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  1. Thanks for your replies. Sheim said someone else let herm rent and use a private group. Maybe it was on a private region. Sheims never even been on the land that my visitor list detected. I don't even have the land posted for rent. More likely someone trying to take land.
  2. I think it was unchecking under Accounting, Pay group liabilities and receive Group Dividends. And uncheck create new roles so someone can't add a role and change that setting.
  3. Thanks for all of your replies! I think there was a box that disabled the sale price of land going to all the group members. I set it up about 15 years ago so I don't remember how I did that.
  4. The deed land to group button pops up a message that shows 'The purchase price of the land is not refunded to the owner. If a deeded parcel is sold, the sale price will be divided evenly among group members.'
  5. The page on http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Groups_and_Land shows that: Sale of group land ANY OWNER OR OFFICER of the group (or any member with the proper "ability" in the group) can sell the land to whomever they wish (even themselves for L$0) without prior approval from other owners, officers or members. There is nothing you can do if a rogue officer "steals" all the land from others. Period. So be careful. Normally, all land sale proceeds of group land are equally distributed amongst all group members. However, the settings in the group can be adjusted so that not everyone receives a share of these proceeds.
  6. Thanks, my parcel is almost 1/4 region on the mainland. If they put some content on it that doesn't comply with terms does that get my account banned?
  7. Renter Wants to Assign Private Group to my Parcel, does doing that allow them to sell the land? Does that have any other risks?
  8. I have a wearable glider that flies really good and I can teleport with it. Do you know of any full perms scripts for airplanes, boats and other vehicles?
  9. I thought if you set it to temp it didn't count in the LI.
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