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  1. Hello there I am Like all the others who have the same problem as me about why cant we Log in or teleport to anywhere at all and i would Like to Know what is goin on and why is the thing so problemfull and so
  2. I do not know and i am also wanting an answer why they closed sl Login
  3. HEllo there I am Looking for good Texture makers for the DSD Dragon who is Possible good at making them.. I am Willing to pay the price of the texture and willing to pay the price to allso modify the textures to can use it on the BAKEMONOYA Lamia tail Contact me in SecondLife (MoonNightStorm Resident)
  4. Hello there I am Curius is there any Modders can do Both the lamia from bakemonoya And the dsd Dragon avatar Together? I thought to commisson it
  5. i am getting same problem as Resident GinKousetsu and I am clueless what is goin on? and um.. How Long take this I can come back to the grid and in the simulator?
  6. I can not Log in ether and 2 of my alts cant ether but one of my old ones can just Log in fine
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