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  1. Open your Build Edit tool, go to the Contents tab, and click Permissions. Set your defaults to whatever you want.
  2. See >>> https://secondlife.com/my/account/verification.php?
  3. Congratulations, Synner. Every once in a while, magic works. Peggy's right that heat can be the cause of a lot of crashing problems (and other things), so it's smart to do cleaning regularly. That's one of the first things I looked at too, like you, and was glad to be able to rule it out. Given the number of people crashing for no good reason this week, I think it's unlikely that they're all overheating at once. Judging from the two of us, it feels like an OpenGL problem. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. :smileywink:
  4. There's a lot of that going around since early in the week, when LL did an upgrade on servers across the grid. I almost never crash, but I was crashing several times a day until I seem to have licked it on Friday. Like you, I reset the router, changed DNS settings, turned off antialiasing, cleared cache manually a couple of times, and then finally UNchecked Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO) in Preferences >> Graphics >> Hardware Options. That did it. I haven't crashed since then. I don't know why that worked, unless there's an OpenGL bug in the new server code. I'm kee
  5. OK, so you can't use the object description, because you can't read it from an object in inventory (sorry about that), but you CAN read the object's name. So add the identifier to the end of each object's name: "Overstuffed Arm Chair (Chair)", "Glass-Topped (Table)", "Lamp, Tiffay-style (Lamp)", etc. Then do something like .. changed (integer change){ if(change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) { integer i= llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT); while(~(--i)) { string name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,i); if(!~llListFindList(
  6. That's because it's not a Firestorm issue. This is just normal SL behavior. The water in your shower is a particle stream, probably switched on and off by a touch-activated script. Assuming that the switch is ON.... You can turn the display of particles on or off independently by typing CTRL + Shift + Alt + = . You can also set a limit on how many particles you can see at all by adjusting the slider in Preferences >> Graphics >> Max Particle Count . It normally defaults to 4096, which is a nice number. If you happen to have a lot of particles nearby, however, you might occasi
  7. Take a good look here >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_bake_fail Start at the top of their list and work down until you find the solution that works for you. These suggestions work for any viewer.
  8. Any place you rent. If you don't rent, and don't have a friend who's willing to let you put a 1-prim Magic Box on his land (maybe for a small fee), you should have no trouble finding services in SL that do just that (for a small fee). Type "Magic Box" (with the quotes) into your in-world Search to see a rather impressive list of them.
  9. Very nice indeed. This is going to make scripting path followers a lot easier all of a sudden. I haven't paid close attention to the mesh discussions yet, so I may be naive to ask ... Does the PE < 64 restriction mean that this function will really only be useful for carefully-created mesh objects or very simple prim linksets?
  10. My guess is that you were charged tier for the current month. From http://secondlife.com/land/pricing.php : "The Land Use Fee (also known as a Tier Fee) is a monthly charge in addition to membership fees (i.e., US$9.95/month Premium Membership). Land use fees are billed based on the peak amount of land held during your previous 30 day billing cycle." [My emphasis] If you think that there has been an error, I suggest making a free phone call to LL's billing office. LL's billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.
  11. The GE Force 9500GT is a good card. It will handle SL quite well. It sounds like you have a connection problem, possibly made more complicated by some borked information in user settings files on your hard drive. Try this ..... (1) Try shutting off your computer, unplugging the router and modem for a couple of minutes, and then plugging them back in and restarting. That simple step may clear up everything by letting your router get a fresh grasp on an IP address. (2) If not, try clearing your cache manually. With Second Life closed, go to the appropriate pathway and delete all the files i
  12. Occasionally, the server that handled your last login session may take a few minutes to recognize that you have logged out. Please wait until the time specified by the error before attempting to log in again. Repeatedly attempting to log in when you receive this message may result in the process taking longer, preventing you from logging in at all. Mainland regions After waiting at least fifteen minutes, if the time until your account becomes available continues to change, please submit a ticket through the Support Portal and we can investigate further. Providing the error message and the la
  13. See http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-market-your-products/ta-p/700181 and http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Selling-in-the-Marketplace/ta-p/700193 and http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Guidelines-for-creating-search-listings/ta-p/803947
  14. If an item is "no copy", it means just that. You get that one copy, and you can't make any more. You can move it from the box to inventory the same way you moved everything else. Rez the box, right click and select Open, then click the button that says "Copy Items to Inventory". In inventory, open the Recent tab and check to see where the items were placed. Move them to your preferred locations if necessary.
  15. Read the e-mail reply to case # 01174511, maybe? What did it say?
  16. Why not just do something like .... default{ on_rez(integer startup) { llSay(0,"I'm alive!"); } attach (key id) { if(id) { llSay(0,"I'm attached!"); } }} If the object is rezzed but not attached, you only get the first message. Otherwise, you get both.
  17. The most effective method anyone has suggested so far is to go in world as an alt and convince other people in your group to leave it, so that the group dies on its own within 48 hours. If you can't do that for some reason, the next best route is to use Live Chat (if you are a Premium member). Failing that, the only remaining option is the email address you already tried, which hardly ever responds in Japanese.
  18. As you've probably seen in the grid status reports, LL has had several problems with Marketplace this past week. The latest reports do say that the problems were resolved yesterday, but it's not uncommon for new bugs to surface after they have been doing big repairs. I know it's frustrating, but I suggest being patient for another day or two to see if things improve. You can also submit a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ to let them know that there's another person having problems. I'm sure that LL isn't happy about losing income when the software acts up eithe
  19. A dialog box simply responds to clicks on buttons. My guess is that a bot can probably handle that, or at least just make random tries many, many times until it gets in. It might be a bit safer to require the user to type a specific answer in chat, maybe using something like a homemade capcha as the prompt. Good question.
  20. We've had questions from a couple of people (your customers?) here in Answers this week. The easy answer is that LL screwed up something when they were doing maintenance and upgrading of the Marketplace servers eariler in the week. That may even be the correct answer. If it were my shop, I think I would first check the Magic Box to be sure that its script is running properly and that the sim it's on hasn't changed (made scripts inoperable maybe?). I'd then open the Manage Inventory panel in My Marketplace, re-sync the Magic Box, and refresh my viewer (on the theory that whatever LL did ma
  21. Yes, anyone who does not have a mesh-enabled viewer will not be able to see your new mesh clothes. All they will see is a basic shape ( a cylinder or whatever....). Also, be sure that you wear the alpha layer mask that came with your mesh clothing. Mesh cannot be stretched to fit your body's shape the way that prim and sculpty clothes can. That means that parts of your body that stick out (use your imagination here) may poke through the clothing and be visible unless you are wearing the alpha mask to make them transparent.
  22. You really ought to pose a question like this in the Building/Texturing Forum or in an in-world group like Builder's Brewery. Still, the answer is to use a megaprim, turn it into a cylinder, hollow it, and then use path cut to save only the part that you need to make your curve. What size? The easiest way to tell is to experiment with different sizes until you hit it (remembering that you cannot resize a prim that's more than 64x64x64). The more exact way is to get out your math books and calculate the radius of curvature, but you'll find that it takes a mild amount of calculus to do it righ
  23. LOL... That's the first time I've heard it described as a marbled egg. Most people say they have a rock attached to them. Anyway...... That's the Firestorm bridge. Firestorm uses it to enable several very cool features: long distance radar, area search, and the built-in flight feather that lets you fly above the 300m ceiling. Very occasionally it rezzes strangely, so you click on Avatar >>> Avatar Health >> Recreate LSL Bridge. That will repair the bridge, make it invisible and MUCH smaller. Your People icon should be on the bottom task bar with the other icons. If it isn
  24. Sharing the cache folder between multiple viewers is a primary cause of “inventory loss” which many experience, although not the only cause. It also frequently results in crashes or erratic behavior. Clearing your cache manually will “cure” all manner of odd behavior and is the suggested procedure before resorting to more drastic steps like reinstalling the viewer. 1. Open Preferences → Network & Cache 2. Go to the first path “Cache Location” and click the “Open” button behind the path. This will open a file explorer window displaying your current cache location. 3. Logout (close the v
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