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  1. Yeah, I'm afraid there's no way to use llMessageLinked to communicate between a seat and an attachment. llRegionSayTo is a bit ugly but it's more efficient than one might expect: it avoids the whole proximity calculation that old llSay, llWhisper, or llShout has to do, instead directly targeting a single recipient and their attachments.
  2. Oh yeah: I should have followed-up here that the sim I was fussing about in this thread also miraculously recovered last week as I noted in the deployment thread, despite not getting the "script improvement" version. I just checked and after about six days it's still humming along with Spare Time to, uh, "spare." This isn't as dramatic as "best in at least 3 years" because Tussock usually has Spare Time, only falling into the script lag curse very occasionally -- although two restarts in a row, recently.
  3. It may help to remember that anything seat C says (via llRegionSayTo) to avatar A is received by A's attachments (B). And seated avatar A will be llAvatarOnSitTarget() for C or if not using sit targets, A will be the last element in C's linkset, so A is easy for a script in C to find at llGetLinkKey(llGetNumberOfPrims()). Or going the other direction, a script in B can find the sat-upon object with llGetObjectDetails(A, [OBJECT_ROOT]) and then llRegionSayTo() that object. A script in C will get a handy CHANGED_LINK event when there might be an A seated on it; I'm not thinking of any comparable event in an attachment so a script in B might need to poll to see if A is sitting on anything.
  4. There are a couple differences between now and all those preceding decades. A flock of air travellers are just now arriving at the airport with dangerous MacBook Pros that they can't take with them on their flights. We know from the Samsung Note (exploding version) debacle that this didn't have much effect on market share of the next model. But you never know. Full size computers and laptops are a shrinking market now, overall. Apple certainly has the cash to maintain a presence in the shrinking market, and has some extra-financial incentive to do so inasmuch as developers and content creators (video, music, arts, etc) are loyal to Macs, despite / because of all their quirks. Those customers are worth more than one would expect based on the minimal margins the Mac product line still generates. But you never know. There are also the tariffs, but nobody can guess what the dotard-in-chief might tweet during his next bout of indigestion, so it's a fool's errand to guess how much it will cost to import anybody's next computer or smartphone or 5G radio components.
  5. That raises the question: Can it be fixed? (if not, there's a meta question: is it copy-perm? if so, maybe you could get a redelivery, if your inventory doesn't already have a copy of it or the box it came in.) You say you dragged the script out and that broke it (which is informative but I'm not yet sure what it means), so what happens if you drag the script back in? And maybe reset it? I'd still guess that the texture you're seeing is the "torso" of the shark, and that the tails of the shark are a different face normally painted with a mostly alpha texture animated as Fluffy described earlier. I do not, however, have a theory for how that torso texture got itself painted over the tails face when the script was removed. You'd originally asked how you might do this yourself, and short of Animesh, the standard approach is the texture animation described. I get it that the current mystery shark seems to suggest a different approach, but I'm skeptical. There doesn't seem to be much room for new magic here, but I guess we should keep an open mind that some greater wizard has discovered a new wonderment.
  6. Well, the affected sim was a Linden Homestead water sim. Because this one swarm of bots were present more of the time than not, they filled that little Homestead to capacity which made it pretty much useless as a water sim for navigation. I would not be surprised if those bots were intended to mess with the Lindens more than anything else, and maybe Governance just had enough of it after a while. But who knows, really? Maybe the bot-runner died in RL, and with him expired his grandiose dreams of bot domination of one small part of Heterocera's east coast. Re your current problem with the "pop-ins" over your own land: yeah, it's expensive for a sim to have to load an avatar's worth of scripted attachments, depending how many these bots are carrying around. I'd be a little cautious about using a script to send them home, though, because whatever they're doing they could do more of it, more often, and with more scripts attached, as retribution. (Also, it takes some resources just to detect the intruders, and the faster they need to be detected, the more resources needed. On the plus side, though, as Fritigern posted above, there are free security scripts for something this simple; they only get complicated when they need to keep elaborate records, be managed on the web, offer multiple levels of access, all that jazz.)
  7. Oh, I probably mindlessly copied the "object" term from somewhere, but I'm pretty sure it's just the prim not the whole linkset. (Easily enough testable, but sloth prevails.) If I understand your case specifically, there'd be no reason to switch state to one without a dataserver handler unless there's another script (yours or somebody else's) in the same prim also doing dataserver stuff. Even then, it's not end of the world for a script to get awakened and need to filter an irrelevant event. It's not ideal, but it's not all that uncommon either.
  8. From the user's standpoint, states with and without touch-related events may be convenient, but there are also efficiency concerns with having irrelevant event handlers open. It's common enough for a script to read a settings notecard at startup, for example, and once that's over there's a real benefit gained by switching to a state where dataserver events are no longer handled -- especially if there are other scripts in the same object that are still receiving dataserver events, which wake up every script in a state to handle dataserver events. Same with other event classes that may be only briefly relevant. State change can also be handy for closing any open listens all at once. But this llSetClickAction(8) is different inasmuch as it should only ever affect how the simple left mouse click should be processed; it isn't (and shouldn't be) enforced server-side to prevent choice of "Touch" from the right-click menu as a non-touch state will do. As such it represents distinct, potentially useful UI semantics.
  9. Yeah, it would be great if there's some way you can "catch" this shark to Select Face of the tail section while the shark is "swimming" (so only one tail position is showing) and see what that texture looks like.
  10. Yes that's exactly right. Every time I've done this, each of the positions needs at least a slightly different surface look, so I couldn't just offset the same image across the UV map... but yeah, a shark tail may do perfectly fine with that approach. (I tried to add a note to this effect to a later post, but I'm often less than clear and all this is pretty obscure to describe.)
  11. I think this is exactly right. If users would be satisfied throwing away their old Resident accounts and starting over with all new two-named accounts, they'd surely have been able to have the whole thing through QA in a few weeks. Instead allowing an existing account to change names? That's a Big Deal. (I'm pretty sure there's exactly one instance of this happening: Torley Linden. I've heard it took multiple days of concerted effort by developers to make that work for that one account, back when SL was new and had many fewer layers of spaghetti code.)
  12. One thing to be aware of about Animesh: it has a minimum Land Impact of 15... which may be fine for a swimming shark (and lots of other stuff) but really gets in the way of using it for smaller items. It's "more efficient" in the sense that it exposes less geometry to view, and probably less texture surface area. Neither approach should use much if any script runtime at all. (It occurs to me that some simple applications might use texture animation by simply cycling through the identical portion of image on each of the positions, so there'd be 1/n of the texture visible at any time, but that same portion would appear at each position. I've never had that option on anything I've made like this, but I'm thinking shark fins don't really look much different from one part of their motion to the next.)
  13. This strongly suggests the objects use texture animation as Fluffy describes (rather than Animesh). If so, the geometry of all the positions should be visible superimposed when you highlight transparent -- as you say, the "the Shiva of sharks." The reason the number of positions are kept small with this approach is that the animated texture must be sparsely populated (mostly transparent), and the more positions the more sparse it must be, with the instantaneous amount showing varying as a square of the number of positions. There are tricks, but generally speaking, a 4-position tail only shows 1/16 of the texture at any time; for 10 positions only 1/100. If you try making such a texture, the advantage of a power-of-2 position count becomes apparent, and 8 is kind of the upper limit with this pure texture-animation approach, with a 1024 square texture showing only 128 square pixels at a time. The alternative is actively pushing a sequence of textures onto the mesh, which makes the texture portion showing order n instead of n² but requires the script to keep running and the textures to load.
  14. This could be the killer SL app: Open Inventory, filter for Landmarks, teleport at random... et voilà, "Landmark Roulette !"
  15. Yeah, this comes up in other SL settings, too, not only the dread offense of intruding on somebody's pixel "land." It comes up all over the Internet, in fact, wherever anonymity rules -- and elsewhere, too. One very non-anonymous Twitter user is notorious for crude, reprehensible, bullying, even physically threatening abuse, for which the platform must make a unique ToS exception almost daily. In such cases, one has to wonder what awful childhoods these folks must have had, to come away so scarred and dysfunctional.
  16. Just curious: What makes you think they're unrelated? Without other information, I think I would have assumed they were all owned by the same RL person, the bot software just cycling through a list of accounts to login at whatever home location the person set for them. If I understand the post, their rendezvous point is on some nearby abandoned parcel, not your own land, so you can't really do much to deter them from returning. Count your blessings that it's a steady stream of them coming and going, not a big clump that all arrives at the same time and hangs out for hours. It took nearly a year for Governance to rid us of a bot-flock that filled a water homestead and kept us from being able to navigate out of our waterfront parcels in the neighboring region.
  17. It is, but the interpretation is pretty subjective. (I think enforcement is pretty much limited to microparcel creation.) This was added as a follow-up to part of the adfarm policy.
  18. That's the wonderful thing about Marketing: everybody's an expert. The new Linden Homes are nice, sure, but talk about a Kool-Aid overdose!
  19. Are you inventing a new, hive-mind artform? 👩‍🔬
  20. I have a little KFM ferry that uses a variant of that trick to crisscross a snowlands stream at an ONSR station. It requires object entry on both parcels, and gets returned every region restart, having overstayed its welcome during the region downtime, so it relies on the fact I own one of the parcels on which it can respawn after being returned.
  21. That's the general idea, but they're often rooted on a separate prim that's located on land with zero auto-return somewhere within the 55m link limit of wherever the tag prim is to appear. In fact, it's usually the auto-return that makes any difference at all. Making rezzing Group-only doesn't usually deter him because there's almost always somewhere that permits rezzing by Everyone, and he's all set as long as he can find a clear path (object-entry permitted) between that rezzing point and the no-auto-return location. (Back during the anti-adfarm wars my alts used similar tricks to hide ads until the adfarmers would notice and get the Lindens to return the ad block prims.)
  22. Agreed... and it's especially useful for those of us using Catznip, with its Inventory image previewer: just hover the pointer over a texture in Inventory for a moment and you get a handy paint-swatch image at the mouse location. Lucky for you, you have me blocked. (For all I know, Firestorm may have the same feature. I fired-up my Firestorm-using alt and didn't see it, but the settings are a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.)
  23. Well, how 'bout that? Tussock, also a LeTigre region, is also on that release originally pegged for Magnum. But just to be confusing: it has by far the best performance it's seen in a couple of rolling restarts, just like old times. So here I was all ready to enthuse about the script improvements! Imagine how much performance might improve if only it were known why a stable, nearly unchanging region sometimes starts into a state with only 60% scripts run, and sometimes a state with Spare Time headroom for a third of the frame.
  24. As others have pointed out, double-prim Mainland will be plenty expensive enough that nobody will buy it by accident, not realizing it's double-prim. I suppose it couldn't hurt to make sure every buyer of regular Mainland also knows about double-prim land, but it does get mentioned in at least some guides to land buying. (It's actually more complicated on Estates than on Mainland; indeed, some Estate owners have been known to overcommit the Object Bonus factor that underlies double and other prim densities.) I have a parcel in Pengallen Bridge on Zindra that has only one protected side (a road). That's an exceptional region for several reasons, but I suspect there are others with similar parcels, especially on Zindra, where some double-prim land is spread around in unexpected locations, and where some of it is even terraformable and allows join & split.
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