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  1. I made my own mesh breasts, I want to add an omega applier but idk if it is right or if I have put the script in them wrong or what
  2. Ok so I just made some mesh breasts and a friend thats a scripter made me a script it worked for them and now when ij make it JUST like thay did nothing happens, the script is for OMEGA and i still can not get it could someone please help me xxoxo name: sses1234 Resident(Janet Pumpkinspice)
  3. Does anyone know why every time I turn on Basic Shader's and Hardware Skinning I keep crashing, Yes I am on a Windows XP atm but it should work just fine because it acts smooth
  4. Hi guys, My current PC's Hard Drive is done for and it would be a couple of weeks before I can get back into Second Life with that PC, I am using a Windows XP pc and I would like to know if there is a VIewer that can use Bento on a Windows XP Laptop. Second Life use to run on XP but now its crap but I still need to work on my Marketplace and get it finished. Thank you for answering
  5. So i am opening a Marketplace but inread they take half of the linden, i want to open an in world store but they charge out the ass and i cant afford it, is there any way i can get free land for a store or can someone guce me a slurl to a free store to set up shop pls and ty
  6. I downloaded a copy of windows 7 on my pc could that be possible and even when I am not in Second Life and just on the browser
  7. I keep getting this error when i launch ANY Viewer for Second Life " AMD Display Card Has Crashed and has Recovered" I really want to play Second Life, It has brought joy to me to experience this wonderful world. I have tried the regedit trick, Uninstalling and troubleshooting trick and CMD trick Here are my System Requirments: PROCESSOR: AMD Phenom(TM) 9650 Quad-Core Processor 2.30 GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 7.00 GB System Type: Windows 7 64-bit Operating System Graphics: NIVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Graphics
  8. beautiful just beautiful, u r a great artist would u please do a profile pic for me
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