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  1. FairreLilette, the Firestorm viewer shows it on the log in page when you start the SL viewer. Usually it shows around 30,000 in world. Of course time of day has something to do with that. I most often log in early mornings eastern time because I work. There are more on those occasions when I log in in the afternoons, and I never log in at all evenings.
  2. Yah, that is true too Rowan. SL is competing against new age chats and video chats, etc. Alot of my friends spend their days on skype and so forth. I don't know what the answers are. I just only know what i see in there today and the picture my mother drew in my mind... shrugs.
  3. What can I do? I tell friends about it, they come and check it out and never come back... shrugs. I've posted some ideas, maybe the new owners will think about some things and get something going? Beats me.
  4. Oh, thanks, I will have to ask my Mom why she told me that, since it isn't factual
  5. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents opinion here. Now that SL has been acquired by an investment group and by the sounds of things and what I have read, they wish to not only keep it going, but to make it better. So here's the deal from my own personal perspective. My Mom was in SL years ago, several years ago and she is actually the one who introduced me to SL. We sat at the computer together as she helped me build my avatar. As we put my avi together and went shopping for this and that, she told all about what SL used to be like. When there were 70,000 people online at any given time
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