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  1. As someone often in contact with returning residents I can vouch for this 100%! I have had breaks away from SL myself, and when you come back after a year, it does indeed seem like SL as a whole is dead. Most of your LM's are dead, and those that work, where there was a lively banter and party 24/7 are void of people. Your friend list is mostly vacated by offliners. When you think about places where there were "Always" a crowd and go there, there isn't a crowd, or it's a different crowd from then. SL is a living organism and the world continues while you are gone. And just like first time when you joined, and had zero people to talk to, you will have to once again build up a network of friends. When you have been back for a while, you aren't going to the destination guide to find out what to do, your friends are sending TP's or IM's telling you where it is happening right now. One concrete example of a UK based place is Tanya's Coffee Shop. There are usually people in UK daytime hanging out there. Welcome back. Don't give up, just because the world moved on, while you had your back turned ❤️
  2. Happy rez day, kiddo! (yeah, I am way older than you.. like weeks!) Love that link! LOL
  3. Yes, Market Place is currently being investigated for issues by LL. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/vckfkbk5j24k
  4. OMG it is so lovely to see photos and reading that people are having fun at the Welcome Hub! To address one person's concern about older residents being welcome; Everyone is welcome here. Older and newer residents alike. Obviously older residents would have to be observant to keep maturity rating in mind as well as bring their patience, when they get bumped or someone acts a bit "out of order", since the newcomers has no clue and this is their space. But having older residents around is a great way to showcase what Second Life can also be, we have dinkies, furries, boys, girls and everything in between, and I love it!
  5. /me officially faints. Also! I realise that there are SO many bears I haven't collected yet.
  6. i agree that ZHAO II stilll is amazingly good. Akiyo is good as well if you want more options like loading different sets etc. There is also Alchemy viewer if you want one with a built-in AO and that TPV also supports Linux.
  7. Looking for No Funny S**t? (yeah, Urban dictionary is my go to)
  8. I would expect that to be broken, once LL removes the back-end data? Also, I think it would be more relevant with an update to the Picks tab, as a lot of residents uses this to add in more information about themselves or people around them, rather than actual picks (locations).
  9. Same. I don't pay respect to any chosen name, if it is eligible (and to me most of the non latin letters are) on purpose. I do respect character sets like hangul and kanji, though.
  10. I meant in terms of addressing the person, not interact with them in a financial way. I should've clarified.
  11. Did you ever get in touch with a photographer?
  12. It might be beneficial to add in a little information about what kind of landing/vendors. From your post I can't possibly decide if I would be a good fit or not 🙂
  13. There are different school of thoughts on that. I view display name only (it defaults to username if no display name is set), since residents now have to choose a unique username, that ends up being whatever1234, meaning it does not resemble a name but a unique credential to log in with.
  14. Seems like you already found the answer to the thread title, "what happened" as that answer is "it disappeared". The answer to your question as of when, a couple of months ago.
  15. Very true. And that is also the case at the end of the day. One well known newcomer place lost their privilege of being a Gateway on those grounds. But that comes down to multiple cases, not because, and I quote myself, "someone is banned from somewhere"
  16. As a helper on three different Gateways, I can confirm. There is nothing at all you can do about it. The Gateways are approved by LL but that doesn't change the principles that goes for privately owned land. A gateway is like any other land available as a courtesy from the estate manager. They can decide anyone with a name starting with the letter A can't be allowed in, or that all visitors must wear a funny hat. That is the privilege of an estate manager. So bottom line: LL won't meddle because someone is banned from somewhere. Go to another Gateway if you so desire.
  17. It doesn't have to be full-perm? Just transfer enabled (as that willl.. enable transfer)
  18. I am SO close to become Livi Pixelbottom!
  19. hi vii! Everybody needs good friends and I really hope you find some A suggestion though, your profile is completely void of any information. It is a bit hard to find any common ground or any topic to reach out to you to discuss, that goes both for those of us here on the forums, but also anyone you meet in world, will have little to work off on. No critic, just an observation.
  20. I only saw your post just now. I love being creative in SL (I attend daily writer's meets, photography, texture creation, build, basically everything creative). I dont play many games in SL really, but I both like voice and text chat. I usually switch hangout places a lot, I have a thing for cafés 🙂 Depending on time zones I have availability, but US daytime is usually busy for me 🙂
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