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  1. I was editing my outfits earlier. Then I logged out. When I logged back in, all of my outfits are empty. What's going on? Now I"ve discovered that most of my inventory is missing
  2. I cant get my viewer to even open to the log in screen. It says it has quit working and looks for a solution, but doesnt give one. the message says this. "secondlife has stopped working. a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. windows will close teh program and notify you if a solution is available" thats all I get but I have tried other viewers and I get the same message. is ther a virus that is attacking secondlife viewers or something. I have tried to reinstall and totally clean it from my roaming files too and nothing works I have tried all the suggestions so far and nothing is working. I even cleared up some space and defragged my computer. I am ready to pull my hair out. Someone please help me!
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