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  1. The idea here is to have no name at all in chat, not "(no name)" or an object name.
  2. Mmmmm... I should have thought of that. :smileytongue:
  3. Just a quick look...... Once the orb is in position, why does it need to remain physical? Just set your 5 second timer and then timer(){ llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS,FALSE);} It won't move after that, and it won't be an unnecessary burden on the sim's physics engine. Actually, why is it physical in the first place? If all it's going to do is rise from wherever you rez it and sit 3.5m above the ground at that point, the easiest thing to do is just write on_rez(integer startup){ llSetPos(llGetPos() + <0.0,0.0,3.5>);} Or am I missing something?
  4. You don't. LL doesn't give out last names any more. Those of us who have them are "old timers." :smileywink: For those times when someone insists that you must have a last name, though, yours is RESIDENT. Welcome to Second Life, HawksRaven Resident. Live long and prosper.
  5. Use Stop Avatar Animations. In Firestorm, that's in your Avatar >> Avatar Health menu. In V3, that's in the Me menu. If that doesn't stop yopu permanently, check to see what you might be wearing that is scripted to animate you. Open the WORN tab in your inventory and start taking off unfamiliar things (or even familiar things).
  6. All fine here. I have my normal 60-70 FPS. Check to see what may be using some of your bandwidth locally. Are you sharing a router with someone else? You're not on wireless, I hope.
  7. It's impossible to tell exactly where the problem is in the script without seeing it, of course, but at least you know what the problem is. Some label that the script is supposed to put on dialog buttons is longer than 24 characters. It might be a dance name, as you are guessing, but it might also be the name of an avatar. People are using ridiculously long names now, and some of them get stuck in scripts and make them crash. Really the only cure is to get in and rewrite that part of the script -- if you have mod perms.
  8. When it is finally available, the new llSetKeyFramedAnimation function may be your bet bet for smooth motion with a non-physical object. It's in LC sims now, I believe, in beta. Failing that, you could maybe use something like safe_jumpPos to make a hop most of the way between floors and then do a series of small llSetPos steps to make a graceful decelleration over the last 10m or so, just for the effect.
  9. Darn, you're right. It is. Thanks.
  10. Have you tried Me >>. Stop Animating My Avatar? If that doesn't work, open your inventory's WORN tab and look for unfamiliar items you are wearing. Start taking attachments off one at a time until you find it.
  11. It sounds like you have a connectivity issue. It may be something you can solve by simply rebooting your router. Unplug it from the power for a few minutes while you go get a sandwich, then plug it back in. That should clear its RAM and give it a chance to grab your IP address fresh. With luck, that should do it. If not, though, you may need to do some detective work. Take a look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Checking_for_packet_loss_%28network_lag%29 for basic instructions about how to check for packet loss and how to do a ping test to see where there may be a bottleneck in the pi
  12. Try going to Preferences (CTRL + P) >> Graphics >> Hardware Settings and UNchecking Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO). That setting usually speeds up texture rezzing for most people, but it sometime misbehaves on some graphics cards, especially if you have been using shadows. If you're still having trouble after changing that setting, you might also try disabling HTTP Textures. If you are using Phoenix or Firestorm, you'll find that feature on the same page as VBO. If you're using LL's V3 viewer, it's in your Advanced (CTRL + Alt + D) menu. You will need to relog after
  13. Yes, you need to contact each merchant. Cut & paste the record of your transaction from your Transaction History or from your Marketplace Order History and send it along with a polite note, asking for redelivery. Most merchants understand that this happens, and will be glad to send you a second copy. Be patient, though. Not everyone is in SL every day, especially on the weekends.
  14. You can save up to a month's worth of information from your Transaction History by downloading it to your computer. The site gives you two options for doing that. XLS format is what you'd use if you expect to open the information as an Excel spreadsheet. is the Extensive Markup Language format used for Excel macros, among other things. I generally download my transactions as XLS every couple of weeks as save them as archival files on my hard drive so that I always have a record of my finances in SL. LL only keeps the last 30 days on its servers, so I'd have no way to see those older record
  15. Maybe not, but you'll never know unless you ask. IT's resources are not infinite, so they do have to ration them carefully. Still, your Dean of Students or Vice President for Student Affairs knows that recreation is an important part of a well-balanced campus experience. I know of several campuses where students have worked with administration and IT to find a schedule that allows for shared use. That's why I suggested doing some research and making a proposal through your student senate.
  16. You probably won't be able to get very good performance in SL with that notebook, if you can get SL to run at all. It's really designed as a sturdy machine for normal business applications. As one reviewer of the Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 said, "It's also a very capable model, as long as you don't want to play games. ... Don't even think about trying to play games on the Satellite Pro – it'll struggle with all but the most basic titles."
  17. Yes, that's usually a firewall issue. You'll have to talk with the IT people on your campus. College campuses and many corporations limit access to sites that require heavy use of bandwidth (like gaming sites and SL) in order to prevent their networks from being clogged by a few high-demand users. After all, the top priority is to guarantee that everyone has access to Internet sites that they need for their research and homework assignments. You might ask your student senate to discuss options with IT, possibly opening the firewall at non-peak hours or on the weekends. That's what many cam
  18. It is always "open". OpenGL is the basis for the graphics that SL is built on. If your graphics card were not OpenGL capable, you would not even be able to log in. Learn more about OpenGL at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenGL
  19. To get a record of the individual items in your order, open Marketplace and click the My Marketplace menu at the top of the page. Select My Account >> Order History from the pulldown menu. If you do not receive items within about 24 hours, you should cut and paste the information about a missing item from that Order History and send it in a IM or notecard to the merchant, along with a polite message requesting redelivery. Most merchants are very kind and willing to redeliver. This happens all the time and they are aware of it. Do be patient, though. Not everyone logs in to SL every day o
  20. When LL is doing server upgrades, a typical sim may be down for anywhere from ten or fifteen minutes to over an hour. Just be patient and have another cup of coffee. SL will still be there later.
  21. Hmmmm... My old, weak laptop did that the last time I tried to use it for SL, three years ago. I haven't tried since. That's often a sign of overheating, potentially a cause of catastrophic failure.
  22. Sorry..... This is an LSL scripting forum.
  23. To post code here, click the little icon with the C on it, in the editing taskbar right above the window when you are creating your post. No, there's no way to lock an object using LSL. You have to do that "manually" with your build tool in world.
  24. You may be in an area where you are not allowed to rez objects. If you detach an object that you are wearing, it returns to your inventory, but if you drop it, it needs to rez on the ground. If the local land owner doesn't allow that, you can't drop the object.
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