have to be married as "Marriage" really doesn't exist in Second Life. You can partner with another person but you are not legally married in any legal sense. As for busniess ventures be very, very careful about those and only deal with a very trusted person, because if anything goes sour you have aboslutely no recourse. Hope this helps out and good luck on your ventures. Felicia
  13. All systems can be powered down by simply holding the power button a few seconds, wait about a minute and reboot the system. Then use the applicable uninstall program for Second Life. Each system has it's own method for uninstalls be it Mac or Windows and the Second Life viewer itself has an uninstall runtime. Felicia
  14. I would say the "bleep" has a major software glitch and you need to contact the creator. We cannot fix issues for products as there are soo many of them. Check the documentation that came with ot and/or contact the creator, if it was me and my "bleep" quit working I would do both Felicia
  15. We are! and we're happy to be back! Felicia
  16. It is still there, most likely the cache in the viewer got borked up. Just clear it out and reload it and you should be good to go. Felicia
  17. This is a short period, the longest I have ever seen it down is 3-4 days years back. Relax it will be up in no time Felicia
  18. There are a million posts asking the same thing, however the one and only answer is: The grid is down due to problems and will be fixed shortly. Relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Felicia
  19. No you do not get any refunds. They make it clear the service is subject to interruptions and maintenance and there is no obligation for Linden Labs to refund you anything. The current problems affect everyone and you are not alone in this, even I cannot log in. Relax and keep tabs on the grid status page. I can assure you they will get it back up as soon as possible. They hate downtime as much as we do. Felicia
  20. More than likely they are in your "Lost & Found" folder and not truly missing. It sometimes takes a relog or two to see them in there. A good rule of thumb is not to rezz anything where you shouldn't Felicia
  21. It's feature introduced to reduce lag when an avatar is extremely complex to render. You can change this behavior in your preferences under the "Graphics" tab and set "Avatar Complexity" to unlimited. I believe the term for this is called "Jelly Dolls" and has been recently added to the system, to prevent grphics card crashers and reduce lag and workload on your video card. Hope that help answer your question. Enjoy your Second Life! Felicia *Note: Anything above 350,000 will trigger the system to change an avatar to a solid color.
  22. I have had it happen as of late, and I can only attribute it to a few things. 1. Lag on the simulator you may be on 2. Graphics lag on your video card as it tries to render the change. 3. Lag or slowdowns between your viewer and the server. 4. Second Life just being generally "Grumpy" It seems to involve mesh more often than not, but as far as an exact cause, I cannot pinpoint just "one" as there could be many factors coming into play. As with any thing technological it cn be prone to a few hiccups here and there. I hope this helps out a bit and all the best in your inworld experiences. Enjoy! Felicia
  23. As a DJ myself it is how we make the bulk of our income. However, it is entirely up to you and what you can afford to tip us, the range I usually see is around $25-500 Lindens which breaks out to just a few cents in real money. Mainly just use your budget to determine the best tip and if you really enjoy the performer, try to tip them a bit more. Sometimes I find the best tip of all is a simple "Thank You" In the end most of us do this because we truly enjoy it, not because we expect to get rich anytime soon and retire to Bora Bora or Tahiti Enjoy Second Life! Felicia
  24. I would suggest giving hime/her time to respond as Alwin had mentioned, many people are away right now. I would suspect you can also use a redelivery terminal to request a new item. It is however against the rules to mention a specific persons name here in Answers just for future reference. It is very unlikely that Linden Labs will step in to mediate the issue, so your best bet is to give the seller a chance to respond and if not chalk it up to expereince in the future. Good Luck Felicia
  25. Wi-Fi is extremely variable in speeds and connection quality, which is why most expereinced SL users plug a cable into their computers. I would reset my router/modem and plus an Ehternet cable in and go that route personally. Second Life can get rather cantankerous on a wirless connection. Felicia
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