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  1. Thank you guys for all your hard work in the background. We all appreciate your hard work and keeping us all in the loop.
  2. There are many areas that have foreign speaking folks and I would try to do a search for places such as "France" or anything similar. Many people speak French on Second Life so I am sure there is more than a few areas you can find. As far as the high school kids, bear in mind there is an age limitation on Second Life and sadly there isn't a real way to validate who they are speaking with, so it's kind of a risk. You may wish to contact Linden Labs and see if there are some educational type areas that would allow a safe environment for them, to my best recollection there are a few around. I hope this gives you some help and point you in the right direction to find what you need. Thanks for posting your question and I am glad I could try to help you out. Felicia
  3. I have never heard of 200fps anywhere in SL. 30-40 is about the normal and that is subject to a lot of variables such as render complexity, the way you are facing, how many people and so on. The servers only refresh so many times each second so a 200fps rate seems pretty hard to fathom. It also depends on the render weights on your avatars, the more complexity there is the lower it tends to drop. Felicia
  4. There isn't much there for us to help you with. I would follow Freya's advice and edit this so we have a bit more information to work with to even try to come up with a decent answer for you. It's definitely the least informative post I have ever seen. Felicia
  5. If you could give us a bit more detail regarding error messages and the like and some system details it would help us all greatly to try and solve the issue as Alwin pointed out. Posting as much detail as you can really helps get to the core of the problems and give you a first rate answer. If you can gather any of this and edit your post it would be awesome. Felicia
  6. Yes I have actually encountered this as well and your observations are indeed correct, it is browser related. I would file a JIRA on it. I have found that the Marketplace is nearly impossible to use on IE/Edge myself as well as others have complained about it as well. I tried it on 3 different computers and it behaved exactly the same using IE/Edge. Hope this helps. It's definitely some kind of bug. Felicia
  7. The grid is having a few spasms and they are working to get things back up and running. Nothing to worry about on our end or yours. Have a cup of tea or coffee and relax while those guys have to yank their hair out and fix whatever is going on. Keep an eye on status reports and munch some cookies as well. Felicia
  8. It has been having a lot of unscheduled maintenance as of recently. Nothing has been hacked or messed with. It's just having a few pains and cramps, It will calm down soon enough and things will return to normal and I am sure the problems will ease up. Things like this happen from time to time. Just try to ride out the storm and relax a bit.
  9. There has been some issues with the grid and they have had to do several rounds of maintenance. Give it time and I am sure things will settle back down and return to what is normal again.
  10. You haven't given us enough information as to what you have such as did you download the Second Life viewer and it failed to start and if so what kind of error messages did you get? You may want to edit your questions so we can try to give you better assistance to your problem. Please make a note of any errors or other strange messages and then post them here.
  11. Hello Lina; The Intel chipset cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 so that's why the viewer is throwing a fit. Intel graphics have always been an issue with Second Life more so than ATI/AMD or nVidia cards. I am not sure if there is any work around to the problem to be honest.
  12. As one who owns land I can ban you for no reason whatsoever. It's up to the landowner entirely as to the rules of the land and what they deem as an offense that would cause you to be banned. However being banned for "No Reason" seems out of the ordinary and I would have to ask what did you actually do to either annoy the owner or otherwise cause yourself to be banned, then take that lesson to heart and try not to repeat that behavior again. But in the end it is entirely up to the owners who stays and who goes and they do not have to give you any reason at all. Felicia
  13. It really depends upon who banned you and for what reason and even then it can vary. One type of ban is my a landowner which means you can still log into Second Life but not go to that person's land, this can be a temporal or permanent ban and only affects that land area. The other is the bans Linden Labs hand out and these can also be temporary or permanent depending upon what you did. The terms of service cover most of that so I wont go into details. But some of the most common reasons are 1. Griefing 2. Hate Speech 3. And anything sexually related to children The best policy is the steer clear of anything that might end up in you getting banned in the first place. Temporary bans usually only run a few days or a month, permanent ones are just that, in other words just uninstall Second Life and move onwards. (In some cases you can be reinstated) Felicia
  14. You have to contact the Linden through Live Chat or file a support ticket. They do not respond to any form of contact inworld. While some do hold "Office Hours" for residents this is not a consistent event or policy. They do not have a regular office per se inworld. Your best bet is to contact them through support via the web site or telephone and approach it that way. Felicia
  15. Just an FYI you never, ever really finish in SL. In my 8 years here I have torn my island apart, rebuilt it, replanted stuff, put up new buildings, changed pathways and whatever else my mind thought needed to be "new and improved". I have kept the Marketplace going strong for many years buying new things. It is always a work in progress, but a very rewarding one at that. Relax and build and create away! Felicia
  16. I am not having any issues getting them myself. If you could edit the question a bit more as to what kind of problem we could have a better idea and provide a clear answer to help you out. Felicia
  17. It would sound and appear to me that scripts are disabled in that particular area. Try going to another area and see if everything works correctly. Many areas disable scripts for a variety of reasons, the biggest being griefers and performace. I hope this helps you out and rectifies the issue. Felicia
  18. It's totally a false positive! Norton is overly agressive about anything you do on your PC, such as turning it on as was mentioned in another post. I genuine avoid Norton like a root canal because I spend more time trying to tell it "I really want to use this program" or "I really want to download that file" So rst assured you are quite safe with the SL Viewer. Felicia
  19. Most if not all viewers will work with Windows 10. You may have a driver that isn't up to snuff. But generally all of the various viewers will work quite well. It sounds to me like you have a hardware problem but without much information it's hard to really form a good opinion. You may wish to edit your post and gives us some basic system info from Help > About > System Info Felicia
  20. I am not sure of what you have machine wise. I need a better crystal ball. If you could edit and share what you have hardware wise we could give you a more reliable answer. The long and short of it is this. Most adapters under Win 10 work fine so long as the drivers are current and up to date. It is well known that Second Life has never played entirely nice with either brand of adapter (nVidia or AMD/ATI). But by keeping things current you should be okay. There are some well known issues with the onboard Intel graphics and I do believe there are some fixes and work arounds for those. Again we have very little to go on to really form a good opinion of your system, but hopefully this basic information will help a bit. Have a great day! Felicia
  21. Wonderful photo! Really well done
  22. You might also try looking the the online script library as well. This is really a basic script that only repeats what is given to it. As Fraya mentioned it has a lot of wasteful overhead and isn't exactly an ideal script for what you wish to do. You will have to kind of experiment and see what will work best.
  23. Wow you are making this harder than it really needs to be.. First off I would clean out my machine of all the malware that seems to be hiding and install a good, free anti-virus program and there are many good ones out there. With everything you have installed you are basically blocking Second Life from even rendering your avatar properly. Each layer you have prevents things from properly loading. Each layer of "security" presents it's own problems. With all that you have blocking I am amazed you can even log in at all! In summary you just have way too much in the way for it to work properly. Give your machine a good cleaning and install a good anti-virus and give it another go. Good Luck. Felicia
  24. You can undo the cancellation. If it was only premium you can swap back and forth. There should also be a button to restore your basic account. If you do not see that send in a ticket for assistance and they can give you a hand in fixing it. Have a super day! Felicia
  25. If you can even get that system to work with Second Life you won't be too happy with the results. My advice is to simply replace the computer with something better that can handle the loads that Second Life puts on a machine. SL requtes a lot of memory and a really good graphics card to really enjoy things. I think you would be very frustrated trying to get your current computer to work properly, if it even could at all. Felicia
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