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  1. There is a boat load of reasons why you may have this issue and some have been covered already. Make sure you are reasonably close to the router and that you don't have things causing interference such as a microwave, or other less obvious things lurking around. I have found the the 2.4Ghz band gets a lot of things competing on it, whereas the 5Ghz doesn't do so as much, but it also has a shorter range and doesn't pass well through walls and the like. Felicia
  2. Generally no you're not unless you cash your Lindens out for actual money. Royalties are a different matter. And the varies from place to place. Felicia
  3. The Flikr group is not part of Second Life and you will have to take the matter up with that group's admin and find out why you were banned. Linden Lab doesn't read this section as we're just volunteers helping our fellow residents out with problems relating to Second Life itself. Felicia
  4. Nothing. The problem is with Linden Labs, they are doing unshceduled maintenance right now and a lot of people cannot connect. Please be patient and keep an eye on the grid status reports and relax until things return to normal.
  5. There is an unscheduled maintenance underway right now. Some can coonect others cannot. I have this issue myself, so please keep an eye out on the grid status postings and just be patient I am sure all will be back to normal soon.
  6. There is unscheduled maintenance underway at this time with no ETA as to getting back to normal. Until they complete their repairs this issue will remain, so keep an eye on the grid status reports and be patient.
  7. You cannot get a refund and the Lindens will not intervene. Land is usually non refundable. Sorry for your inconvience but there is little that can be done in this case.
  8. Everyone is having this issue. They are doing maintenance right now, please be patient and please read the other posts. This has been addressed before many times.
  9. There is unscheduled maintenance in progress, many people hare having issues logging in. Keep an eye open for the grid status reports and be patient until they complete the process.
  10. I am also having the same issue one avatar can log in another cannot. They are in the midst of unscheduled maintenance so I have to say it is tied to that. All we can do is wait and hope it clears up soon and be patient.
  11. There is curretnly unscheduled maintenance occuring so many people myself included are getting the same message. Please be patient and it will clear up as soon as whatever they are doing is completed. I am not sure of the scope of the maintenance or the duration. but please keep an eye open on the grid status.
  12. You Local cache has probably been damaged in some way depending upon your viewer there are ways to force it to regenerate a new cache and get back to speed. It is really rare for it to happen but it does occur. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_cache_clear http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss Hope this helps and good luck to you. Felicia
  13. Greetings; As was said earlier we're all volunteer residents that help out other residents here in Second Life. Most fols do have credit cards and bank accounts even in Europe, linking a Pay-Pal account also is no issue either. Your residents either don't want to do that or have chosen other unsupported means. It is nearly impossible for LL to support every currrency. There are a lot of options with Credit crads, Pay-Pal and Skrill out there for them. I am sure LL is taking a look at other options as well but we are not privy to that information as of yet. Felicia
  14. It is mostly due to current rules and regulations and Second Life is not the only place that has to comply with them. Most delays are in the payment processing side such as Pay Pal or Visa/Mastercard are there to minimize fraud and chargebacks. I have not heard anything about the process speeding up myself, but it doesn't mean that something isn't in the works to do so. ~ Felicia ~
  15. Second Life gets rather cranky on a laptop, so depending upon your wireless either move closer to the router, reset it or use wired connection. You can also check your connection speed and ping rates here which would help to uncover any connection issues that you might have. http://www.speedtest.net/ they also offer a ping test as well. Good luck and I hope you are able to solve the issue. You also didn't mention the hardware you were using such as graphics CPU and memory, those can have an impact upon things as well.
  16. Lovely photo and very well laid out and done. Muy Bien
  17. If it were me I would find another place to role play. Their request is rude to say the least. Requesting personal information without that persons consent is against the TOS. Reuqesting it just because you want to let someone role play while allowed is pretty rude and highly unusual. As a role play person myself I have never encountered anyone asking me for my real life personal details to do any role play and if they did, I would say "Been nice knowing you all" The other issue arises is what exactly do they do with this information? Be cautious and take the safe route.
  18. If you verified your age with Linden labs then it is just a viewer setting. To do so go into your viewer and select Preferences, then select General and make sure the "I want to access content rated" drop down is set to "General, Moderate, Adult" and you may also need to make the same selection in your account dashboard, which is web based to see all content in the Marketplace as well. This is the most common reason for not seeing all the content you are eligible to see. I hope this helps and good luck in your in world travels and enjoy what is here.
  19. 3DSMax should work fine as does Maya and Blender.I have not had any issues with them. Make sure to use the standard Second Life file types and all should go well. I had a few minor problems at first myself.
  20. Not without getting approval of Linden Labs. And it is a clear violation of the Terms of Service. And it involves your whole account not just the avatar.
  21. Awesome photograph. Thank you for sharing
  22. If you can share the type of computer, graphics card and your connection type and speed, it would help us a bunch to help resolve your question and to get you up and running smoothly. And I second the bag of chocolates for the volunteers Best wishes Felicia
  23. You failed to mention if this is 32 or 64 bit and if you updated to Windows 8.1. But it appears to me that you have something comflicting with the viewer keeping it from opening. I would suggest doing a full scan of your computer to rule out any malware or other issues, run check disk and see if there are any odd file errors or the like. Also you might wish to ensure all your driver software is current such as graphics, because Second Life doesn't play well with most cards, so having the right driver is pretty essential. ATI/AMD are the worst offenders of driver bugs. I hope these ideas help you and get you back in business once more.
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