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  1. I totally agree with this, but who is to blame for that mistake? Whenever I help new people I make it clear that this is not a video game, it is not even fun, it is the perfect place to get bored, but I also make it clear that it is a platform with many things to do, and sometimes is difficult, sometimes dangerous, sometimes boring, just like life, a second life. And they didn't know it, nobody tell them. Sometimes I think that LL is not selling the product in the correct way, in advertising they show the product with high fps videos, with special effects doing things that cannot be done (or at least not in that way) like a current video game, or like a platform to rebuild your real body in a virtual world, or as a meeting engine, and more. But SL is nothing of the sort, so LL attract the wrong audience and these "gamers" looking for zombies to kill and princesses to save get disappointed (because they have been lied to). LL should advertise the product for what it is, a world created by its own users, a massive and social 3D editor, where they can use their creativity, build and sell their content, and enjoy content made by other users, a place where they can be hired, get married, have a family, learn, teach, join groups and more. Are you an artist? SL is for you. Do you want to sing or play an instrument for a live audience ? Try SL! Do you want to teach o learn without leaving your home? You can!! I have made many newbies love SL because I have shown them what can really be done here, if I don't they leave and never come back. SL is wonderful in many ways, and those ways are not being shown.
  2. I see people are drawn to conspiracy theories everywhere, even in Second Life XD Why do you trust a random personal blog called "Richard Stallman's personal site" where you can find others funny posts like these?: Don't watch TV coverage of Covid-19! Don't Pay For Harry Potter Boycott Reasons not to use WhatsApp Reasons not to use Apple Reasons not to be used by Facebook Reasons not to use Google Reasons not to use Netflix Reasons not to use Microsoft Reasons not to use Uber
  3. Hello! I am having this issue since December 15th, even when I pay for items in some vendor, I don't get them. I tried talking with sellers, asking in groups, sending tickets or Jira reports, reinstalling viewer, etc. I am not getting more group notices either, I don't know if is related. Thank you for your help!
  4. Hi Rebecca. So many people is giving wrong information about this issue. 4 days ago all the translators stopped working, this is for a change in the google translator website, thats all, google translator is a free tool, they are not charging for use this service. many people says google "banned" SL to access his service, this is false, the translators can't access the service because the website structure changed. There are peopl who says the translator creators are guilty, this is not true, they can't do anything if google change the system. I made a free translator, its very basic, but its free, you can use this translator while wait Metamonics works again, I think they going to fix it soon https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Translator/7076496
  5. Thank you everybody for your answers you are the bests! Thank you Whirly Fizzle for that report I will buy a nVidia Video Card
  6. Hello! I am saving money for a new video card (my current one is too old), I don't know which one is better for SL. Some people says nVidia has some bugs running SL. Some people says AMD don't show all the SL effects. So, i don't know what to buy :(
  7. I like AL, its always on, not for objects or buildings but mesh avatars using materials
  8. wow 6 pages, you both like to fight I don't like act as dictator, i prefer follow the Linden Labs rules, if they say its ok, then I don't going to ban or report people, if they say its wrong, then I going to avoid having problems with Linden Labs. I know about furries, i know the difference between a child furry and a tiny, I has been living many years with them, there are others furries who reported me these drawings as illegal, then i worried about it and i came here to ask. Sorry if this thread is in the wrong forum or the questions is too obvious.
  9. Thank you all for your answers! I think i need to clarify some polemic points: The drawings contain 5 or less years old furry childs having explicit sex, if you want i can take an snapshot, but I must warn you, they are really gross. The drawings are made by the resident renting the house. He showed us his drawings on the sim lobby, i'm not spying, he sent me some of these drawings, I warned him about them, but he said its "art". I going to report him as you said, you are right, Linden Labs going to decide
  10. Hello I am renting houses, I have a resident who puts many textures (almost 10) in his walls showing child pornography "drawings". The SL TOS talks about "Child avatars", and contents like photos, but, what about drawings? Its ok if i let him? do i must report him? there are any TOS about child pornography contents to quote? Thank you for your help!
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