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  1. Wow. Sharing the cache folder between multiple viewers is the primary cause of “inventory loss” which many experience. It also frequently results in crashes or erratic behavior. Clearing your cache manually will “cure” all manner of odd behavior and is the suggested procedure before resorting to more drastic steps like reinstalling the viewer. This is more effective than just hitting the Clear Cache button in Preferences. 1. Open Preferences → Network & Cache 2. Go to the first path “Cache Location” and click the “Open” button behind the path. This will open a file explorer window displaying your current cache location. 3. Logout (close the viewer) and then delete everything inside the cache folder displayed in your file explorer. Now continue as follows: 1. Log back into SL, to a quiet region (try Smith or Pooley). On your inventory window, click “Recent Items”. 2. Wait for your inventory to repopulate fully. The process may be sped up, if necessary, by typing random letters into the search bar. 3. While inventory repopulates, do not teleport anywhere, and do not attempt to access anything in your inventory. Talk to people or surf the web, or just go out for coffee 4. Watch as it repopulates. as long as you can see (Fetched…) at the top of the inventory window, it is still loading. 5. Once inventory has repopulated, log out of SL once more, then log back in. If that STILL doesn't work, contact SL with Live Chat or file a support ticket. I had a friend who lost over 90,000 inventory items last summer. LL managed to recover all of them, but it took several months.
  2. Take a look first at >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_DNS_login_issues. Your solution might be there. Mac users sometimes have their own special DNS problem, too. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25627 and consider adding your vote. Meanwhile see the solution here: http://neilrobinson.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/a-fix-for-dns-errors/. Basically, it amounts to adding the following additional DNS servers to your DNS settings in Network settings under System Preferences:
  3. Most merchants are very kind and willing to redeliver. This happens all the time and they are aware of it. Do be patient, though. Not everyone logs in to SL every day or checks their e-mail. (Remember also that we are just past the 4th of July holiday weekend.) If you still haven't heard in another day or two, follow it up with a second polite note and finally, if you STILL haven't heard, file a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ , selecting Marketplace from the pulldown menu. In the future, try ordering only a few items at a time. The shopping cart is easily confused if there are many things in it. (I never order more than one thing at a time). Also >>. IMPORTANT <<< Always be in world to receive items as you order them, especially if you order many at once. If you are not in world to receive them, your in-box may be capped. If that happens, it will refuse delivery.
  4. Glow is rendered locally by your own graphics card. With luck, you may be able to disable it in SL by changing a couple of settings. First, open your Preferences (CTRL + P) and navigate to the Graphics page. Among the Hardware Options is one called Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects. (In the current Firestorm viewer, this is in a tab marked "Hardware Settings". I don't know exactly where it is in V2 or the other viewers, but it is there.) When you find it, UNcheck it to disable. You may also want to change a second setting. Open your Advanced menu (CTRL + Alt + D) and select Debug Settings to open its window of dropdown choices. Type renderglow in the section field. That should open the selection field for that setting, which you should change to FALSE, if it isn't already at that setting. Doing that will keep local light sources from having a glow halo. (They will still light up. They just won't have the extra glow that many people find annoying.) If neither of these changes helps your problem, or if they create other issues for you, you can undo them without any trouble.
  5. There's actually very little to understand. It's not truly a "game." There is no goal, there are no points to earn, there are no paths to follow or ranks to gain. This is just what it says, a Second Life -- just like your first one except that you can fly and teleport. It's a place to create things or to explore and see what other people have created, a place to meet people, a place to hear live music, a place to shop. It's also a play where you play games, if you want to. There are many role-play sims, and you can participate in individual or team sports. Here's a good place to start learning what you can do in Second Life >>> http://secondlife.com/whatis/?lang=en . Welcome! ========== Há realmente muito pouco para entender. Não é verdadeiramente um "jogo". Não há uma meta, não há pontos para ganhar, não há caminhos a seguir ou fileiras para ganhar. Este é apenas o que diz, uma segunda vida - tal como o seu primeiro exceto que você pode voar e teletransportar. É um lugar para criar coisas ou para explorar e ver o que outras pessoas tenham criado, um lugar para conhecer pessoas, um lugar para ouvir música ao vivo, um lugar para fazer compras. É também um jogo onde você jogar, se você quiser. Há muitos role-play sims, e você pode participar em esportes individuais ou da equipe. Aqui é um bom lugar para começar a aprender o que você pode fazer no Second Life>>> http://secondlife.com/whatis/?lang=en. Bem-vindo!
  6. What you want is called a texture organizer. You will find many advertized in Marketplace (some at rather hefty prices). Many of the major texture merchants in world also offer free texture organizers that are popular with designers. They are also a popular project for beginning scripters.
  7. Then it looks like you can't do what you want in 1.23.
  8. I frankly don't remember how long the Debug setting YawFromMousePosition has been around. If it was available when 1.23 was released, that would be the settting to change. Set it to 0.0 . If that doesn't work, it's probably not possible.
  9. O Risco Cambial API é um serviço web read-only para o intercâmbio de dólares Linden usar para avaliar o risco de uma transação. A API permite Risco Cambial legítimos de terceiros trocas Linden Dólar para operar com a atividade de fraude relativamente baixo. Isto é necessário porque de usuário para usuário-Linden Dollar actividade de intercâmbio é constante alvo de ataque por tentativa de fraude e de atividade maliciosa similar. A API retorna determinação Linden Lab do risco associado com a compra de Linden Dólares em uma transação particular. Ele usa um algoritmo complexo para identificar contas com a atividade fora do padrão e determinar o risco de fraude em relação à atividade normal, com relação ao dólar comercial Linden (L $). Uso da API de risco nos ajuda e outros intercâmbios identificar a fraude antes que aconteça. Este sistema é a nossa melhor tentativa de identificar e impedir comportamentos de risco, mas nada é infalível. Quando a API Risco relatórios a resposta "Não" para uma troca de terceiros, que indica que uma conta específica partes comportamentos com contas que foram comprovadamente de alto risco no passado. Quando uma troca recebe uma resposta "Não", a troca é aconselhável que eles precisam decidir se eles vão assumir o risco da operação. Se você tiver dúvidas, deve contactar o Gabinete de LL Billing diretamente. Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 LL equipe de faturamento está disponível 24 horas por dia, sete dias por semana. Local Toll-Free numbers * France: 0805.101.490 * Germany: 0800.664.5510 * Japan: 0066.33.132.830 * Portugal: 800.814.450 * Spain: 800.300.560 * UK: 0800.048.4646 * Support is in English Only
  10. Hmmmm.. I can TP to that sim, but the landing zone is a small caged area. Can't TP out of it. I assume that's normal.
  11. To get a record of the individual items in your order, open Marketplace and click the My Marketplace menu at the top of the page. Select My Account >> Order History from the pulldown menu. If you do not receive items within about 24 hours, you should cut and paste the information about a missing item from that Order History and send it in a IM or notecard to the merchant, along with a polite message requesting redelivery. Most merchants are very kind and willing to redeliver. This happens all the time and they are aware of it. Do be patient, though. Not everyone logs in to SL every day or checks their e-mail. If you still haven't heard in another day or two, follow it up with a second polite note and finally, if you STILL haven't heard, file a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ , selecting Marketplace from the pulldown menu.
  12. As I should have emphasized in my earlier posts, the powers of 2 restriction is not an LL creation. It's a requirement of OpenGL, the graphics language that underlies SL. It's basically a way for limiting the effort (and hence time) that your graphics card would need for rendering the large number of images it has to handle all the time. Those of us who have worked with textures in SL for a long time don't find it a difficult constraint to deal with.
  13. Claireschen is right when she says, "eventually you will have to use a V2 based viewer as LL will make 1.23 bases difficult and uncomfortable to use." Thing is, "eventually" is on the fairly near horizon. LL stopped support for its V1 viewers a year ago, and we have all known that they would simply depreciate it someday. They can't do that yet, because 1.23 is still the second most popular viewer in use by SL residents (Phoenix is first). As soon as mesh objects can be created on the main grid, however, the balance will shift. If you're going to be able to see mesh objects, you'll need a V2 codebase viewer. (To get a feel for how much of a disadvantage this will mean for V1 viewers, imagine how much of SL you would miss today if you couldn't see sculpties.) LL has still not said when mesh will be available, but the best bet is that it will happen within the next few months. So, if you like the 1.23 viewer, enjoy it now while you can. Before long, you will have to use a V2 based viewer as LL will make 1.23 and other V1 viewers difficult and uncomfortable to use.
  14. Myra Wildmist wrote: That all seems a little odd. Maybe the aspect ratio isn't important to a photo. I think I can see that, but I would think you would want to maintain the proper dimensions when a photo is uploaded to sl. Having to upload a photo in sizes that are powers of 2 seems very limiting and not very user friendly. Is there a technical reason for this? The business about powers of 2 is important. It applies to any textures that you upload to SL, regardless of how they were created. When you take a photo, it is saved on your hard drive with whatever dimensions you specified when you took it (see my previous note). You'll find that it's automatically saved with power of 2 dimensions, though, even if that means SL has added some white space around the edges. You shouldn't need to worry when you upload it to SL, therefore, unless you have done some cropping and resizing by post-processing in Photoshop/GIMP/Paintshop Pro. The technical reason for all of this has to do with the challenge of forcing each user's graphics card to render a zillion textures with a zillion odd dimensions. Limiting the possibilities saves a lot of work.
  15. Myra Wildmist wrote: When I take a photo or get one from someone else, is there a way to know what the proper aspect ratio (e.g. 16:9, 4:3, 16:10) is, without having to go through trial and error? If you have the texture in your invenory, double click to open it. The pixel dimensions should be displayed in the lower left corner. From those, you ought to be able to calculate the aspect ratio easily. Myra Wildmist wrote: Maybe a related question. I don't see anything about screen resolution or aspect ratios in Viewer 2. Does a photo I take in sl inherit these properties from my computer's graphic settings? When you take a photo in SL, you can change its default dimensions in the Snapshot window that opens. (If it doesn't open a window, type CTRL + Shift + S when you want to take a photo.) Those dimensions determine what its aspect ratio is. You can change the default resolution for photos in your Advanced (CTRL + D) or Develop (CTRL + Q) menu. Look for the parameter labelled High Resolution Photographs. (The specific spot and name vary from one viewer to another, but the function is there in all of them.) The actual dimensions and resolution of any texture will of course always depend on the graphics card and monitor being used to view it.
  16. You might do well to start a new thread in this forum with that specific problem in the title, since this thread has wandered off its original focus. That's likely to get more attention from the real experts. :smileywink:
  17. I put off learning to make sculpties for the longest time despite the fact that I, like you, had been building and texturing for SL for a few years. I did my research and decided that Blender or Maya were the best tools to use, because both are extremely versatile. It's fine to make sculpties today, but the day will come (fairly soon) when you'll want to make mesh objects too, and it would be a shame to have to learn yet another tool. Deciding between the two choices was a no-brainer. Maya costs megabucks and Blender is free. What put me off was the learning curve. Blender is not easy to master, even with a ton of good tutorials on line and with the JASS-2 add-ons for SL. I finally just took a deep breath and spent a month doing tutorials and making practice objects. It was time well spent. I recommend it.
  18. Hi Zoeh -- Welcome to Second Life. It's hard to say exactly what may have caused your login problem without more information from you. You can add to your question by clicking the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting EDIT. It would be useful to know, for example, exactly what error message you get when you try (if any), and which viewer you are using. There are some very helpful suggestions at >>> https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Login_problems . Give them a try. If nothing else works, you may need to delete your current viewer and either re-install the previous version or try a completely different viewer.
  19. I find the V2 style of notifications a bit confusing, personally. If you get an invitation when you are not in world, you may not actually see it unless you think you look for and then click the tiny icon in the extreme lower right corner of your screen. I miss some of those things even when I am in world (like notes saying that I have 2 minutes to leave the sim before it shut down for a reset). :smileysad:
  20. You can adjust the privacy settings in your profile on line at https://my.secondlife.com/settings/privacy . I'd suggest changing the setting on each of the elements to "Friends," which is the most restrictive level of permissions. That should keep you from showing up in search. If you want to make yourself invisible to selected friends, you can uncheck their access in your Friends list. That won't actually make you invisible to thm, but it will add an extra layer of difficulty, so most people won't bother..
  21. Hi Taffy -- I hate to dump a whole load of hay on you, but there are just too many possible reasons for the behavior you are describing. Without more information, it's hard to know which solution to suggest. So ........ here's all of them :smileyvery-happy: Start with this Knowedge Base page >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Login-failure/ta-p/700109 I suspect that most of it doesn't apply to your case, or that you have already tried it, so then try this one >>> https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Login_problems There's a similar page on the Phoenix/Firestorm site >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_install_crash
  22. You can do all of those things. It's just a matter of how you conceive the logical flow of events and triggers in your script. The actual scripting is not the hard part. Knowing what you want to do is. Draw yourself a flow diagram or a map to help you work out the structure of your script. The functions you need, among others, are llDialog and llGiveInventory.
  23. That's interesting. I have a very hard time imagining what sort of illegal action could be involved. Nobody can take L$ out of your account without your permission, but anyone can put L$ in. You may have won a prize for some great contest that you entered (not likely) or someone may have bought something that you had for sale (also not likely) or someone just gave you money (possibly by mistake). Unfortunately, it is very easy to pay the wrong person in SL, so that's what I think happened. Many names look quite similar. Bartolo and Breda are both fairly common names in SL, so you could be the lucky recipient of mistaken identity. Or you could have been standing next to the intended recipient of the L$, and just got clicked by mistake. Sooooooooo many possibilities. As Cinn suggests, check your Accounts >> Transaction History from your dashboard to see who paid you. If the name isn't familiar, you can (1) IM the person and find out what's up (2) Contact LL's Billing Office and ask them what to do, or (3) keep the mystery L$.
  24. It sounds like you are trying to get dressed while you are in Appearance mode. If you do that and press the New Shirt button, you'll get a new blank shirt every time. You shouldn't be using Appearance for clothing unless you are trying to create a brand new shirt. That's what that white one is for.... like a blank canvas to paint a new shirt on. To wear a shirt that you already own, just find it in Inventory, right click on it, and select Wear. ETA: Ah! Cinn has the idea. If you have been creating shirts and pants accidentally, as I suggested, you just may have been saving them in your outfits. By now, you may have a mess of outfit folders with bogus shirts and pants in them. You'll have to go into Inventory and start deleting those parts of the outfits.
  25. Rolig Loon


    It might be VERY simple. Are you logged in with your viewer in BASIC mode? The Baisc mode is great for the first 20 minutes when you are a newbie and don't want to be confused by teleporting, changing your appearance, searching for things ..... Log out, and when you log back in, select ADVANCED from the login screen first. That should let you do all those things.
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