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  1. I need to hire a waiter to serve food at a restaurant. The only requirement is that you be polite and dress well for the occasion. I will pay for your time to practice with me once and then for the actual dinner. Please contact me if interested. Zeezrom555
  2. Thanks for the suggestion to contact the seller. That worked! She gave me a refund and sent the gift directly to my friend. Perfect!
  3. I am new at giving gifts and I just bought a whole outfit for a friend. The items ended up in my Inventory and since the clothes are for a woman, and I am a man, I have no use for them. I just want to give them to this friend. But I'm afraid that since the clothing properties are not set for "transfer", I am stuck with them forever. Is that correct?
  4. Dear SL community, I see places where tips are being asked for but I'm unsure what might be considered generous and appropriate for the provided service. Is there a rule of thumb? Sincerely, Zee
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