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  1. Okay I'll speak to Lindal Kidd. Also thank you for the article. I'm going to check it out now.
  2. Can I pay the 349$ USD annually and get a discount via linden labs? because I'm Canadian.. (which sucks, I'll have to have my accountant to check what's best). So it'll be 349$ as a one time payment, but also $229 additionally for a one time cost and then $229 monthly. Do Canadians get discriminated in any way when it comes to buying land? (not trying to sound rude but perhaps there's laws..) I do enjoy ""He who owns the land, makes the rules" that I do enjoy. ** Stupid Question ** is an estate owner..... a region? *** Also if you buy from someone else who is a
  3. Okay.. how do I do that? Because see, there's these terms I understand, but mix them up. I'm trying to understand and cover all bases.
  4. You never know, that's the thing. I have business experience IRL and I own a chat server (non-affiliated with SL) and it's been running strong for over 10 years. So I'm very much hyped! I have come across weird things over those years, and just consulted a Lawyer just in case.
  5. I own my own land, for my own house. I've already played around with Breeding and such. I've observed many businesses. I'm just trying to figure out what's the best deal. Any links provided, would be totally amazing. Any Tips as well. I don't want to DIVE in, but I've been studying business IRL and I own a business irl. so this will be fine. I just need to understand the Terms, I mean I want to basically own my own Simulator, if that makes sense. A server, if that makes more sense. Or Land that I own. No rules, until I create them with my lawyer while abiding to the Linden Labs TOS.
  6. Thank you for the great information. I'm just trying to wrap my head around what would be the best option right now. I'll check out your link in one sec. I do have a question about the auctions, are they essentially servers just being auctioned by Linden Labs?
  7. Disclaimer: I apologize if this is not the "correct" forum discussion, but it's general and I'd like quick answers for my stupid questions. So I'm new to SL, 2 years in. I've decided I want to buy land. However there's so many different terms people have told me. "Regions", "Sims", "Parcels", etc. I'm just trying to understand what's the best deal and where to buy it (Obviously Linden Labs most likely would have the best deal) But any help is greatly appreciated. I do apologize for sounding like a noob, but I'm huge into businesses and Second Life.
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