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  1. For instance, if the front page is full , can I keep saving them and create a page 2 of outfits that I have saved so that I can change fast out of a choice of a LOT of outfits ?
  2. I am trying to attach two things to my group notice. One is a notecard and the other is a texture. Both of them are full perm items. When I drop them into the attachment line, only one of them shows. Are they both there (even though it only shows one of them in the attachment line ? I do not want to send two notices for the same topic, Is there any way I can see if they are both there ?
  3. I was told by two people that I cannot control the wind on my golf course, that SL does. HOW do I find out if I can control it or not ?
  4. It already is a FULL PERMISSION texture. It does not matter what i do, it keeps going back to the one that was there before. Why is that ?
  5. I still need help with my question about changing a full permissions texture on my ad to a new full permissions texture for my ad. I go into my profile, go into edit and find my texture in my inventory but the SAVE button is greyed out, what am I doing wrong ? Can someone help me please ?
  6. Yes, I do have full permissions on the texture I am using to replace the old full perm texture
  7. Yes it is a full permissions texture that I am trying to use to replace my previous texture
  8. I have tried to change the texture on my classified ad many times & it keeps reverting to the old one. I go into the classified tab in my profile & go into edit & go to my inventory & click on the one I want to show on my classified ad. The save tab is greyed out so it wont save. It just returns to the old texture. What am I doing wrong ?
  9. I need to know if there any existing guidelines about charging an entry fee for a tournament. I want to make sure that I am not breaking any LL rules before I proceed with my plans. Does anyone know anything about this as I know Linden Labs is very specific about what is or is not seen as gambling on SL ?
  10. Last night my legs from the knee down disappeared. I relog and they are there for 20 seconds then they are gone. It does not matter what viewer I use. Today on the golf course I could see them vaguely, almost like they are phantom. Any ideas of how to fix this ?
  11. I am trying to locate video tutorials on the topic of Owner HUD's and Slave HUD's for a BDSM role playing scenario. How to set up the HUDS to interact with the use of a collar as well
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